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1:23 AM
unrelated to the announcement, but is that what's currently shown to the OP? Post it on SU?
It probably hooks up into our community-specific close reasons and shows that additional bit of into if the post was closed as general computing, I guess?
Ah, yes, it's the post-owner specific guidance. What I meant is the message and the link itself.
Yes. That's what it says.
@AndrewT. This has always been the actionable guidance for this reason since it was created IIRC
Server Fault similarly recommends posting on Server Fault.
> We don’t allow questions about professional server or networking-related infrastructure administration on Stack Overflow. You can edit the question so it’s on-topic for Stack Overflow or post a new one on Server Fault.
Btw, @HenryEcker, what's the current plan for retiring the reasons? It seems like the latest meta debacle diverted community interest quite significantly towards votes/acceptance
1:36 AM
I see... I was still thinking about how often mobile-related questions got closed for that reason, which is off-topic on SU.
Idk my answer is still steadily creeping up in score. I still don't know what to do about all sites link. :-(
A meta post is a good idea in theory, but like the MSE one that was suggested it is out of date and missing important sites, which is bound to happen for any resource that new sites aren't added to automatically. I also can't update the MSE post without knowing more about what is on topic on the various network sites
@AndrewT. Well... my proposal was to get rid of the reason all together Retiring Our Community-Specific Closure Reasons for Server Fault and Super User
@AndrewT. It also seems you thought the same before
I knew I remembered your usercard in one of those earlier proposals
@HenryEcker I know I expressed support for removing it altogether the last time we discussed this, but... maybe just keep it for now to avoid the perfect being the enemy of the good? We can cross that bridge when afterwards, I guess
It would be nice if SE had a "Where to ask wizard" or something that could ask the user a couple questions and recommend sites based on the input. I'm sure that kind of FR exists floating around somewhere
@HenryEcker heh, we call it MSE :)
it even comes with a sophisticated distributed neural network!
I had considered linking Where do I ask where to ask? (in one of my earliest drafts). But I (personally) would prefer to hope that someone comes along and comments where the post would be on-topic rather than referring thousands of people to MSE
1:49 AM
I may still recommend creating a child-meta post trying to redirect them to some very-related SE sites, like SU & Unix.SE & Ubuntu.SE, SF, Android.SE & Apple.SE, DBA.SE, EE.SE, etc... and "all sites" to cover the rest. The most recent one I tried like this on Anime.SE. I doubt someone has mistaken SO with Cooking.SE for their cookie problem though...
@AndrewT. This MSE post was suggested: meta.stackexchange.com/a/129632
My issue is (again) that any meta post will require community input to ensure it is up to date (in a way that all sites does not). For example, that post is missing webmasters, serverfault, superuser, and many more.
I think it's probably something that could be maintained, but I don't know enough about what is on-topic on the related sites to make either an edit to MSE or create a new draft for MSO.
maybe we should create a canonical on where to post technical questions that do not fit our bill and link to that instead?
Yeah, that ^. It's a meta post, so it can be updated anytime. No worry for the lack of sites on the first draft.
Yeah. I'd definitely love a canonical on MSO.
backlogged then
1:56 AM
I just haven't really had the extra bandwidth to also draft that post in addition to all the other things going on...
And I think 80/20... try to cover the 80% common "wrong-site" questions, and ignore the 20% cookie on Cooking.SE ...
I think the answer could probably just link to the all sites at the end. "If none of these options work out for you you can see the full site list here." or whatever
But to be clear this would still be a huge undertaking I don't really know how to get more involved. A Meta post that says "hey I want a resource to link from [my proposed new close reason] and [link to new proposed-faq] help!"
It can be done like this very recent one on Anime.SE? (disclosure: OP is me)
@HenryEcker yes, something like that should work nicely
@AndrewT. I think I already did that bit and it's currently featured.
2:06 AM
@AndrewT. lol, you are Aki there? That was a surprise :)
The "more people involved" piece is in building a separate resource to link to a proposed reason. Which I wasn't really sure how to go about.
@HenryEcker I guess part 1 Overhauling our community's closure reasons and guidance is closer to the post you linked
@OlegValteriswithUkraine yeah, fictional name based on my initial :)
@HenryEcker as usual, I think? Whip up a repo, share in the room and SOCVR to get some eyes, start workshopping. I can start that process closer to the end of the week (can't earlier, or I will crumble under the weight of commitments)
@AndrewT. ^_^
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Okay. I'm really busy this week in general. If you get to it before me just drop me a ping. Likewise if I find the time I'll let you know :)
@HenryEcker agreed then! I have a couple of userscripts to polish, a bot to write, and two to maintain, so it's unlikely I'll get anything done until Sat/Sun...
2:22 AM
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Ah so a light week then :)
I'm traveling so I'll be mostly on my phone which is not my preferred way to do projects.
@HenryEcker not mentioning the IRL stuff :)
@HenryEcker ugh, yeah, I wonder if it's anyone's preferred way of doing projects
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6:20 AM
Q: Delete question to quit question ban

user3103982Is it possible to unban myself by deleting previous question? The negative votes are removed by deleting own questions. But what about question unban? Thanks in advance

7:19 AM
> Post it as answer so I can accept
Are we allowed to educate users to not accept?
I am really not a fan of comments like that one.
@VLAZ are you asking in a serious mode or ironic?
Just to be clear: Question was a joke. The next sentence wasn't.
I should be better at indicating what is or isn't serious.
7:38 AM
in The Ministry of Silly Hats, 1 hour ago, by Cody Gray
I never know when people are serious anymore.
had a hunch that the question was sarcasm, but clarified just to be sure :)
not a fan of such comments either - if the commenter wanted to post an answer, they would've posted an answer
I'm not a fan because I increasingly dislike accepting.
@VLAZ eh, I did answer in the comments
It probably should've been an answer but I hadn't checked for dupes yet.
@RyanM Yet, the question is a duplicate.
Eh, they're not great dupes.
ironically, I do not see those who claim acceptance comments educate users posting comments educating new users that comment to post an answer.
7:41 AM
@RyanM Honestly, the canonical covers the scenario.
...yeah, fair
"Are deleted posts taken into account too?"
I've been scolded in the past for closing as dupe instead of answering.
Because OP felt they needed to accept. Not be given a list of answers that have existed for maybe a decade.
btw, @CodyGray, has anyone ever actually tried to argue against the ad absurdum argument for requiring comments on upvotes?
I should reopen, answer it, reclose as a dupe, then flag myself for abuse of close/reopen privileges.
@RyanM Then handle the flag.
7:43 AM
That would be a conflict of interest.
A bridge too far.
@VLAZ then escalate to CM because a mod is in conflict of interest
Can't escalate your own account:
The flag for escalation should read "plz halp"
well, you can, but not from that dialog.
Of course, you can send yourself a mod message.
Because that makes sense.
The UI claims you can suspend yourself, but I'm skeptical.
...but also not about to try.
@RyanM oook, adjusting: then use "contact us" to escalate :)
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9:56 AM
Q: Should the Helix tag be split?

GoodiesHelix may refer to Helix Toolkit as a toolkit for use of DirectX and PresentationCore with WPF in C# Apache Helix, as a toolkit for networked cluster management the Helix geometry well known for its role in DNA visualisations When opening the search list for this tag, things are mixed up. Pr...

10:10 AM
@NewPosts You want to treat with helicase to split this double-?
@CodyGray you might want to enlist double-beep for that!
Too much beeping
what about bopping?
That's how my grandfather died. Bopped too hard. Be careful.
But dat beat was so dope
11:02 AM
Q: Bug: can't post my (first !) question in Stack Overflow

Emile CouzinI tried to post my first question (101 reputation) here is what I got: This is defently a bug since I never posted any question in this stack exchange site. How can I fix it ?

3 hours later…
1:56 PM
Q: SO for Teams: "Just Updated"... in "November 2021"

sergeWhen opening my SO for Teams, I have the following unread message: The breaking news informing me that "A completely redesigned MS Teams integration is ready"... the news is from 2 of November 2021.

2 hours later…
3:56 PM
Q: What happens if you downvote a post while you have 125 reputation?

RicebladesThe requirement to downvote posts is 125 reputation what happens if you downvote a post while you have 125 reputation (it would subtract 1 reputation) would you lose privileges to downvote? also if you undownvote do you get reputation back? I'm just kinda curious.

Q: This question limit for new users is exagerated

Emile CouzinI asked a question earlier (Ocatve: how to put a paragraph in comment?) and put some efforts in writing it. It was downvoted, probably because the answer already existed. Despite the fact I had the 100 rep bonus reputation, I can't ask a new question again: This is very annoying, since I sincerl...

4:17 PM
@NewPosts the warning seems hinting about question ban sooner. I presume it's really the first question and no deleted questions?
5:08 PM
Q: Collectives Update: Introducing Bulletins

BertholdHi Stack Overflow community, I’m Bert. I received a short intro post when I joined the Community Team, but I’ve been quiet since then, learning more about the SO community and how things work here. One big area of focus for me is Collectives, and it’s been fun and fascinating to see how things ha...

@NewPosts oh, FFS, yet another feature nobody asked for for a feature nobody asked for
5:29 PM
SO's ABCs:
> I’m Bert
Bold of the staff to impersonate a moderator
at least this time you can't actually get main site rep from posting changelogs - that's a start
5:44 PM
Mods couldn't touch Articles, right?
I think they can now, after a huge outcry
We'll be incorporating flagging and the diamond moderation tools into Collective Articles and Bulletins. Any user-generated content needs to be able to be flagged and moderated. At the moment, CMs have the ability to delete Bulletins (and Articles) if needed. — Berthold ♦ 46 secs ago
Seems like "no" right now but planned.
@VLAZ I can confirm that we can touch Articles: stackoverflow.com/posts/72064744/revisions
There is also a delete button, but I have not had occasion to press it to see if it works.
Ah, OK. I seemed to remember that not being possible. I wasn't up-to-date on the possibility. And the comment seemed to imply the Articles thing would happen in the future.
Especially because I have no clue if there is an undelete button.
It would not be the first time they've given moderators a staff-only button that doesn't do anything because we're not staff.
5:50 PM
1. Join a Collective. 2. Get Article privileges. 3. Create a test article. 4. Try to delete it.
No, I need a sock with Article privileges.
I don't know why I have to tell you how to do your job!
@VLAZ that comment looked weird to me too since I distinctly recall them allowing mods to delete Articles at one point. Unless I am misremembering, but it seems to be confirmed that it's possible
It doesn't count if I'm deleting an article I posted from my own account!
Well, you better get cracking on that sock account, then.
5:54 PM
But the real question is, will Teams also get Bulletins!?
for an additional fee
So... let's get this straight - instead of working on adding community moderation tools to collectives, SE dedicated dev time for a glorified news feed? Am I getting the picture correctly?
that depends on what you call community moderation
we can vote on articles, indicate there are problems through comments/reporting, and moderators (who are community) can edit/delete them
in theory
@VLAZ wait are we making socks this week?
I forgot all my yarn
my assumption is that these "bulletins" will arrive in every collective member's inbox
but it hasn't yet been outlined where/when they will be displayed officially, unless i missed it in the post
6:07 PM
Did you have to give me material for nightmares right before sleep? :)
other than that it wont show up in search
On a related note, I think there were at least a couple of "sample" articles from the start, and no bulletins this time. Do we even know how an apparently complete feature will function?
there was that one article that was an announcement
still is
even though articles aren't supposed to be announcements
(test the delete button on this one!)
oh, it's gone. It was there 5 min ago
Guess someone tested the button :)
I am just wondering, though, why is there no info on what those bulletins actually are?
because the feature isn't for us
The people it's for likely already have access to it
6:16 PM
Yeah, I suppose so - why bother
> The subject should be of interest to at least some Collective members, though it will be visible to the general public as well.
so as long as one member of the collective (the admin posting the bulletin is a member of the collective) is interested in it, it's fine
Q: Merge tag deprecated into deprecation-warning

Martin ZeitlerContent tags deprecated and deprecation-warning are essentially the same thing. So these could be merged; I'd prefer deprecation-warning, but this is more work.

> The information should be new or updated information that impacts member’s work.
it certainly impacts the admin's work
would an upcoming event, somehow impact someone's... "work"
or availability of new training
1 hour later…
7:50 PM
Q: I'm starting to get toxic. What to do?

Ted Klein BergmanSo being on this site for a few years, it feels like I have to do more administrative work than actually help people. I comment and flag more than actually answering interesting questions. It has become quite of a meme that people on StackOverflow always criticise people for asking dumb questions...

3 hours later…
10:56 PM
Q: Student badge obtaining clarification

RicebladesFor the student badge on stackoverflow does it have to be your FIRST ever post with 1 upvote or just any. It is not very specific.

Q: Stuck with python functions and global variables thinking?

Gaetano VetiI'm currently analyzing financial data and for this reason I need to use a certain function, let's say a certain type of moving average, inside the code different times, for different time series and for different time frames too. To initialize a function I need to declare a global variable, but ...

11:50 PM
Q: Why was this edit approved?

Chayim FriedmanThe edit https://stackoverflow.com/revisions/68075911/2 was approved by a majority of 2 against 1 rejecting review. None of the reviewers was the post author. The reject reason, as specified by the rejecting reviewer, was: The edit does not improve the quality of the post. Changes to the content...


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