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2:56 AM
Q: Seeking Canonical: Non-returning PHP Recursion

mickmackusaI've scratched a heap of open or suboptimally closed pages that are all resolved in the exact same way. I would like to close them with a single canonical page that will best help researchers. I don't know what criteria with which I should compare the list and single-out a top choice. Can I plea...

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4:54 AM
@VLAZ Yeah, I guess it's OK on your first time, as long as it's also OK for all of the other library patrons to immediately tell you to shut up and you are expected to listen to them.
@ZoestandswithUkraine Why do you assume that you can double your efficiency? That does seem like a substantial increase.
@ZoestandswithUkraine Mmm. Yeah, but... 105 upvotes (one of them was mine, from many, many years ago), vs. 106 upvotes on a comment disagreeing. Looks like the split is not new.
What is definitely interesting is:
Hi, first time Meta poster, long-time SO time investor. I've up-voted this answer because of the statement, "On the other hand, for users who don't know about the 'acceptance rate' they will require someone to tell them about it, and even an obnoxious warning might be better than no warning at all." — Joshua Nozzi Oct 26, 2012 at 15:00
Adding: The mod is relatively new to the job (as of 2012) and possibly overreacting a bit. I've got moderator experience myself and I understand this but "civil disobedience" is necessary here, I think. — Joshua Nozzi Oct 26, 2012 at 15:14
I don't know what "mod" they're referring to.
I would guess that they got a warning/request from a mod, way back in 2012, telling them to stop this kind of thing.
I don't understand why it is bad to learn new users how SO works. Even more experienced users sometime forget to accept: "Thanks for notifying me I often forget to mark answers most of the time. Thanks for reminders." Moderators are currently deleting all comments that suggest OP to accept an answer or work on their accept rate. — Tim Schmelter Nov 20, 2012 at 7:48
^ As more evidence that moderator policy is not even close to being new or undergoing any changes.
5:46 AM
@CodyGray The problem is this is what happens now. However, it's never what is argued when people who say some variation of "you have to take it easy on new users". They always mean that the rules shouldn't apply for new users.
But why?
It's reasonable to argue that new users should not be punished for being unaware of the rules, but not reasonable to argue that the rules shouldn't apply for new users.
Librarians have this same problem... Plenty of people don't know that it's not appropriate to shout or otherwise be loud in a library, as most other places that people go today, they can and frequently do do these things.
This is why there are signs posted up all over the place in a library, and why librarians (and other patrons) frequently have to tell/remind people to be quiet.
So it's unsurprising and, really, not all that big of a deal as far as I'm concerned, that we do have to tell new users things like this.
But that's altogether different than assuming that the rules don't apply to them.
Also, you don't just keep telling someone the same thing over and over, forever. Enter: question bans.
They don't apply the first time. But they do, eventually, apply.
Yep. It's what annoys me a lot about the "easy on new users" arguments. A closure is not even a punishment - if somebody is being loud in a library, they would be told to keep it quiet. Regardless of whether that's their first time there or not. That's upholding the rules. Same as close votes.
We have two problems.
First, the library has no signs informing new users of the rules. Well, we have them, but they're hidden behind shelves and stuff, so no one ever actually sees them.
Second, a large contingent of the regular library patrons are very tired of new visitors showing up and being loud, so they tend to be quite rude when they tell these people to be quiet.
6:11 AM
That is also true, I agree. It's not one-sided. However, the very argument that rules shouldn't apply to new users is wrong.
It seems on-face ridiculous, in fact.
7:08 AM
Q: Performance Problems With Stack Overflow

David C. RankinNot sure where the issue lies, but tonight I have received red connect failed dialogs when trying to show additional comments or when checking my inbox to select new comments. Simply refreshing the top questions list is also affected. I don't know if this is related, but several times I see "Perf...

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9:20 AM
Q: The UI interface has red and blue square using storyboard?

Marc StevenI used storyboard to construct the UI interface, all the constraints are ok on the storyboard for different devices, but when I ran on the simulator, it always showed the red square and blue square?

9:35 AM
@CodyGray largely because it's theoretically doable. I don't fully comprehend how many comments are posted daily myself
It's theoretically possible that you git gud?
I'm skeptical. :-)
I mean, I'm already doing SE's job for them, so
Someone's gotta do it
Sure, but by doing it myself, I can actually make it, well, good
How humble
9:42 AM
wasn't trying to be
I've said this before and I'll say it again: anyone on my OOP group this term could've fixed the toasts faster and cleaner, and the bulk of them have minimal programming experience, and mostly zero webdev experience. I actually know my shit, and I know I can make good tools in place of the garbage that has remained identical since the 90s in both style and function (and that should tell you something, because SE wasn't created until 2008...)
Maybe some of that will change with balpha coming back, but that makes the major assumption that SE doesn't end up wasting his resources. half the reason chat looks like trash and has remained in alpha since it was created is bad resource allocation more than anything else
Hell, the FAQ is so old that the license doesn't say CC-By-SA 4.0. Doesn't even say 3.0
It's 2.5
The FAQ is so old, the screenshots were taken before color screenshots were invented ๐Ÿ˜‚
10:01 AM
Chat is one of the few things that works well :-)
It is not where I would allocate resources
it has problems though, especially on mobile
So you say.
I've never had an issue.
So one of us must be wrong.
yes, you :p
It was bound to finally happen one of these days
10:38 AM
Q: Community Bot is actively participating in question reopening

Dalija PrasnikarThere is interesting Reopen votes review showing that Community Bot actively participated in reopening a question. Not only that, question was reopened only by two votes where it usually takes three. https://stackoverflow.com/review/reopen/26342915 Question falls into highly active category, but ...

11:12 AM
I think I officially can call it: the post we featured that fell to badgers and junkies has resulted in an uptick in both those comment categories
Testing the waters :-)
11:30 AM
12:12 PM
@VLAZ ugh, yes. I think I recently had a small meltdown in comments about that. If I were a newbie, I'd actually consider those arguments offensively patronising
The mentality that we for some reason should treat new users as literal babies is baffling to me
12:32 PM
Q: People downvoted all answers for my question 72335387 in StackOverFlow

SaeedThis is not only about downvoting my question (as I had two upvotes, that my question may not be useful so I got downvotes), but I see two people downvoted all answers and my question, and also voted to close. The question is How to do duplicate lines in regex. This is currently closed due to cla...

@NewPosts oh, no, not regex again
and to add insult to injury, it was initially asked on MSE!
Q: People downvoted all answers for my question 72335387 in StackOverFlow

SaeedThis is not only about downvoting my question (as I had two upvotes, that my question may not be useful so I got downvotes), but I see two people downvoted all answers and my question, and also voted to close. The question is How to do duplicate lines in regex. Do the moderators for checking down...

@VLAZ too slow :)
yes, sorry
no, actually, you are not
1:26 PM
Q: Strange behaviour upon unchecking 'Show skipped reviews' when at last page of review history

Patrick YoderTo reproduce this behaviour, visit the a review queue's history tab. I'll take First Questions as an example. Because of the amount of skipped reviews, checking the option to "Show skipped reviews" increases the number of posts, and consequently the number of pagination links at the bottom of the...

> Ok I'll just go ahead and downvote this for no reason
Q: Re-Editing tags can put you on the "newest" category

BellaIf you go to one of your oldest questions, remove a tag (save) and then put it again, it will put you on the "Newest" category of that tag.

1:41 PM
@NewPosts wut?
2:16 PM
> Also, don't downvote posts like this sir ๐Ÿคจ. It's just bad practice... Cease and Desist.
Don't comment like this. Cease and desist.
Cist and decease.
Ugh, forgot about downvote complaints
I have garbage detection systems for those
Cyst and disease
Code and dis gary
When we are at sub-par UI. I tried to accept the answer two times, but it was too soon. And then I almost forgot about it. I wouldn't be surprised that some of the questions were never accepted because people just move on to another thing and forget to go back. — Dalija Prasnikar 12 mins ago
It's almost as if what they need are people to leave comments reminding them.
2:21 PM
self-defeating argument if that's the approach
There were no reminders on meta, and yet, it happened
Almost like people don't need reminders
That's right! That's why we need people to post a bunch of comments, since there are no reminders.
But... what if people forget to read the comments?
Q: Search company by technology is broken?

QiulangWhen I search the company by technology, e.g. if I click the button "python" I was directed to a broken link https://stackoverflow.com/jobs/developer-jobs-using-python The same with any other technology. But I was surprised to find no one report it.

3:22 PM
By the way, why am I not seeing any accept comments on meta? Oh, wait, might it be something that it does not result in rep? My mind is blown /s
3:33 PM
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Silly - you have to be highly trained to be on Meta. Therefore, users there do not need additional education. You and your Occam's razor are not welcome here. /s
Somebody call the police! They've got the Occam's razor! That's extremely dangerous!
You cannot arrest me! Without me, there is only other barber in town. If you take me away, you will introduce a logical paradox!
Won't it solve the paradox instead? Who knew it would be that simple
3:50 PM
Q: Has the community lost interest in burnination?

Daniel WiddisThe current burn of the write and writing tags has been underway for a week. Only 296 actions have been made on posts, 164 of them (55%) by one person (me), and 81 (27%) by a second person. Daily participation for the two of us actively handling posts is more difficult because each day we have t...

@OlegValteriswithUkraine But second barber cannot exist if he has to cut his own hair. He'll disappear. Then the one in custody will remain the only barber. Who also cannot exist. And would disappear.
4:05 PM
In another world: everyone is bald.
In this world: everyone is bold.
> While it isn't correct to talk about the size of your bits in public, it's also nice to indicate why an answer is wrong. Looking for feedback on the downvote.
Double standards much?
mine are of one bit size each. Is it indecent exposure?
4:21 PM
Is that... pubits?
don't get me started on the endianness! that would have to be censored
4:56 PM
Q: New user - does not know about https://stackoverflow.com/help/someone-answers

Rob RaymondSo I have received this warning of none compliance: Hello, We're writing in reference to your Stack Overflow account: https://stackoverflow.com/users/9441404/rob-raymond We noticed that you've been posting numerous comments asking other users for upvotes and/or accepts. This is not an appropriat...

@NewPosts And on the blacklist you go
@NewPosts welp, another one of those
6:01 PM
I can't help but think there is more than the two options presented. 1. "block" the user (like ban? Or what) 2. Don't answer any questions from new users. I'd propose there is 3. Just stop posting these comments. And maybe do a bit of 2. if you want.
6:22 PM
Junkies and badgers are always fun
6:40 PM
and marxists! they are sometimes fun too
7:01 PM
joking aside, I find it bafflingly common that people do not understand that people do things because they just... want to, out of enjoyment or whatever
Do they not have friends? loved ones? family? Those "spend time" not because they are paid to
7:56 PM
> worked like cream, thank you so much
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9:02 PM
Q: What is this comment about? What to do about this?

The Amateur CoderWhat is this comment about? What to do about this (comment and copy-pasting (I guess) of such comments)? Was it posted for a valid reason? Should I report this irrelevant comment as No Longer Needed?

1 hour later…
10:08 PM
Q: Should creating a tag would require a more refined process?

Ann ZenGiven the rate of the creation of new tags on the main site, many of which just ends up or needs to be burniated, should there be a system in place to make the tag-creating process more than just a type & enter for users with over 1500 rep (which, about 17,500 have that amount)? Something like a ...


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