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6:40 AM
It's been over a week since the developer survey is released. And there is a little over a week until it finishes. There were a bunch of things that we asked clarification for in the question and there is complete radio silence. Only the things deemed bugs had some sort of response (mostly a [status-complete] tag added).
posted on May 20, 2022 by DIVAN AFTAB

//this is parent component import React, { useEffect, useState } from "react"; import { useForm } from "react-hook-form"; import { yupResolver } from "@hookform/resolvers/yup"; import * as Yup from "yup"; import Input from "../Input"; import HeadStar from "../Comman/HeadStar"; import Error from "./Error"; import

6:57 AM
in SO Close Vote Reviewers, 16 hours ago, by richardec
@StephenOstermiller I'm not surprised in the least. New users are terrible at accepting. If I hadn't posted those comments (and been suspended 3 times in doing so), I wouldn't have so much rep as I do now.
Aaaaannd, now you know why, @KevinB.
Even the defenders of these comments admit that it's all about rep.
What boggles the mind is that no one has considered that, maybe, their answers weren't really that good, they just pressured the newbies into accepting them anyway.
Obviously, I think all of my answers are good. If I didn't, I wouldn't have posted them. But evidence suggests that not all of them are as good as I thought.
7:08 AM
Woah, those accepts amount to 10k rep in that case. I thought my almost 400 accepted answers (which is just about half my total answers) was a lot. I got 6k rep out of that - just over a quarter of my total rep.
7:19 AM
Q: How to highlight currently active nav link using jquery & css?

Bilal HussainI'm trying to highlight my current active page nav link. But nothing's working .. Here's my Html code : <ul class="navbar-nav me-auto mb-2 ms-auto mb-lg-0"> <li class="nav-item"> <a class="nav-link" href="{{route('home')}}">Home</a> <

great... morning, everyone! Have 116 notifications to go through
And you haven't even posted an answer on that cesspool, have you?
@CodyGray Oleg follows posts
I mean, I do as well. But not when there is much activity. Otherwise I wake up and have over a hundred notifications.
Collapsing similar notifications (e.g., comments on the same post) would help. Or being able to opt out of notifications for comments.
But until then, I keep a Q&A open in a tab and hit "follow" once it settles down a bit.
@VLAZ Oh, I didn't realize he was insane.
Aren't we all?
7:29 AM
Somehow, I get hundreds of notifications per day without ever following posts. And not even including chat pings!
@CodyGray I don't like missing out on important interactions :)
ok, all notifications processed
Wow, that was fast!
95 of those notifications related to the same post about the rule - it definitely stroke a nerve
For the record, when I open a post in a tab and haven't followed anything yet, I search the page with regex to find new comments posted Show \d+ more comment
There is an extension for Firefox called "find+" which allows searching with regex. Ctrl+Shift+F to open it.
@KevinB oh, there's crazy more of those under their belt, I just wanted to stop flooding the room with this... Do note, though, how quickly the "I am going home" card was played after @CodyGray gave the example :)
7:36 AM
@OlegValteriswithUkraine So you read them all already?
Or you just decided you didn't want to read any of them? :-)
@VLAZ and they call me the crazy one xD
7 mins ago, by VLAZ
Aren't we all?
@CodyGray ~75 of them don't seem to be worth reading, the rest I mostly dealt with by now
@VLAZ I don't see how this helps anything? If you haven't read any of the comments, shouldn't you read all of the comments, not just the ones that have been hidden?
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Have I posted that many already? :-p
@CodyGray OK, let me clarify - I read all, then use the regex to find where new ones have been posted. I keep the tab open, so I know what I've read up to.
7:38 AM
@CodyGray nah, just too much back-and-forth on that post. Clearly stroke a nerve
I assumed the ~75 you judged as not being worth reading were because they were mine.
Yeah, we definitely managed to find a contentious issue.
since when are you so sure I do not like reading your comments? :)
I guess it's quick and easy, since they all say the same thing.
the variey of form is stunning, though :) Huh, this Q&A is an interesting example of where the question is downvoted to oblivion, and others stating the opposite are too
Pfft, easy - why read Cody's comments? They are all correct anyway.
7:43 AM
Good point. Some have bold, while others have italics. Lots of variation!
@VLAZ Sometimes I sneak something wrong into them, just to see if anyone will catch it.
One month and nearly one week later.
Not much brr.
Yeap. Just did an actual date calculation: 39 days.
Q: Are humans and other animals machines?

user107952It has been said that biological organisms are one kind of machine, albeit highly complex ones. But is this really true? To answer this question, one needs a precise definition of "machine". So, is there a definition of machines in some paper or book, that can tell whether humans and other animal...

From HNQ.
Just to remind me why I stopped participating on Philosophy.SE.
I have my own navel I can gaze at if I want to.
That's not Q&A.
Yeah...trying to fiddle with dictionary definitions.
7:46 AM
@CodyGray reminds me why I switched gears into IT
Next up "Is my computer an organism?"
certainly feels like at times
Although, that might be a bit of an issue with AI
with mood swings
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Because nobody ever asks nonsense questions? Oh... I think you may have made a bad call. :-)
7:50 AM
@CodyGray saw the site icon ... oh... that site...
Fun fact: I used to be a moderator there!
So...how did it go?
It was fun for a while, then I gave up and gave in to the people who wanted a very different site than I did.
Basically, the people I thought were trolling were embraced by the community, leaving me as an outsider.
@CodyGray because I thought that this is where there is no way to spew nonsense by sounding smart :) Oh, how mistaken I was...
Well, you were partially right.
There's plenty of nonsense-spewing, but it's harder to sound smart.
Exhibit A: The Stack Overflow Blog
7:55 AM
Yeah, partially, it's better
[Not the exibit A]
Although now I am mostly frustrated by hiding very simple concepts with complex-sounding terms. Oh, wait...
Nothing has changed!
@CodyGray bwahahaha!
> What do users have to do with making art? Sure we lost paying customers because our website ran like a flaming pile of cat crap. But when you look past the outages and consider the beauty of our finely crafted ruby source code, you weep, openly, for joy and thank God that you work among poets.
What does this remind you of?
the recent redesign?
8:06 AM
admittedly, that was one of the bizarre parts
8:28 AM
Remember that Ubuntu update from yesterday that I was complaining about?
> I suggest you study history, then
I installed it. Now, my machine is completely bricked and won't boot.
~2 lol, that's quite funny given your education, @CodyGray
@CodyGray Thus resolving your complaint about there being too many updates.
@VLAZ You'd freakin' think so, wouldn't you? But, as it turns out, the recommended solution is to boot with a recovery disk and apply some more updates.
8:34 AM
Sounds like Windows. From years ago.
I don't remember the recommended solution for Windows ever being to install more updates.
OK, in fairness, it happened maybe once or twice. I do remember being an issue. But not very often.
Hm. What vintage?
I've spent quite a bit of time with Windows versions of all vintages, both at the time (as a repair tech, not to mention user), and as a retrocomputing enthusiast.
...Oh. So, recent.
8:37 AM
Few years ago MS was rushing updates out the door without enough testing. And worse - some times the issues were logged but the updates released anyway. Which would have issues in some hardware
Yeah, I deftly solved that by sticking with a version that worked well.
They revised that release schedule 1-2 years ago.
Same, I'd update only few times a year when I knew things worked.
My work computer I don't have this flexibility with, though. I once installed an update and the HDMI port stopped working.
That's probably a video driver issue, rather than an OS issue, to be fair
It was one of the big updates for Windows. Maybe it included a driver update.
on an unrelated note - poor Marx
8:42 AM
Like Carl?
It's the same kind of nonsense you get in American political discourse
ZOMG communism evil
Where "communism" can be anything from socialism to Marxism to Black Lives Matter or what the heck ever bugbear someone is railing against.
@VLAZ no, the Karl one :)
Sorry, I wasn't up to date:
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Why does he spell his name that way? Does he pretend he's German or something?
8:45 AM
@VLAZ lol
That went downhill quickly.
All this time, I thought he was just saying I was a fan of Groucho!
@E_net4 very quickly - I guess one can't escape the discussion of shortcomings of the naive capitalism in such a matter
Imagine accepting answers having something to do with political or economic systems.
Wait, I can't.
Kind of - SE's implementation of the rep system suffers from shorcomings of non-critical individualism
As in that everyone acting in self-interest results in betterment of society (for other readers)
@CodyGray xD
8:51 AM
@CodyGray I have seen people complain about basically "the rich" who got a lot of reputation early. It never really made sense to me but somehow some users do think of rep as an economic system.
I am so tired of seeing "being marxist means advocating violent coups against the government" arguments
So, the users who got here first and contributed a lot of useful content in the early days of the site, essentially shaping its future and building it into the place it is today?
We've all seen the proposals to reduce rep that people get from old answers. IIRC, one proposal was to sort of have them pay "taxes". Well, it wasn't exactly framed like that but it did sound like that.
Yeah, why would they merit any of the rewards from any of that?
I guess fancying Nitzchean works means you are a Nazi to them
8:52 AM
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Especially since literally no one post-Marx has ever advocated that.
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Wait'll I tell them I'm a fan of Heidegger's ontology...
@CodyGray let's be honest, no one arguing that read Marx in the first place
@CodyGray Right? I don't even know what those users think high rep gives. usually those comments and proposals come from users with <1k rep. They must think there is something useful that you get. When...there isn't really. IMO 3k rep is enough. Being able to post full edits and cast close votes is good enough.
It's almost as if you can agree with one thing someone said for certain reasons, while simultaneously disagreeing with something else they said for an entirely different reason.
Wait... this reminds me of something else that recently happened on Meta...
@CodyGray oh, that makes you a prime SS candidate for sure
Q: Problem with not being able to ask questions

hikitan1So, I've been told that I should change my questions, in order to have people to upvote them, and I did, I tried to make my questions different and more understandable, and besides that, I also got answers to what I needed. My main problem is that, I am not able to ask questions now, even though ...

8:56 AM
That said, the Black notebooks are... an interesting read
@NewPosts 0 / -1 / -3 / 0 / 1 for visible questions
Unknown for deleted, since it's impossible to read the page now, after the redesign.
Oh, here we go: this one's easier to read, as it wasn't messed with.
@NewPosts hmm, am I the only one getting the vibe that those complaints started to increase in frequency?
-2, -1, -2, 0, -2, 0 for deleted.
Ummm.... of those.... 2 were asked on Aug 17, 2021, 2 were asked on Sept 17, 2021, and 2 others were asked on Sept 2 and Sept 20, 2021...
Soooo.... that's a lot.
@OlegValteriswithUkraine I, actually, have not read this.
TIL: apparently, Frankfurt school of thought advocated for authoritarian governments - I am out of there
9:00 AM
Given that they were first published in 2014, according to Wikipedia, this would have been at least a couple of years after the time that I stopped actively reading/studying philosophy, critical theory, political theory, etc.
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Eeek, WTF. I am not reading it, the tab is closed.
@CodyGray yeah, they are "newly" published
You've got to be kidding me.
The Frankfurt School is not "the source of critical theory".
There was a storm in academic circles about them
But yeah, this quickly just turned into one of those lovely little "ban Critical Race Theory" rants
Don't look now, but critical theory is probably the poster child of "Western schools of thought".
@CodyGray I am outta there
9:07 AM
It's unsurprising that people with wrongheaded ideas about Stack Overflow would also possess wrongheaded ideas and misconceptions about other things.
I was just reading a report on NPR about how wrongheaded ideas are dividing and destroying churches.
I also have to note that "individually choosing to perform good or bad acts" is mostly Ayn Rand's idea, and there are so many problems with her ideas, I can't even start
But see
Modern political "conservatives" are actually Randians
not to mention that "Western" school of thought has nothing to do with individualism
Eh, not sure about that?
Western culture is far more individualistic
in Randian's sense, I mean
for me, "individualism" is a term
@CodyGray fascinating title
"Individualism" is a term that means, what, "Objectivism"?
to me, it specifically refers to a certain group of thinkers advocating either total lack of governmental control over free market (or naive liberalism) or claiming that individuals acting in self-interest only result in productive society (primarily represented by Rand)
@CodyGray that makes sense as it actually is a conservative ideology
however paradoxical it can sound for an outside observer
Q: Is power-levelling legit in Stack Overflow?

Bagus TesaI came across a question titled "Does Laravel Documentation exists?" which surprisingly got upvotes. The question is asking about off site resources - which is off topic. It seems the people involved in the comments and answers knows each other in real life. They seem to be exchanging upvotes to ...

Oh no...
@NewPosts I think it should be deleted to prevent witch hunts @CodyGray
9:22 AM
> Even better, that question edited by 22k person. It just seems kind of iffy
^ I see you are popular lately, @VLAZ
I mean... it had a tag that shouldn't be there.
But yeah. >:(
I prefer to keep it a bit mysterious and just say I was referencing something else.
> i have many questions that got downvoted with any reason but ok
I must admit, I have downvoted questions with any reason.
9:32 AM
huh, I managed to see the latest comment before it went poof, @CodyGray. What a mess
@VLAZ I... I... have to admit - me too! I even use strongly typed reasons
Err, sorry folks. I got distracted by other tabs. :-)
You're excused. I only pinged you because I thought you were around.
I am
I meant like actively looking at chat.
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Yeah, that's not really what individualism is or means, though... So having that interpretation is a bit confusing.
9:37 AM
seems like witch hunt already happened
We have multiple witches moderators on the hunt
not that it's a problem given the "quality" of the Q&A
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Right, yeah, I'm aware. It doesn't seem paradoxical at all.
@VLAZ Or mostly just to prevent free flags?
The accounts are likely to go poof, so there's minimal concerns about attracting excess downvotes...
@CodyGray yeah, I didn't think you need a reminder :)
I hate it
9:40 AM
@CodyGray does the trial happen like this?
But, all things considered, libertarians are far less objectionable to me than the other category of modern conservatives.
I count... 5 mods discussing/investigating this.
Who says there's no teamwork? :-)
@OlegValteriswithUkraine come to think of it, that looks exactly how things go around these things here on Meta
10:02 AM
what is "common political vernacular"? Last time I checked in my studies, Western philosophy encompassed everything from Plato to contemporary studies and only excluded regional stuff (which is quite an interesting matter in itself)
10:18 AM
> Which leaves only one potential "harm" I can think of: moderator time. Seems to me you're only thinking about yourselves, rather than the whole site.
Yeah, mods - stop being so selfish!
Completely unrelated: do we have any statistic on how many of the educational comments were under posts where the author doesn't have an answer?
I'm not selfish! I'm a fox!
@VLAZ we don't have an exact metric, but I'd estimate 50% +- 20%
My projection would have been 21% +- 20%
There's a lot of people who outright shame accept rates, and essentially threaten them with "accept answers to your old questions or you won't get answers"
"pls accept pl0x" comments in general are annoying, but comments with those poorly concealed threats infuriate me
Yeah, if you're shaming people about accept rates and threatening not to answer their questions, that's just as blatantly self-interested as if you're begging for accepts on your own answers.
10:24 AM
I also cannot wrap my head around why, of all things to check when considering an answer, is whether or not their accept rate is high enough
@VLAZ I can write up a query, but my estimate is around 5%-10% tops
Curiously, I was told in a recent Meta comment thread that it's totally reasonable to hound users about their accept rates and refuse to answer questions from users who don't play the proper "tit for tat".
Sounds like someone stuck in the SO past.
@ZoestandswithUkraine Don't forget, you're also supposed to dox them and figure out their race/gender/creed/etc.
It's fox
10:25 AM
Because this is a social network site where we focus on users, not content
I'll just repost this:
yesterday, by Oleg Valter is with Ukraine
Don't you know we are a dating site? Ghosting is not cool /s
@VLAZ How do you fox someone?
@E_net4 Imagine a site where moderators didn't have time to moderate it.
@ZoestandswithUkraine I thought that was your job
@CodyGray I've been to several. They all eventually fell apart.
@ZoestandswithUkraine Today, Zoe learns yet another definition of the word "fox": "to bewilder or baffle". :-)
10:28 AM
@CodyGray wat
I see that I've foxed you.
@ZoestandswithUkraine Yep, that seems like foxing. It's what you're supposed to be doing to those people. :)
I prefer keeping my diamond :')
This time, it's not even bad keming.
10:57 AM
O boy
Uh...that new question. I thought it was "one of those" at first. Then I started reading and it seemed better. But I finished and...it wasn't.
> It this gets deleted it kinda proves my point.
It's worse. Take it down.
And where are the comment upvotes coming from?
Good question.
@VLAZ did I miss something?
Will show up in the feed soon.
11:01 AM
Q: Stack Overflow is horrible for new users

SOsucksFor a while now I have noticed how a lot of new users come here expecting to get help for any question they ask, only to get ignored and downvoted without any explanation on to why that is. I understand that Stack Overflow is not for answering every little problem anyone might have related to pro...

@OlegValteriswithUkraine There we go
oh, here we go
sloggish feeds
Have a good day. <--- definitely code
@RyanM well, since it's a perlocutionary act, kind of makes sense /s
@OlegValteriswithUkraine I'm ...afraid I don't quite get the joke, even after looking up the word ^^;
11:07 AM
It's a command
Basically :)
@RyanM well, it's telling us to have a good day, so it's clearly code :)
in an HPL (Human Programming Language) - ever heard of it? /s
no, seriously?
I'd better be more weary of making jokes like that
> Earning rep is one of core principles: it's a primary motivator of contribution and the base of a privilege system. You can't upvote or become a moderator without rep
^ and this is exactly what many have been arguing against
@OlegValteriswithUkraine I thought you mean "HTML is a Programming Language". But that's HiAPL
I honestly did not expect HPL to be an actual thing
Anyways, regardless of how discussion about the new rule goes further, at least we all have finally seen the true face of what reputation-based system does in action
11:24 AM
Yes :(
posted on May 20, 2022 by user692942

Noticed one of the new Senior Community Managers is starting as they mean to go on, re-opened this question 1 hour ago. What exactly made this question re-open worthy? The code is missing key elements like variable definitions, without which it is very difficult to help answer the question without making massive assumptions. Is this what we should expect from the new Senior Comm

It gets confused if the post gets deleted.
(Self-deleted in this case.)
I don't quite get why the [word] tag was added to that mentioned question.
Am I missing something, or is it wrong? Like how [signature] is.
They meant the application
11:33 AM
Do they? Because it mentions email template. Wasn't sure if that's what MS word provides.
It's a word document, presumably
Set objWord = CreateObject("Word.Application")
@E_net4-KrabbemitHüten just noticed the new name :D
Are there multiple hats?
@CodyGray actually, yes, at least 2
I only see one
11:42 AM
open the profile :)
Oh, I suppose so.
Maybe you need to put on the glasses, not just leave them there :P
although I think a more appropriate name would be Krabbe mit Brille und Hüten, @E_net4-KrabbemitHüten
hmm, that would probably not fit under the limit, though :(
@VLAZ Wait, are you supposed to look through them?
Fine... User name length limit is 40 characters.
But nobody wants to to read all of that.
"Please provide a minimal, complete, and verifiable username"
1 hour later…
1:34 PM
What a mess, it currently takes SE's autoscroller seconds to get to new comments on the rule Q&A
I'm using the comment threading script and it really chokes on large threads. It still threads, however, when there are multiple conversations, it doesn't necessarily thread them correctly. Moreover, loading new comments is plain broken, since you open them and the new comments get moved somewhere up under a thread.
I've had to unthread each comment section.
> When people at Youtube can ask for Subscription towards their hard work;
So...that's it, then. "If you like my post, please upvote, comment, and accept. Don't forget to hit that "follow" button to get updates!"
On a separate note, I really dislike the term "noobs". That's both when it's being levied at somebody else, and when a user refers to them as such.
@VLAZ the one on StackApps?
Yes. Although the repo for it is down.
It's the one by balpha
yeah, Martijn Pieters recently reposted its source as a gist
1:45 PM
given that SG seems to be going to have threaded comments natively, I think it will become obsolete in 6 to 8
I mean...first comment threading has to be introduced to StackExchange. Then all the bugs resulting from that also need to be fixed until it's usable. Which is probably another 6-8.
It's not a perfect script but it works remarkably well for something made a decade ago (IIRC).
@VLAZ in my defence, I did say 6 to 8 :)
and since Infinity + Infinity = Infinity, it does not really matter how many 6 to 8 it takes them
It's only long comment chains that confuse it. And it's not really the length, more like it's easier for something to be posted that isn't recognised as a thread. E.g. "@Somebody [...] 1/2" followed by "[...] 2/2" will not count the second comment as part of the thread.
Since it's not @-mentioning the user
yeah, I know it uses conservative heuristics to create threads
Or if you have
A: "Statement"
B: "<something>"
B: "@A response"
C: "@B response to <something>"
Still, probably 90% of the time it is spot-on.
1:51 PM
I was considering adopting it for the org, but now I am not so sure given that I don't want to waste time on something that's going to be obsoleted
2:19 PM
Q: Why did his question get deleted?

manjiro sanoThis question was clear, but they didn't know how to do.. They sent what they meant: I answered because I clearly understood, and then, the question was deleted.. Why?

2:43 PM
Q: Difference between CTV and Crave streaming services?

Aleksey TimoshchenkoI try to decide which one of the two streaming services is better (in Canada). One of them is CTV - www.ctv.ca and another one is Crave - www.crave.ca. I downloaded them two on my android device and they both look the same. Is there possibly someone from Canada who knows what is a diff here?

@NewPosts I gave that the benefit of the doubt of not being spam...
Don't make me regret it.
3:05 PM
so... what's going to happen to the proposed rule, @CodyGray? I'd love to submit a "conflict of interest" amendment if the rework is on the platter. I highly doubt it could be reasoned against
Nothing, we're reverting back to basics
The rep junkies won, they get to spew out more noise
I... would talk about it, but I told Zoe I needed to go to bed hours ago, and here I still am, so...
may I suggest an amended retry? I still believe it can work in an amended state
or, just do it anyway
too late, there's already a notice publicly
3:06 PM
The rule proposal is dead, that's all there is to it
Long live noise I guess
> Does this answer your question? If not let me know what else needs to be explained
I'll just leave you with:
> Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.
i mean
technically it's not asking for an accept
not directly
sigh, I mean, really, let's try with "if you post such a comment on a post you are involved with, that's going to be considered abuse, feel free to otherwise". And since we know the true reason for posting those, it will significantly cut down the comments. And is very hard to argue against. Happy to either help workshop an amendment or make such a proposal myself if ya'll still have some fight left regarding the rule
eh, people will still overwhelmingly downvote such a proposal
with this large of a blowback, clearly it's attracted a lot of people who are hunting rep.
3:11 PM
@OlegValteriswithUkraine moderating that is harder
anything that goes against that process will get downvoted
@ZoestandswithUkraine I know, but it's either this or nothing, and it really pisses me off than rep hunters won this round
They haven't won
The only thing they won is not getting suspended
now we have a call to action
More flags!
@ZoestandswithUkraine I call it a win for them :)
3:12 PM
I'm planning to sit down tonight and ramp up my detection rate of rep junkie comments
3.46% of my deleted comments are rep-related atm
Not good enough :')
@KevinB I believe it failed largely because it provided the rep hunting side with a strong argument (not really, but it's a strong one in the eyes of the bulic) of "heavy-handed moderation" not taking into account "benevolent" commenters. So let's make them truly benevolent by forbidding involvement, and I'd love to see them arguing against that
It is acceptable and it's a good thing to do, but when doing so make sure you are not creating too many low-value flags for moderators. Thank you comments (and ones that beg for acceptance or upvotes) are often removed with a single flag without a need for moderator to review it. You can flag these as much as you want. Don't raise flag on the questions asking to remove comments unless there's a very long off-topic conversation happing in comments. — Dharman ♦ Jan 5 at 17:43
i mean
my flags on accept begging comments rarely ever get deleted in 1 flag
I am happy to incur the wrath by making that stand myself, but only if ya'll still want to try and go for it, so as I am not looking like an idiot when the proposal is already dead
@KevinB yeah, they often do not match the under 40 chars requirement for the 7 dirty words to activate
I'm considering shipping the byproducts of a tool I have into a chatroom for increased NLN detection, but I suspect there's not going to be enough flaggers interested in that for it to be worth it
So we just need to annoy the mods with flags on these kidns of things until they move forward with this proposal anyway
3:18 PM
@KevinB A lot of us are in favor of doing it. Unfortunately, there's more concerns at play
> but those people are living in a monastery in Tibet and not participating in online programming forums
Which sucks
^^ oh, see Ed joined the MSO discussion, and again, I learned I live in Tibet
not my problem
this user is literally asking askers to provide a link to their website
Q: how to write a code in a code box in stackoverflow

parsa golmohammadiHow to write a code in a code box in Stack Overflow, like most of the other answers which are in the question and answer part of the site. I tried code sample <code'>(I just add a quotation to display the tag otherwise the site consider it as a tag and the rest of text will be shown in a code for...

3:25 PM
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Very disappointed that comment got deleted
As in, your response
ah, the post got locked
well, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Huh, undeleted
4:17 PM
huh, indeed it is, unusual
enumerations going on
Up to 8. oof
eh, just an abusive user who found yet another avenue they can exploit
4:33 PM
4:54 PM
> send the commenter, who must be the asker, a message from the system with the most polite wording that Cody can come up with
Cody has been challenged. :)))
Cody the Polite xD
5:13 PM
Q: What is the course of action to take when a question asks for upvotes?

Bender the GreatestI edited a question today, and wound up editing this out because there were other problems with the post at the same time. But essentially there was a sort of "header-signature" at the top of this user's question: To anyone favouriting the question - I'm glad you find it interesting/useful. If y...

Meta this week: asking for an upvote/acceptance.
More like this month given all the complaints on mod messages
I forgot a week has passed...
Anyway, there's this comment:
> [...] I suspect that even low quality answers that get accepted nearly always provide a superficial solution to the problem [...]
and now I'm staring at this answer on SO...
5:28 PM
@AndrewT. someone surprised me today by telling it's Friday already
@AndrewT. to be honest, it's close to Tony the Pony in terms of ironic value
1 hour later…
6:55 PM
Q: Why is the 2022 Developer Survey so long?

Chris_RandsI'm not very active on SO these days (and never on meta), but I took the Developer Survey previous years. This year, it seems very long. I understand this is useful for gathering data, but it feels a bit a bit much for users. Why is it so long? Are incomplete survey responses still used with the ...

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8:21 PM
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11:55 PM
Q: Use stackoverflow.com on an iPad?

user1946932Often on my iPad, when I tap the {} code icon to enclose text in a code block, nothing happens. Can the stackoverflow team remedy this?


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