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1:35 AM
Q: Did most Google Cloud Collective Admins got suspended - or is this a bug?

Martin ZeitlerI've just noticed these unexpected reputation scores for respected members of the collective. Therefore I wanted to ask, if this was a mass suspension - or if this is a bug? Just curious, because I also was suspended for a minor offense (after being called a jerk) for the whole "Autism Awareness ...

2:04 AM
Wtf has been wrong with meta for the last 12 hours
@NickstandswithUkraine The idea that users with profiles supporting a cause can't accurately check for suspensions is...sure something.
As is my only being on the site for 8 years meaning I'm somehow so unaware I can't do something as trivial as click a link to a profile
At least it gave me a reason to go look at how the Collectives interface looks :-p
Same, I regret it :p
2:34 AM
Hmm, I feel like something important is missing from the flag history entries for comments on Articles:
Ugh, why is the custom comment flag text limit only 200 characters
@NickstandswithUkraine If you need more than 200 characters to explain why a comment needs to be edited or deleted, perhaps it should be a post flag ;-) but seriously the flag comment limits are all terrible.
It's on recent meta post for reference
I had to do some creative modifications to fit it while saying what I wanted
@NickstandswithUkraine ...yeah, okay, that was a reasonable use of a lot of characters in a comment flag.
And yeah, being on a phone doesn't help with making edits to single characters
2:39 AM
Comment flags in general are terrible, in part because there are no decline messages.
I had originally planned on editing the meta commentary out of the post, but it's been referenced in half the comments now so.... 🤷‍♀️
...yeah, there are really two parts to that that have...absolutely nothing to do with each other.
@RyanM Yeah, but generally they're also not as important as posts so it doesn't matter so much, flag decline/comment delete nobody will bat an eyelid. Any flag asking for a comment to be edited however is just difficult
3:35 AM
Q: I am not American, but I think I can answer the question

Qwj_38Nice to meet you. I am interested in both English and stack overflow, so I read English sites. I can read English questions. I often know the answers too, but I am not good at programmer's English, so I would like to ask if I can answer your questions. Thank you very much. If this question isn't ...

@NewPosts ?????
Oh, okay... they came from ja.SO and now venturing to en.SO
4 hours later…
8:11 AM
Q: Having a total view of longer sorucecode

Bonita MonteroIn some cases I post sourcecodes being longer than the short view in the article which others would have to scroll then. I think it would be nice to have a small button at the corners of the sourcecode which open a new browser tab or window with a raw view of the sourcecode like with pastebin's r...

@NewPosts I don't understand why people play the autism card as "therefore I am a victim, and suspending me for autism awareness month was clearly just victim shaming" :facedesk:
8:41 AM
@ZoestandswithUkraine Wait, we aren't supposed to suspend every member of an affected group during the corresponding "awareness" month?
Dang, knowing that would have made March way easier. Suspending all the women to raise awareness of Women's History Month was a ridiculous amount of work!!
And don't even get me started on February!
Let's take a seat!
Where are we gonna sit?
@CodyGray Glad we don't, I really don't wanna suspend myself next month :p
Hmm... June is... Cataract Awareness Month?
@NewPosts this was self-deleted? really???
Pride month :p
@ZoestandswithUkraine vim is so good, it doesn't even have autosave! :-p
@AndrewT. Because it just got officially answered on MSE...
@ZoestandswithUkraine Oh, the month of lions!
I'm a lion now?
8:45 AM
@ZoestandswithUkraine Damn, I for some reason thought that was a completely different month.
Well, I guess I'm OK with celebrating it year-around.
If you're part of the pride - yes.
@CodyGray I can have autosave, though
I just choose not to, because it's honestly more convenient
@VLAZ Are they from the sea?
Good thing I changed my profile photo's colors, maybe the mods will forget to suspend me next month.
Don't tell any of them.
During what month do we suspend all of the Ukraine supporters?
8:46 AM
@RyanM Good thing you reminded us; I'll remember to take you down with me :p
@CodyGray Just check your calendar for "Special Moderation Operation", that's the one.
Don't forget that Joe Mama is bringing beverages to that
SMO is an even worse thing than SEO.
Brief maintenance/downtime was fun. How'd y'all spend it?
there was downtime?
Q: Learning is so much better with stack overflow for people who don't have mentor in their journey

Dee AdamuLearning is so much better with stack overflow especially for those of us who don't have mentors. But why some people don't want to help when it's comes to things that you completely doesn't know or interact with in your journey. I posted my question in stack overflow it's been 24 hours now witho...

9:00 AM
What is this, I don't even
Oh, are you gonna tell me you don't even have your own local SO cache server?
That's weak, Cody
The title doesn't make much sense. The body is essentially "nobody is commenting or answering my question - why?". The dupe seems correct but...I feel they are missing a lot more of the whole picture.
Almost nothing of it makes any sense
@ZoestandswithUkraine A cache doesn't do me any good, as I only care about deleting the most recent stuff.
@NewPosts there's never a guarantee that a question will get answered though
That's why we offer the free refunds
9:10 AM
... or free Roomba service!
For all of the patients.
Some of them are not very patient, though
But very few of them are Impatiens
@CodyGray Sorry, meant a server proxy
Everyone knows you have to self-host a copy of the database if you want to keep the servers stable!
Q: Avatar image link defective for https://law.stackexchange.com/users/45147/ezgranet

WHO's NoToOldRx4CovidIsMurderSee the bug described in the comments at https://law.stackexchange.com/questions/80299/must-the-interrogation-stop-when-the-right-to-counsel-has-been-invoked/80301?noredirect=1#comment172680_80301 on the appearance of ezgranet's answer: Do others also see there's something wrong with the display...

9:25 AM
Well, heck. Deleted as I was writing an answer.
Kinda takes all the fun out.
Your confusion is that you didn't know there was any fun in it to be taken out?
Or maybe confusion is all that's left, after taking out the fun?
Can confirm: confusion is, often, all that's left.
And spam. Always spam these days.
9:42 AM
Ugh, not a great time for downtime
Oh, apparently it's not only me.
I fail to see the point, really
To embiggen all the things?
Surely you jest.
Speaking of long text, the "excessively long" autoflag is definitely the most useless one.
You do not find the "this massive code dump needs to be closed" flag to be useful?
As an Android developer, that's what we call a minimal, reproducible example ;-)
Literally the only time I've seen it catch something useful was when someone posted a novel of an answer in six parts. Of which it flagged two.
I cannot fathom why they felt the need to write the asker a book, but they did.
10:30 AM
Q: Why was I banned from asking questions?

JayWhy was I banned from asking questions? I'vfe answered several of my own, and some of the others' questions did not resolve my issues, and some were marked as correct. So, what's the deal?

@NewPosts Imagine thinking it's OK to ask "What the F happened with Stack Overflow" and then wondering why they stopped being able to ask.
Aww, I tried to flag a comment and I was told it wasn't there any more.
@E_net4 It sounds like they wanted to re-ask the same question multiple times. :-)
@VLAZ They thought better of that, at least...
@E_net4 In some fairness, some of those filters did warrant that reaction...
10:54 AM
Q: Stack Overflow Pulse Survey 2021 Graph Question

David LipschitzAt https://stackoverflow.blog/2021/12/07/new-data-what-developers-look-for-in-future-job-opportunities/ there is a graph IMHO, on the left shouldn't the statistic be 25% "Not looking for a job?

Q: What was the correct choice for my review suspension?

maxshutyI was recently suspended from reviewing for this review and I see this page tells me to post here if I have any questions on the suspension. I see that I was not the only person who thought that the suggested edit should be approved, which doesn't automatically mean that we are right, however, wh...

@NewPosts The graph and explanation are what's needed to explain what is seen on the graph and explanation. I understand it might be confusing if you don't read all of it but...It's like two five sentences and a picture.
@VLAZ "two five sentences"?
Counting is hard
As is writing
I wanted to say something like "two things: five sentences and a picture" but I managed to mangle it
I was wondering if it was supposed to be two point five sentences.
11:07 AM
It's also not really 5 sentences. It's 9. As I said, counting is hard
Seems more like 1 sentence: the question
> if the polite way doesnt work what else is there? Not doing anything and let the flood in? Its phrased ok, you just all think being polite is fine and will work when it clearly doesnt.
OK, I think I'm disengaging.
Is "the polite way" not downvoting?
Not even that. It's the CoC way.
This user is actually advocating to be harsher to people.
It's certainly the code I live by.
Ah, the "reach through the screen and slap the user" feature, for those times when a downvote just isn't enough.
11:14 AM
There was an addon similar to that for YouTube comments. It added a "slap" option for each comment.
Unfortunately it was a lie. It didn't actually slap anybody.
That's a shame. It should have slapped the clicker of the "slap" button.
Yep - not even that. Total lie. False advertisement. If I had gotten the addon, I'd have asked for my money back.
Q: Stack overflow notification sometimes redirected me to Meta

Dee AdamuThese days when I try to click on stack overflow notifications instead of showing me the notifications it's redirected me to a page called Meta or sometimes Stack Exchange am I the only one who face this problem with stack overflow.

@NewPosts there's a dupe somewhere for the page-not-loaded thing but I can't find it.
I dunno what they're talking about with Meta though.
11:21 AM
The thing where if you click the notifications icon quickly enough you end up in...yeah, that's it.
I guess I can't repro that because I never click the notifications icon.
I do occasionally trigger it via the keyboard shortcut.
To repro easily: try to open the network notification in a new tab. Middle-click or Ctrl+click, for example. You get taken to the network profile.
Same happens if the page is still loading when you click the icon.
Q: Daily review tasks don't warn about full edit queues, but editing the question directly does?

EdwardWhenever I try to do my daily review tasks on SO, and I see a newcomer ask a very poorely written question. I invest a lot of time to understand what he's trying to ask and then rewrite it with proper grammar and simplicity. Only then to get promted with the warning: This is very discouraging to...

@VLAZ That part is a feature, not a bug.
@NewPosts But why are they two different error messages?!
11:37 AM
@NewPosts there's a dupe, uh, somewhere, I think.
I still don't know what tss-react is, except exceptionally slow. Been waiting for the site to open for close to a minute now.
> 'tss-react' is intended to be the replacement for @material-ui v4 makeStyles and 'react-jss'.
CSS in TypeScript for React (umm, no)
But, it's full of emojis, so you know it sucks.
11:41 AM
Great...according to the network tab, it's waiting for some GIF
Maybe the one that tracks you? :-)
Q: Create tag tss-react

Joseph GarroneIs it possible to create a tag for tss-react. It was requested already. Best regards,

It's super bad tracking, I suppose.
I see nothing on the page and the browser says it's still loading.
...fuck. The website had actually loaded. But I had to scroll down. The top part is completely blank. I suppose it's where the GIF is supposed to be. Scrolling lower shows some other content.
The website sure has statements.
Imma have to be honest, none of them mean anything to me.
@NewPosts for some reason, the user's avatar is not shown on the Whitebox.
The user's avatar hasn't been created yet, even though it has been requested already.
11:46 AM
oh, Facebook avatar... dratz.
@VLAZ So... the content is "below the fold", so to speak? Lovely UX anti-pattern there.
Does anyone understand the relevance of that GitHub link?
@RyanM I was just looking at it and wanted to ask the same.
> Where would the best place to ask the community for help on this sort of stuff? Stackoverflow (they don't have a tss-react keyword)?
message deleted as a duplicate of glasses
11:48 AM
You did the code formatting thing, though.
Well, that's a fun new error message from an obvious race condition.
SE being racist
Maybe it's because the spam is from my state?
Conflict of interest?
@VLAZ raceist*
Yes, attaching condition to a race.
Does that mean I won?
12:00 PM
actually, you lost and won concurrently
Update: @AndrewT. and I were right:
@RyanM I quote from the post "Where would the best place to ask the community for help on this sort of stuff? Stackoverflow (they don't have a tss-react keyword)?" — Joseph Garrone 2 mins ago
ah yes, of course, silly me, I should have read two posts up from the one linked. Obviously.
Yes, the very end of said post where the thing is added as an aside.
My favorite is the implication that it's a request that SO do something.
Yes, we read every GitHub thread to see if there are any work orders created for us.
@RyanM You have to read EVERYTHING we are about to tell you.
@CodyGray Usually I'm just reading them to find plagiarism, but to each their own.
12:07 PM
In truth, plagiarism is the most extensive type of work order that is regularly created for us. :-(
some times, I wish it was possible to downvote project names
tsk-react would be a good one, though
"Last Mint Flight"... You were saying? :-)
I see you practice what you preach. It was confusing which Zoe was my favorite before you disambiguated with the suffix.
Running out of mints is a real problem hundreds of people experience every day.
12:15 PM
@CodyGray :D
"Can we [travel-time] into the past to kill this tag?"
That'll surely treat the wanderer inside me. What are you waiting for?
1 hour later…
1:19 PM
@NewPosts Related. Seems right now there is an infestation of another type of questions:
The first question was OK-ish. And since it got upvoted answers, I've been hammering the later ones against it.
DRoH: Distributed Requests of Homework?
hey, they're self-deleting them :)
I suppose it's something, at least.
1:36 PM
Q: Stackoverflow find a Job not visible

RaviTeja PavuluriI am trying to find jobs using stackoverflow. But I couldn't find one. The section itself seems missing.

1:48 PM
@NewPosts SO should have really done a better at announcing Jobs is no more. Yes, they had an announcement that many people apparently didn't see. You should be getting a message to the effect of "Jobs is removed. Read here for more" when you visit any URL for Jobs.
Oh, yeah, I meant to turn someone's complaint into a feature request for that, but something in one of my userscripts was preventing me from editing the post (which I didn't work out until much later)
@RyanM may I know which post? Because I'm currently writing a feature request for this.
uhh yeah one sec
Q: Add an autogenerated id to h1/h2/h3's elements in questions and answers?

stevecI'm trying link to the second part of this answer. Is there any way to link to that specific h3 "If you're having problems with vips on heroku.."? I tried looking for an id on that element: If it's not possible to link to a section of a question or answer, could that be made possible by adding i...

It's probably mostly useful as an example of the confusing behavior, because I was going to basically rewrite it.
@AndrewT. this one
2:06 PM
Hmm, I guess I'll just post this short feature request since I'm done writing it.
dupe-hammered in 3... 2... 1...
Q: Add link to "Sunsetting Jobs & Developer Story" from the 404 page for Jobs

Andrew T.Currently, when visiting old SO Job URLs (e.g. https://stackoverflow.com/jobs), the visitor will be redirected to the 404 page which says: Page not found Oh no! We can't find the page you're looking for. Here are some helpful links instead. Search companies If you think we've made an error, pl...

Q: What is the current advice for reversing an accidental downvote after it has been locked in?

Bender the GreatestI realize this has been asked and answered here, but the advice is from 2014 and I'm unsure if anything has changed regarding the advice or process for this scenario since then. On mobile either last night or this morning, I accidentally downvoted a question while scrolling. However, I didn't not...

2:50 PM
OK, the homework stuff gets out of control. There is now a new cluster of homework that slipped past me. I caught one but not the others. There are at least three: How to find the counts of duplicates in an array javascript? 2. Find the counts of duplicates in an array in js using for loop [can't use es6] 3. How can I counts the duplicates in this array by using js for loop?
> Not using es6
Legacy is real.
It's an assignment on loops. That's it.
const arr =
It says "You cannot use any es6 features" which I assume means "don't use .reduce()" or something. Which is not at all what it should mean but..."es6 features" has been very widely misused as that.
Still disappointed two of those weren't dupe closed. I know E_net4 voted for the correct dupe on one of them but it was still closed for details or clarity from the other two votes.
2:56 PM
that just means it'll be properly deleted
Dupe + downvote should be all that's needed.
@E_net4 I have yet to declare a JS variable with anything other than var
It'll probably be years before I ever do, too
of course, I don't write JS regularly...
i've completely abandoned var
otherwise my editor yells at me
I'd have abandoned var if I could.
well, i still use var in coldfusion
3:24 PM
1 message moved to friendly bin
@KevinB Why I can not publish a little poll for my project?
This just isn't the place for it, this is room is generally for discussing SO Meta and SO at large, and given it's low traffic i doubt you'd get the results you want anyway
@KevinB Thank you for explanation!
3:48 PM
Q: Are questions about problems with transfering binary to a microcontroller on topic?

JurajI follow tags related to Arduino and other microcontroller programming and I don't know what to do with questions about USB port not showing up or device not responding. I think these question are off topic on SO and even on EE SE or Arduino SE they are problematic since the solution requires tro...

@TylerH You can use var in Java, too! Soon the two languages can merge together, just like Eich intended.
Nope, still stuck on Java 8.
Just for clarity, that was a joke. I think var in Java is a misfeature.
Interesting that even that feature is a reason to complain. :)
There is plenty of stuff to complain about. But like you, I'm only doing Java 8 and even then it's getting rarer and rarer nowadays.
3:53 PM
Sounds great! I am still unable to move away from it, but I'm slowly introducing more Rust.
dont think we'll move away from coldfusion any time soon
@NewPosts Oh, the "electrical engineering is not programming" user again?
@VLAZ it's closer to "problems with programming an embedded device aren't programming if the problem is not with the code itself."
which...I disagree with more, because electrical engineering is not, in fact, programming.
however, programming an embedded device is.
Eh, it's the broad complaints I recalled. I know user had a gripe with EE topics declaring basically all of them off-topic.
4:36 PM
Q: Are questions picked up by their title?

Sambhav. KI have noticed that questions with some good title as more better received. You can clearly see that in the picture below: The post in the centre is mine. You can see that it is very well received and has a lot of answer and views and votes which are constantly increasing. But, the post below an...

3 hours later…
7:30 PM
Q: Should questions about problems fixed in recent programs versions be closed?

htafoyaLet's say there's a bug in MyProgram v1.0, which now dates back to 2013. The bug raised some questions and was solved on version 2014. The bug today is irrelevant, however the question still appears for queries that involve similar wordings. People may open that question just to notice that the q...

8:12 PM
Q: Alternatives to stack overflow which are less strict

Tiny Desk EngineerI've been blocked from asking questions, presumably because there was supposedly a question that had answers which was similar to mine, despite me spending at least an hour trying to confirm that there aren't any. I also don't seem to have very much reputation losses at all. Are there any sites l...

8:48 PM
Q: Expand the cap for Community Specific Closure Reasons to 10

Travis JCurrently the community is in the process of reviewing and modernizing the set of close reasons that Stack Overflow has available to use. However, the current arbitrary cap of 5 community specific closure reasons is standing in the way of progress. Closure can be a difficult process for edge case...

9:06 PM
Q: Temporarily pausing the site satisfaction survey

CatijaI'm here with an update from our product research team about the site satisfaction survey. From Thursday, May 19th - Friday, June 17th we will temporarily be pausing the Site Satisfaction Survey. Based on feedback both here on MSO and internally, we've decided to revise the survey so that it will...

actually thought the version of it i saw yesterday was a step up from the ones i've seen previously
minus the ethnicity/age/gender bits
"Which of these three things is most difficult" uh, they're all equally easy "this question is required"
Which is the least equally easy? /s
sounds like trying to create a narrative where none exists
How often do you find that surveys don't have a valid response? a) Never, b) At least 1-2 times a week
each of these questions has the same problem. uhg
i dont understand how any of these things are even relevant
> Think about when you're learning something technical that's new to you. Please select which of the following is least and most difficult:
> Figure out when i know enough to start applying my new skills
iunno... when its time to do my job?
all 5 of the options are the same just worded differently
it looks like an end result looking for justification to release a new product
or 4 options to choose 2 answers from where 3 of them don't even remotely apply to me
"communicate new knowledge/skill with team"
what team
> being able to present at conference or meetup
> writing a blog post to share what i learned
those people are the worst
I guess the first one would be the elast difficult
given the lack of a team
9:33 PM
"Figure out which resource is right for my learning goal (i.e. learning just for fun, learning something new for work, etc.)" vs "Find a trusted resource for learning" vs. "Figure out how to start learning the new topic" ...uhhhhh, what?
> Think about using courses specifically to learn something brand new to you, please select which of the following is least and most difficult:
these are like...95% the same thing.
uhm.. i haven't (and have no plans to) taken a course in over 15 years
that's a waste of time
Yeah, I haven't taken one in years either.
And I don't blog or give conference talks, so this "Think about when you're learning something technical that's new to you. Please select which of the following is least and most difficult:" is just...two options.
Wait now it's asking me the same questions from earlier? Oh no wait it's important vs easy.
yea, i just got that too
is it a case of
important vs difficult
9:39 PM
well at least I can say I don't give a hoot about writing blog posts.
maybe one day I'll take up blogging, but not currently
i wrote a few in the past, was mildly successful in terms of getting traffic...
but i mean, it seemed pointless
so i deleted the site after a few years
in my experience the posts that did the best were... the same kinds of posts that do the best on SO, for obvious reasons
which... became quite bland quickly. It's not exactly exciting to write about something simple that every new dev will have a problem with
I generally don't understand the purpose of blogs. They constantly get brought down when an author forgets about it, moves on, dies, etc. For long-term content we have SO. As a learning resource, documentation and books are much better than streams of consciousness by a random developer. So, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
they're an old format
they are no longer useful as a learning resource, when we have far better streamlined ones that allow collaboration
9:55 PM
Some authors can write useful blog posts
If you know/trust the author, for sure
Here's one from a teammate of mine: intelligiblebabble.com/compose-from-first-principles
like there's several greats from the coldfusion world that have blogs, and they're ones i'd certainly consider useful
10:10 PM
@RyanM one of the few is Skeet's blog, for example
@RyanM [mumbles something about setting up SSL in 2022]
I hate to complain, but i mean... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ that 5min survey turned into 30 min really fast
It somewhat.. worries me that they took down the satisfaction survey due to concerns with the questions, i thought the questions on that survey were actually in a pretty good state yesterday
1 hour later…
11:17 PM
@KevinB seems like it turned into a 1-hour-long survey starring a CM :)
11:42 PM
Q: Rule proposal: comments asking for accepts and votes are no longer allowed

MachavityWe'll get to the rule stuff in a moment, but we, the moderator team, need to start off with an apology. We've been wrestling with this issue for some time. We've modified some existing Meta posts to match our policy shift, but we never really made that obvious to the community at large. We've bee...

@FeaturedonMeta yessss

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