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12:27 AM
Q: SO says I can set bounties, even though I do not have enough reputation

JustiniscodingToday I edited a post to make it more clear and I got +2 reputation as usual. The only other thing is that it also said I can now set bounties on questions in my notifications. I looked in my profile, and it says that my next privilege is to set bounties at 75 reputation. I also read the article...

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3:35 AM
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6:27 AM
Q: How to post a job advertisement on stackoverflow?

VIPIN KUMARI want to know the process to post a Tech job advertisement on stackoverflow. Thank You!

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8:39 AM
Q: How to increase javamail imap performance?

RoseI am using javamail to retrive incoming mails. With the below code it's taking 4 to 5 sec to to get receive 23 emails. Do I need to make any changes in the code. How do I receive mails faster? Properties properties = new Properties(); properties.put("mail.store.protocol", mailStrProt); ...

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1:15 PM
Q: Notification to accept an answer

anastaciuI find that many new users don't accept answers because they forget to do so or they simply are not aware of this feature, this topic is discussed here: Novice awareness of the accept feature There are some suggestions on how to fix this, like this one: Lots of users don't accept any answers But ...

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2:15 PM
Q: Linking to an exact duplicate external resource

BharelUsually, link-only answers are frowned upon: What is Stack Overflow's take on link only answers? Are answers that just contain links elsewhere really "good answers"? But what if the external resource is the official FAQ of the language and it is the exact question the OP asked? I've recently cl...

2:51 PM
Q: Why doesn't meta SO sorts the answers by votes like in the main site?

anastaciuThe main site, sometime ago, changed the rules to sort the answers by upvotes, and not show the accepted one top, why wasn't this also implemented on meta?

3:09 PM
Q: Kubernetes.io link to Stackoverflow, although Serverfault would fit better

guettliStackoverflow and Kubernetes.io have different directions for people with a question: Stackoverflow tag kubernetes: Kubernetes.io: Maybe someone should tell kubernetes.io that they should link to Serverfault instead of Stackoverflow?

4:03 PM
Q: How to fix Wkhtmltopdf failed (error code: -11). Memory limit too low or maximum file number of subprocess reached. Message : b''?

DheerajWhen i print report more then 500 then give error like (Memory limit too low or maximum file number of subprocess reached. Message ) how i can fix this error

4:57 PM
Q: Formatting code

NewSitesI attempted to post a question and am getting the error message: Your question couldn’t be submitted / Resolve 1 issues before posting Your post appears to contain code that is not properly formatted as code. Please indent all code by 4 spaces using the code toolbar button or the CTRL+K keyboard...

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8:09 PM
Q: Flask and jquery dynamic file handling

Saikat DasguptaI am developing a flask application which will read from a file that is being populated dynamically. Each time, there are contents written to the file, I need to send the incremental data to the client side by rendering a template. Then that data can be displayed as an html table with rows being ...

2 hours later…
10:09 PM
@KevinB Probably because at some level they realize that I'm a super valuable member of the site (by contributions) and that my critiques are spot on.
10:35 PM
@EvanCarroll LOL
If you want to disagree with fact and objective reality, that's on you.
11:21 PM
Q: Why was this closed as opinion based?

kluttI got this question closed for being opinion based, and I really cannot understand why. The question is about a certain indentation style. I asked if that particular style has a name, if it is widespread and if the style has a certain purpose. I cannot see how that fits opinion based closed reason.

that was funny timing :p

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