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12:22 AM
Q: How could I have written this question to avoid the immediate downvote and vote to close it?

x-xWithin seconds of posting my question it was downvoted to -1 and a vote was cast to close the question. The downvoter has left no feedback to explain their actions so I'm asking here what I could do to improve the question. How to identify which time-based trigger has called a function?

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4:34 AM
Q: If there are multiple errors, shall I ask one question or seperate question for each error

bluerayI recently asked: WARNING: Running in rootless-mode without cgroups. To enable cgroups in rootless-mode, you need to boot the system in cgroup v2 mode WARNING: bridge-nf-call-iptables (bridge-nf-call-ip6tables) is disabled The actual error looked like: WARNING: Running in rootless-mode without cg...

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7:52 AM
Q: How to test .net application with tls 1.2 in IIS

MaximiousRecently I found out that due vulnerability issues TLS version needs to be upgraded from 1.1 to 1.2 for my .net project. Now I know changing the target framework to <= 4.7 will work but how do I test my application with TLS version 1.2 in local? Anybody have any clue? Please help Thanks

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8:58 AM
Q: Declined flag on an 'answer' that appears to be a sandbox post

ouflakSo I don't believe there was any malicious intent here. The user copied some text from the question posted it in an 'answer', and also tried out posting it as a comment. We do ofcourse have a sandbox. I myself have posted in it. It's not exactly obvious on this site that such a thing exists, and ...

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11:10 AM
Q: How to create folder in android root directory

hackerI know that there are similar question like this, but none of the solutions work for me. I want to create a folder in my root directory like whatsapp but i cann't get it to work. I was able to create a folder in my package folder but same method did not work for root directory //works for creatin...

11:58 AM
Q: What can be done about figures that are overly zoomed out in order to fit on a line?

TrilarionLook for example at the recent article about How to use external status checks for merge requests. Almost all the 12 figures in the article are either zoomed out too much or zoomed in too much. They are also almost every time stretched over the whole width of the article area. It doesn't look nic...

12:22 PM
Q: Flag about possibly offensive username declined

Ian KempThe user: https://stackoverflow.com/users/12316619 (clipped for posterity in case something comes of this question). My comment in the mod flag I raised: this user's name could be considered offensive by some The response: declined - a moderator reviewed your flag, but found no evidence to su...

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2:04 PM
Q: Flag declined for question with dead link, no code, and no clear meaning

j08691The other day I moderator flagged this question because it has no code, no clearly understandable problem, and the link within it that supposedly had the code is now dead, plus the wayback machine has no entry for it. IMO this question has no value whatsoever now, so I flagged it with the comment...

2:44 PM
I think we'll just have to learn to live with people having a lot of reputation and yet no idea about curating the site.
Tbf, this person is a lot better than a few of the worst
3k flags and 12k edits
Along with 29k downvotes
i mean
> VTC requires three votes which I seriously doubt anyone lese would ever have noticed.
he's got a point
Seeing the post in the close vote queue might have prompted people to CV it.
You're assuming it actually gets to that point
Because there's still a fair chance that it doesn't get attention from the CV queue, and just ages away
2:50 PM
@Zoe More like hoping.
But you're also right.
Would've been so much easier with regenerating close votes :')
"E_net4 takes it literally" uh, that's what she said?
I can indeed confirm that's something she said :p
3:11 PM
Thank you for the confirmation :D
@NewPosts That one's pretty surprising tbh
i kinda feel like that flag was cast in frustration
after years of casting close votes on garbage and seeing it rarely take effect
looking at my vote tab... quite a lot of my recent close votes from the past 3 weeks are still pending with only one vote
pretty much the majoirty of the ones that weren't dupe close votes
just reinforces how much more of an effect downvotes have over close votes
3:33 PM
Also part of why I spend 40 votes in the review queue each day rather than on stuff in the wild
they have much greater chance of impacting the status of the question there
@VLAZ not to mention 1.9m of his 2.9m people reached is from an answer that's wrong
i tend to not use the queues for a similar reason. Those are likely to be handled with or without my help. I rather seed it with things that otherwise wouldn't ever get seen
My thanks then
but also i despise the audit system and won't use the review queues until it is gone or replaced
if you are voting stuff as POB at least
otherwise I never see your voted questions :-P
@TylerH Pfft, you only have 2.3m reached, you shouldn't be talking smack about your superiors :P
3:38 PM
meh, my rep is dirty rep from answering jquery questions
that doesn't count
if people reached counted edits or successful closures I'd probably be well over 100m
@TylerH And I might have more than my 400k
laughs in 4.6 million
*bows down before our queen*
3:41 PM
Good, good!
@Zoe 1.3m from an off-topic question, tsk tsk...
reached is just the total of the "views" of every post you've added content to, right?
by added content, i mean posting the question itself, or posted an answer
I think so yeah
all posts you've answered over a certain amount of votes, but yes
i.e. adding a +0 to a question doesn't give you its views
yeah it's 1 or great IIRC but could be higher
3:46 PM
Q: Why was my answer to a unique question downvoted after being accepted?

isopachI know that it's impossible to know who downvoted and why, but I would like to bring to the attention my answer here, which is in my opinion, well-researched and thought out - there is no other answer on the internet and I had to work out the possible security issues based on the available docume...

I vaguely remember +3, but I have no idea
my most viewed answer only contributed a few hundred thousand
1 hour later…
4:58 PM
Q: Is closing opinion-based questions a good thing?

Nir H.This question has been asked several times over the years, but I would like to raise it once again. I have recently witnessed several questions being closed on the grounds that they are opinion-based. I think that at least some of these questions were very important. After all, our profession as ...

3 hours later…
7:58 PM

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