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3:46 AM
Q: Host webapp from http to https -- Nginx

AnkziousI have a webapp running on React and Nginx. Recently I received the SSL certificates for my website. I tried to configure the website and it worked partially. The problem is when I tried to open "https://mydomain.com", the SSL certificates are visible here but its showing nginx default home page....

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8:30 AM
@AndrewT. Oh boy, bring back the popcorn bucket. OP was suspended for a year.
@E_net4 You rang? tosses crab a handful of popcorn
What about Freedom of Speech? /s
@VLAZ My freedom starts when...
@E_net4 You're free to have some popcorn.
That ain't how the proverb goes.
8:49 AM
@Ooker are you asking how to interpret the close reason ("needs details or clarity") or why unclear posts are deleted?
in SO Close Vote Reviewers, 20 hours ago, by Dharman
Some people see them as beyond fixable. These questions are usually rants, accusations, or way too broad/unclear to ever be useful. Instead of waiting other people's time, some users decide to delete it and stop the unconstructive discussion. There's usually enough comments to know why people decided to delete it from plain view.
I can't speak for the users who voted to delete but this discussion with you from yesterday pretty much seems to answer it already
Q: Why this answer is in review audit?

Elikill58In the "First answer" queue, I get this audit : This answer have "only" -2. It also explain multiple things that seems on-topic (the question is talking about APK's file), and it mentionned a working link that can help for the issue. I understand this doesn't reply to the question, that's why it...

to the extent that I can try to distill a meaning from your actual question, you seem to assume that the goal of the site is "ask questions, get answers (no distractions)" but it's not really; once you drill down you will find that the "no distractions" actually limits what sorts of questions and answers we accept
but in the meantime, your actual question seems to be "then why are there distractions?" to which I can only say, the distractions you bring up do not seem to detract from the focus of asking and answering, and at least to some users work as encouragement to ask and answer more and/or better
as for "which distractions are harmful" I think the only sane answer is experimentation; that's how the site has evolved over time, and indeed, some distractions have been removed when there was enough evidence that they were in fact encouraging behaviors we did not want
Alas, new distractions which were not productive were added as well.
amen, brother; we can still hope that the above will eventually be true for them as well
9:28 AM
Q: Get actual model type from dynamic type

Valkyrie_30I have three tables in my database (Student, Course, All). When I add any data in Student & Course table, the data also gets added in All table. So, I'm using dynamic type data to pass Student & Course type data to get saved in All table. public IActionResult Add(Student model) { ... bool stude...

9:50 AM
@VLAZ You mean the FREEDUHMNS OF AN AMERICAN?!?!?!!!!11one
gunshots intensify
@Zoe Duh, are there any other countries to consider?
*is actually in Europe*
no, I mean, have you ever looked at a map?
Last map I looked at was my Minecraft map.
Hold on, let me get one for you
No America there, although that Pillager outpost was creepy.
9:59 AM
Here you go, a 100% accurate world map:
@VLAZ I mean, there's that island thing where all the drugs come from
@VLAZ That's why we're allowed to joke about this :p
10:46 AM
Q: Why are "privileged users" allowed to run amuck here?

Callum MorrissonI've recently noticed quite a few instances of power-madness on Stack Overflow, and I'm wondering why this is allowed? I'm also wondering how this is supposed to be addressed when those same power-mad users are the ones that do the addressing. Case in point: This Question was closed for being "no...

This is Power-Madness!!!
@AndrewT. Youch!
Free flags, woo
Don't see much to flag here.
@Zoe freedom of speech flags.
I flag everything with unfounded accusations of abuse
11:02 AM
I call myself "the bringer of rage-quitter", and so be it.
oh? someone, quick, post an answer and get upvoted!
11:14 AM
@NewPosts it's rare for me to say this, but.... please vote to delete this...
aww, stepped away and missed the deletion window
@AndrewT. Interesting, I call myself the hand of god
Hand of god?
How weak
You weren't keeping up with the comments were you :p
laughs in mjölnir
I was :p
11:24 AM
@Zoe You have no power here
I only have hand of midas :/
I wish you did
I mean... that has its uses
If every post you touched turned to gold, we wouldn't need to close stuff :p
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12:40 PM
Q: why are privileged users allowed to misuse power?

Callum MorrissonI recently posted a similar question to this one here on the meta domain, it has since been deleted, but mods and highly privileged users can likely still access it. The question's title was a little antagonistic, and it's content was.. lacklustre? The examples I used to show this misuse of power...

12:50 PM
Seriously now?
@Zoe you have been mentioned
Mom, mom, I'm on the news!
This time, thanks to the comment archive, we can confirm that name calling was thrown.
I recommend voting to close and stepping back.
@E_net4 I had to check the archive to remember exactly what was said, I just remembered something being mentioned
I flagged as R/A again. Felt like tearing the entire thing apart before closing :')
1:06 PM
I just voted to close as not seeking input
I closed and flagged
Because I can :p
when it's explicitly stated that some people don't have valid opinions its hard for them to argue against that
And that :p
oh well, back to wörk
Oh, I think it's getting better.
So you deleted your account to get around the restrictions you had? A question ban, perhaps? Well, that's against the rules... — Larnu 1 min ago
This is gold
1:15 PM
> I am familiar with Hanlon's razor. And I'm also now aware of this "meta effect". Still, in this case I think the evidence speaks for itself
This is platinum
> 🍿
This is popcorn
*grabs some*
> I wanted to disassociate myself from a question that was being heavily edited by other users
1:18 PM
Oh is this the guy that deleted his question saying "Stop editing my question you f_cks"
eyy, deleted
wait, didn't they get suspended?
That's a real ban evasion
I think it was only for a day
(it was)
1:20 PM
and it was yesterday at about 12:30 AM BST
It was them
check the screenshot in the meta post
I was in the middle of reading the comments when the whole post suddenly attained opacity.
1:46 PM
This is some next level stuff. My brain can hardly handle it.
Is the bot fast enough to archive them? wink
Thanks to the comment archive, I can see how wrong that user is...
Their sins are laid out in the open.
Yeah, and with the search function, I can filter using the post ID
2:01 PM
@AndrewT. I didn't think of that. Useful tip.
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3:16 PM
Q: How many questions is it safe to delete before I get blocked?

silencedogoodI have two questions I'd like to delete because they are unhelpful in a general sense, and they were rushed. The answers are just as misplaced as the question itself. I deleted one of them after getting this warning: We do not recommend deleting questions with answers because doing so deprives fu...

3:47 PM
> I hate when people blindly downvote so I just as arbitrarily upvoted.
Someone has either a very special mind reader or a very special kind of confirmation bias.
@E_net4 Saw a question that was not clear at all. There were at least three different interpretations in the comments for what was asked for and several questions about it. I downvoted. Not long later, the question was also upvoted. No actual update has ever come from OP, however. Must be that mind reader who managed to understand what OP meant.
how dare you downvote something due to your own ignorance
I was blinded by ignorance.
4:03 PM
@tripleee thanks for your insight. It's too bad that this cannot be an answer to the question anymore
@E_net4 which unproductive distractions are you mentioning?
sticky navbar, sticky left nav with ads, new contributor indicator,
^ Aye. Also the SO home page to visitors who haven't logged in.
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7:04 PM
Q: Is a question that asks "for a word that means ..." on topic for StackOverflow?

VaccanoMy software development teams usually builds an application or a service. And there are a lot of common elements between an application and a service. Right now my documentation writes out "application or service" fully. I want to ask on Stack Overflow for a word that can mean either or both. B...

7:52 PM
Q: Can someone give a list of GIT commands which need to access remote?

Ming D.As far as I know, not every GIT commands need to access remote. For example, if I just need to commit to local master branch, I can just do "git commit". In this case, it's only when I do push, i.e., "git push origin master", at which time, I know for sure git program needs to go to remote. Other...

3 hours later…
11:21 PM

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