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4:23 AM
Q: Why are these kinds of phrases still allowed in the question title?

kesarlingTake a look at the heading of this question. The heading includes phrases like: 'Please someone help me;' 'Please help me' How is it that such kind of phrases are allowed but phrases like 'problem with' (as far as I remember) aren't?

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5:59 AM
Q: How to protect an input from being filled automatically

Samir Acoustici want in JavaScript to prevent users from generating auto filling scripts to to fill a form or an input in my website, i saw a good idea that the company Transavia did and i couldn't make a similar one. If you fill the phone number input and try to save automatically it will always generate an e...

5 hours later…
10:53 AM
Q: Proposing new tag: ICSS - Interoperable CSS

MartinThe system prevented me from creating the new tag ICSS because it was deemed too similar to icalendar. I was advised to discuss it on meta if I think the new tag is valid. I think adding the tag ICSS for Interoperable CSS is the right thing to do. Interoperable CSS (ICSS) is a thing now. I chiefl...

2 hours later…
12:47 PM
Q: Why was my question closed? How should I edit it to improve it?

Super SMy question on Stack Overflow was closed due to needing to be "more focused". It says I should edit the question, but I'm not sure exactly what improvements are required. My question is currently in the following format: <Brief introductory description of what my code should do> The code: <My code

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2:30 PM
3:11 PM
Q: Was I right to reject this edit?

user438383I am quite new to the edit review queue and am keen to make sure I make the right decision on whether to accept or reject an edit. I rejected this edit since it basically does nothing to improve what is a very poor post other than to add some formatting. However, 2 other high-rep users approved t...

3:59 PM
Q: Rename tag jquery-ias to infinite-ajax-scroll

Jeroen FiegeAuthor of Infinite Ajax Scroll here. Can we rename the jquery-ias tag to infinite-ajax-scroll? Infinite Ajax Scroll no longer is depended on jQuery and I also think infinite-ajax-scroll is better then the ias abbreviation. An alternative is to create a new infinite-ajax-scroll tag, but I rather n...

4:11 PM
Q: OK can I have my account back?

Battistis Ciccio RossiOk I understand how stackoverflow is used @Battistis - You accepted an answer to that question. You shouldn't be submitting an answer to your question to "respond" to comments. You can edit your question to clarify your question. Accepting an answer to your question won't lift your question ban. ...

@Feeds nice
Q: Why do good answers get downvoted for no reason?

Coderman69So i was looking at my stackoverflow answers and saw that 2 of them were downvoted. But looking at them they are the best answer for the question, atleast in my opinion. Here is the first one. With my answer you can do exactly that OP asked with only 2 lines of code and its way better than the mo...

2 hours later…
6:19 PM
Oh no, I am 1 answer away from ruining peoples' fun on Meta...
Eh, you also need about 688 rep to completely ruin it.
But maybe the 1 answer is easier to achieve.
a race for the ages
"whoever wins, Meta loses"
And by "whoever", I mean it's only going to be you
The only way to lose is to play, eh.
This summer, expect the thriller Meta games
6:24 PM
In a world of Meta vs evil...
see the ultimate evolution of Cody Grey, War Meta Cody Greymon
hopefully Cody does not ban me for comparing him to a digimon
(is completely ignorant in most Pokemon, Digimon, and potentially any other -mon things)
Yeah, those things!
6:43 PM
isn't it just a pokemon copycat
never really cared for either
6:56 PM
"this doesn't answer what I asked" OP says about an answer they accepted...
@KevinB yeah but more weird, if that's possible
it's hard not to leave a "Because your useful comment wasn't useful" response
Dafuq happened with that question about the most awesomest answers ever? I had some pizza, dome back, it's gone, there is a big gap in comments and 69 edit revisions.
which one
Q: Lost reputation after clearing browser history

EdstevensI had to clear my browser history in order to fix a problem with another web site. Now I have lost all reputation on SE and SO, not allowed to comment. Could someone explain what happened and how it might be fixed?

> they are the best answer for the question, at least in my opinion.
your opinion is wrong
provably wrong, even
7:13 PM
@KevinB Yeah, that one.
2 hours later…
9:14 PM

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