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7:23 AM
Q: My problem is basic so i'm provide short info, why question was locked by stack?

Hemendra Singh Shaktawat I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: I need to round up and down value of decimal in php codeigniter

3 hours later…
10:23 AM
Q: How do we discourage pointless edits for credits?

MartinSomeone just edited a +5 years post of mine, with absolutely pointless changes. I assume it's is a way to earn credits, but it brings absolutely nothing to the field. How do we get away from this?

2 hours later…
12:17 PM
Q: Formatting on Stackoverflow's answer vertically (feedback)

Ravi ParekhI got redirected to this site for giving feedback Somehow I was able to answer in vertical for 2 different versions like below. FYI I used Notepad++ for pasting vertically and add pipe | and StackOverflow is even formatting as shown in below image. The problem with this code is I am not able to...

How do we discourage pointless Meta questions from misinformed users?
12:35 PM
Q: Does this edit really NOT improve the quality of the post and is unnecessary?

EvgenKo423Yesterday I've suggested an ordinary edit which I've done many times. I've added a missing inline code formatting, fixed some spelling mistakes, removed explicit line breaks within paragraphs (used as a word wrapping in question source) and added more tags. Today my edit was rejected by 2/3 revie...

2 hours later…
2:32 PM
@E_net4thecommentaryremover Any time anybody posts a question on meta, a squad of ninja squirrels should be dispatched to user's location. If the post gets enough downvotes, the squirrels are recalled. If the post is deleted, they are given permission to kill.
I think it's the only way.
Q: Replace "Last seen" with "Last active"?

silencedogoodPerhaps this is a trivial suggestion. However, because I tend to see patterns where I probably shouldn't, I thought for the longest time that "Last seen (x) minutes ago)" in the profile view meant "The last time my profile was viewed by someone else." Since "Last seen" is located right after "(x)...

3 hours later…
5:23 PM
Q: Is "this is a known, unfixed bug" an acceptable answer?

c-x-bergerThis is similar to a question on the impossible, but aimed at a slightly different case. When a question is butting up against a known bug in something (e.g. a library, the compiler, some analysis tool, etc), is answering with something to the effect of "this is a known issue, here's the GitHub/B...

5:35 PM
Q: Should questions be closed for violating coding best practices?

trinalbadger587This question was closed yesterday: remove last comma from JSON string with php. The rationale expressed by @mickmackusa was that you should not generate invalid json in the 1st place so attempting to fix it is foolish. The official reasoning was it was a duplicate of Create a Json array in a for...

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7:17 PM
Q: Should we synonymize/merge [asp.net-web-api2] with [asp.net-web-api]?

TylerHIt seems to me like the asp.net-web-api2 tag should be synonymized or merged with asp.net-web-api since it is a one-for-one replacement of the package (Microsoft released version 2 of the package back in 2014). For example, in NuGet, there is only Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi (and you can choose vario...

Q: Timing for Reconsideration When "This Question Has Already Has Answers Here" Is Wrong

BoCoKeithI asked a question today (here) that was closed within minutes with the private reply "This question already has answers". Unfortunately, the linked answer doesn't solve the problem. I read the meta discussion here about this situation, so I added a comment indicating the suggested solution does...

Q: How to handle confrontational moderators and disagreements about flags?

user1329514I get it that it's important to keep questions fresh and unique, but I also seem to run into the problem of overzealous moderators that are quick to flag questions that are similar, but not identical as duplicates, and I've already had one account banned from posting, because I disputed the flag ...

7:57 PM
@NewPosts Predictable outcome... Unfortunately, I find it unlikely the user will learn any lessons.
I give it 20 minutes or less
28 minutes before it was deleted.
I mean for a new one to appear :p
It's either that or it shows up few days later/maybe a week or two and it just picks up where it left off.
> last seen 4 minutes ago
Looks like the gears are in motion :eyes:
gears xd
8:09 PM
> THiS IS a sImIlAr QUeStiON, but nOt a dUpLicaTe, so dOn't flAG Me, brO.
1 hour later…
9:14 PM
@NewPosts received an edit
Now it's "fast flag bad flag ban user pl0x"
1 hour later…
10:23 PM
Q: Should the quality of a question correlate with the reputation of the user posting it?

user1329514Does the community get offended when new users post questions that are too detailed? I know I get offended when I put a ton of effort into a post and get an unfavorable reaction. Am I too emotionally invested in what my reputation is? Or is it possible that I'm missing the social aspect that p...


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