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6:41 AM
Q: Unnecessary post ban?

Debartha PaulSo, I found out today that I am banned from posting in StackOverflow. I went on to read what a post-ban means and how it is implemented. However, upon reading why I am (possibly) banned, I could not figure out what went wrong with my posts. A brief review of my posts: Well, interested people can...

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10:17 AM
Q: Why "76 flags left today"? 76?

spenderSo I was considering flagging a question. I haven't flagged anything for a few weeks. Why do I have 76 flags remaining? 76 seems like a very arbitrary number. How was it chosen?

7 hours later…
4:47 PM
Q: Microsoft Joining collectives?

Hakan FıstıkCollective is a nice and promising feature, will Microsoft join this feature? I think it is a great opportunity for Microsoft and for the ecosystem around them? Hope if anyone knows about those plans (if exists) will share?

Q: How do I accept an answer?

Bob Morgan AZ-PhoenixI truly appreciate the support of the community here. I would be happy to accept the answers but, I can't seem to find where/how I do that. I'm sure it's an easy thing to do but it's not intuitively obvious to me. I feel very dumb at this point. If someone would point me in the direction I will d...

5:23 PM
Q: Multiple publicist badges very close to each other

HcaertnitI'm not sure if this is the right place/the right thing to do, but it seems like a user (Maxim Masiutin) is doing some spamming of some sort. 23 hours ago, they earned the Publicist badge (Share a link to a post later visited by 1000 unique IP addresses). 2 hours later, they earned it again for ...

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6:41 PM
Q: Switch [aws-cloudformation] and [amazon-cloudformation]

HcaertnitCurrently, there are 6,293 questions with the amazon-cloudformation tag. The aws-cloudformation tag is a synonym for amazon-cloudformation. However, as can be seen here, the official branding for CloudFormation is "AWS CloudFormation", not "Amazon CloudFormation".

6:59 PM
Q: Where should [ros] questions be posted?

Jere As already mentioned here, the robotics community is used to asking their question in a different forum very similar to the SE-Network: answers.ros.org. There are about 25 questions posted each day. But I understand that from the SE's perspective this is probably seen as competition rather than ...

@NewPosts Awkward. I work with a lot of packages with ROS in their name. It's internal namespace for our company. I wondered who would ever ask questions about those on SO.
Another anti-downvoter
What did I miss?
Just checked the hydrant feed for the latest heat.
A high rep user too.
Better keep comments away from that one
the hydrant feed
8:02 PM
Sir Hydrant the Feed!
8:17 PM
Q: What prevents moderators from stealing good ideas from bad questions by flagging them for closure and then making it their own?

Ravindra HVI guess given the how the question is framed, this post would invite dislikes but asking any how. How does one ensure (using a mechanism that is within the site) that key ideas in questions are not lost when a user posts a poorly framed question but has good points/ideas but then a moderator (del...

8:27 PM
Beware of Cody and the gang robbing you of unicorn points.
Made a poster. I was bored.
8:47 PM
I mean, some mods can be bribed quite easily
we once lured Cody into a trap using a thick manual on the Windows kernel and a glass of milk
Q: Print the output of R code in stack over question or answer

Nikos TsiantakisI am new in stack over flow and I noticed that the question or the answer does not print th output of R code? Why?

9:05 PM
Q: How to handle a breakdown in communication in the comments?

Henry EckerI have a general question prompted by a specific event. I often see comments where two users cannot seem to get on the same page. Eventually a prompt appears to move into chat which is helpful in lots of cases. But also frequently, the communication breaks down and the argument gets rather heated...

9:28 PM
@TylerH I refuse to believe Cody would not see through the trick. Then again, maybe he didn't have the glasses on.
Q: Incorrect audit in Low Quality Posts: link-only post, while audit insist on the fact it is OK

Anton MenshovI encountered the following review audit (on this post) in the Low Quality Posts Review Queue. I marked this post to be Recommended for Deletion with a standard "This is a link-only answer" reason...and failed an audit. I don't believe, that this answer is anything more than a link The link desc...

Q: How can I request all of my data from Stack Overflow and request removal off all (Data Protection Act)

I_Keep_TryingAs per title. How can I request all of my data from Stack Overflow and request removal off all data collected about me.

10:23 PM
Q: If I flag a question for moderator attention, and it subsequently gets deleted by the poster, will moderators still look at it?

Lasse V. KarlsenI'm actually purposefully not going to go into details here, so hopefully you will still read this question even if it is specifically devoid of details. Let's say the following happens: A question is asked I start commenting on the meaning and validity of the question The OP responds, but doesn...

10:53 PM
Q: How can we improve memory management in the future

sir.pSince virtual memory is so slow, and RAM can run out of memory. How can we improve memory management without adding physical memory in the future. Help please.


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