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1:52 AM
Q: Stackoverflow tag "points" went down even though reputation is higher

stackoverflowuser2010Here is a screenshot of my Stackoverflow profile from January 2020. Now here's my profile from today. My reputation has gone up quite a bit (from 21750 to 29489). Can someone explain why "score" for the two tags machine-learning and python have both gone down substantially?

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2:58 AM
Q: Why was this reformatting edit rejected?

asukahttps://stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/29175616 One reviewer rejected it with the following reason: The edit does not improve the quality of the post. Changes to the content are unnecessary or make the post more confusing. I fixed some grammatical problems and reformatted the code, so...

3 hours later…
6:28 AM
Q: Should we automatically move some posts from SO to other sub-Sites?

anirudhI see a lot of new SO users unaware of SO sub-sites like Meta, CS StackExchange etc. Typically these new users ask opinion-based questions/ questions relevant to other sub-sites. Currently, we can Flag such posts and then the moderators take a look at them. And these questions never appear in sub...

6:40 AM
Q: Dowvoting witout explanation and deleting comments

Olcay ErtaşI hava asked this question about ESLint: ESLint: Running ESLint for one rule with a big rule object And someone down voted it. I have added a comment asking what is the reason of the down vote. When I later check the question I see that my commen also was removed. Is this a correct way to improve...

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7:52 AM
Q: Collectives: why there are only two collectives on SO?

captain-yossarianWho decides to create collective? I mean, there are only two collectives? Go & Google cloud. Why there is still no TypeScript collective or Rust? Who should create it ? SO or community?

Q: Question closed as duplicate but links provided do not solve my problem

Daniel WayneI asked this question yesterday. It was closed and marked as duplicate. So I followed accepted answer here. But still when I run javac MainFile.java it gives error "package xyz does not exist". Here I am importing package xyz. Could SO reopen it so that I can get help for my problem.

2 hours later…
9:46 AM
Q: I lost rep because someone else's question got removed?

Thunder CoderTwo days ago I lost two reputation points because some question (not mine) got closed I might have contributed to the question, but I can't remember if I actually did. (I might have answered it, but I can't remember nor check that) Not that the reputation matters much, it's more that I would lik...

Q: Force new users to read tag information when asking question

SinatrProblem New users are sometimes: using many unrelated (wrong) tags. asking off-topic questions, despite the warning in excerpts. Issue We have tag excerpt, but it's only shown to the user for a very short moment while he is typing the tag: It seems to me they are simply not seeing that text ...

10:04 AM
Q: Scores gained from votes are lost without change in reputation

MobinaI've been trying to get the flutter silver badge and I'm pretty sure I hit 281 scores. Yesterday, I noticed my score in flutter has reduced to 218 from the 281 that I had. There is absolutely no trace in the reputation tab and my reputation has not changed at all. I'm now far behind the silver ba...

10:22 AM
Q: goodbye reputation based privileges, hallo Collectives - Is that what we want?

4386427SO have assigned privileges to users based on their reputation. A higher rep allow you to do more. From very basic privileges like voting to single-handed dupe-close. The new Collectives project changes this. Now zero-rep users can get access to a feature that even high rep user can't get, i.e. "...

Q: What should be done about spam edited in to otherwise legitimate-looking questions after they've been answered?

Wai Ha LeeI encountered this question: How Can i Push Latest Project Files From Git To Gitlab? which was asked yesterday, had two answers (one of which was accepted), then it was closed. A couple of hours ago, the OP edited it to include a spam link in the first comma in the first line of the question - I'...

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2:04 PM
Q: Why do so many people here act aggressive against rookies?

Hichkas I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: How to set a list of valid cases with regex? I had to link a question of mine to be able to ask a question here, so this is not specifically focused on that. This is only a mild criticism, hope you don't ban me for this. About a year ago, when I ...

Q: Town hall - Collectives™ on Stack Overflow

PhilippeEarlier this week we launched Collectives™ on Stack Overflow and shared our research behind building this product. As promised we’re holding a TownHall AMA today on Meta to address the different questions. For the next roughly 45 minutes we will be taking questions live, and afterwards we’ll ch...

2:51 PM
So...a spontaneous AMA for about 45 minutes. That started 40 minutes ago. And it happens at (for me) end of day Friday.
3:28 PM
Q: How to get the value in req.headers.authorization in express and Reactjs

CristosI want to get the value in req.headers.authorization in other to store it back to database. Have set up a cookies and want to set up express middlleware which i can used to authorize user to go to access protected page but I cant seem to think of how to do it this is the value i have in req.heade...

4:28 PM
Q: What is Collectives on Stack Overflow and what's the role of developer with this initiative?

Janaka EkanayakeToday I just got an update about the latest initiative of Stackoverflow called Collectives. Then I went to the Stackoverflow podcast to understand how we can use it and its purpose. As per my understanding, it's basically a recommendation system for organizations to identify more accurate and eff...

Q: Review audits no longer work

CristikI might be overly-subjective on this, but after being suspended after again refusing to cheat, and allowing an answer that IMO qualifies for an answer, even if the answer was not in a good shape, I feel like the system is overly-aggressive towards reviewers. Here's the audit: https://stackoverflo...

4:48 PM
@VLAZ Well tbf: "Later this week we’ll post a Townhall AMA Meta post (hosted by the Community Management team) where we’ll try to answer questions." - They did say there would be one in the announcement
So not that spontaneous
Spontaneous for us. They may or may not have planned it but we didn't know it's happening until it's happening.
I mean... they have a history of doing stuff towards the end of a Friday :p
I'm not feeling waves of confidence wash over me.
Q: Can developers write collective articles?

Janaka EkanayakeIn Google cloud collective I have an option called Your articles, but when I go there there is no option to create a new article. As a technical writer, I would like to know is it possible to write articles as a developer or is it only allowed for the organization. If it's not possible I would l...

5:34 PM
Q: How can I resize my Screenshots to fit in Upwork portfolio

Arslan KaleemI had created an app. Now I want to add images in upwork portfolio but upwork is not accepting it as a full image. Except it auto crops the image. Through searching I found that upwork only takes square images now how is it possible to take square Screenshots (eg 100x100) of mobile device? Need H...

5 hours later…
10:22 PM
Q: We shouldn't [list] the many uses of this tag!

Someone_who_likes_SEThe tag list (link if unavailable) has 118681 questions. Does it describe the contents of the questions to which it is applied? and is it unambiguous? Not really. Almost every programming language provides support for list data structures. They are particularly common in functional languages, be...

11:11 PM

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