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1:45 AM
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7:00 AM
Q: Why people are so arrogrant here?

Aman RajWhy people on this platform have so much atitude? Can't you behave properly? I mean I am new to this platform and people seems to behave like they are god

7:51 AM
Y u so arrogrant...
Hmm, arrow grant...
3 hours later…
10:33 AM
Q: If a user has not given a good attempt at their question, what is the correct flag to use, if any?

Joe MooreI have been doing triage for a few months now on StackOverflow, and every few minutes you get a user who is simply asking for code to be written for them - implicitly of course, since they have provided no attempt at their problem to debug or improve. There are two options that stand out for me, ...

11:05 AM
Q: Igniting fire in [space]

Mohd Abdul MujibThis tag needs to go to the outer space as its very ambigous, and vague. Does it describe the contents of the questions to which it is applied? and is it unambiguous? This tag doesn't help to describe the question in any way. It doesn't give us any information about the real content of the questi...

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1:36 PM
Q: How should Stack Overflow improve its response to questions moderators consider self promotion?

ssmithFirst some quick background: A few weeks ago I was working with VS Code and noticed they had created an issue template such that any Questions that would otherwise have been asked in their GitHub repo were redirected to Stack Overflow with their tag. See their new issue selection here: https://gi...

2:00 PM
Q: Can we [repair] this tag?

MureinikThe repair tag on Stack Overflow's main site has no tag excerpt or description, and the ~170 questions tagged with it are a mish-mash of unrelated questions ranging from handling auto-repair of MSIs, repairing MySQL tables (borderline offtopic) and even repairing laptop keyboards (clearly offtopi...

2:33 PM
Why don't we wait 3 people to vote instead of only one you? Obviously, It's not fair!!! — Nguyễn Văn Phong 2 mins ago
3:05 PM
Eek, so many answers
it was bountied, so i had to wait 5 days to close it
5 hours later…
8:37 PM
Q: Approve my anonymos edit, please?

AndrewI was on a different tab (not logged in on it), and somehow made an edit while anonymos. After refreshing the page, I went to approve my own edit, but it says it needs another reviewer, and someone quickly rejected it. Mind you I didn't leave much of an explanation because usually my edits are au...

9:33 PM
Q: GAMS translated nonlinear objective function looks different than defined objective

HamidGI am studying the batchdes.lst file for MINLP model batchdes in GAMS library. The objective function is Defining objective function obj.. cost =g= sum(j, alpha(j)*(exp(n(j) + beta(j)*v(j)))); However, in the list of equations in the .lst file is presented as ---- obj =G= objective func...

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11:46 PM
Q: I'made my first answer - added reference note, they put into oblivion question viewed 21k times with only here know unique answers. How shall I feel?

Virtuo I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Is it possible to download just part of a ZIP archive (e.g. one file)?


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