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11:16 AM
Q: Let's go off-[script]!

TomerikooSome time ago I encountered the script tag through the newly created tags section of the 10k+ /tools. At the moment there were just a couple of questions and since it seemed unnecessary I retagged. Now, some months later, this tag already hosts 400+ questions (and growing)! I think this tag is no...

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12:28 PM
Q: How to set different email address to private stack overflow for teams?

Ilan HubermanIn my stack exchange public account there is my private email. Have created a private team (free stack overflow for teams) and would like to set for that my work email. Couldn't find how. Is that possible?

1:19 PM
Q: What animate effect used in torrent about form?

Aziz NortojievWhat animate effect used in torrent about form?(fire effect?) Please give me link of any publication which solve similar effects.

2 hours later…
3:12 PM
Q: Are snide/passive-aggressive comments inacceptable in any context?

AdalcarJust like a lot of people before me, I have a pet peeve about people double-tagging C/C++ questions. While editing a few posts, I fell on one that, in addition to being badly formatted, not only tagged both c and c++ languages, but asked a question that was not specific to any language (about nam...

Q: Are there such things as automatic downvotes on Answers?

nerak99I am by no means an expert on SE and how it works but this puzzled me. Some time ago I put a 'this worked for me' answer to a question on using Xcode (ref installing some add-ons). At the time it appeared that nobody else had posted that particular fix. https://stackoverflow.com/posts/57608659/ti...

3:39 PM
Q: How often do people actually copy and paste from Stack Overflow? Now we know

David GibsonMy name is David, I am the Senior Data Analyst on the Marketing team. I am new to the team but am not new to copying from Stack Overflow. I am very excited to share my first community-facing analysis. Expect more to come! As I am sure many of you saw, this year’s April Fools joke was to limit the...

4:06 PM

MarkI just need help goddammit. Wouldn't the people who have difficulty adhering to these strict posting guidelines be the ones most in need of help, instead of DOWNVOTING????

@NewPosts "CSS forums on quora and reddit are ghost town. Yahoo Answers is dying as we speak.", oh no...
Hmm, that was fast
4:28 PM
I posted a meta answer before sleeping, perhaps that's not a good idea...
Q: How does Stack Overflow define "administration"?

PaulI asked this question: How can I figure out where SpamAssassin is ultimately pulling the PDS_OTHER_BAD_TLD list from? (Please note the question includes a link to the code of the relevant plugin.) This is the close reason: We don’t allow questions about professional server or networking-relate...

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6:11 PM
Q: How do I disable my Team Stack Overflow without disabling my current account?

CooperI've perused the UI but I don't see that magic checkbox or button that allows me to disable my team. I just joined it to see what it was like but now that I've seen it, I'd like to return to the state I was in prior to wondering what it would be like.

1 hour later…
7:29 PM
Q: Obvious copied answer not being deleted

anastaciuThis answer: https://stackoverflow.com/a/67116432/6865932 Is a verbatim copy of this other answer in a duplicate: https://stackoverflow.com/a/22647340/6865932 It was since edited but the copy can easily be seen in the revision history: https://stackoverflow.com/revisions/67116432/3 I commented th...

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8:55 PM
Q: How do I "suggest edit" when I have enough rep to edit?

JeffreyI have enough reputation to edit questions on SO. However, sometimes, I'd like to suggest to the OP a significant revision. For example, on Pointer unitialized in the main functtion , I would have trimmed the code down to like 20 lines that showed the issue right away. It would probably still hav...

3 hours later…
11:36 PM
Q: Answer own question

MMSS19I have found an answer by myself to my own question. Do I post the answer as an "Answer" or edit the question? and how to I mark it as answered?


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