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5:24 AM
Q: My question has been closed even though I have not received any answer

parsecerI have asked this question with a minimal, reproducible example provided. Even a high reputation user couldn't answer it or point to an answer in other questions. Then the question just got closed as duplicate. ClassCastException: class [Ljava.lang.Object; cannot be cast to class [LTest$Stuff;

6:06 AM
Q: Which is the best video production company in bangalore?

wisdom 17Video Production House in Bangalore, Marketing Video Production Company, Promotional Video Production, Advertising Video Production Company

@NewPosts How did a spammer manage to get a question on Meta with 1 rep and no questions on SO?
Maybe there is a deleted main Q and they did a "I have a question about" thing but I thought the meta Q had to still have that.
Wait, the account was made 4 minutes before the meta Q
Ah, from 🌼
> Nice side-effect of making SO for Teams free: It comes with instant Meta access as well opening a whole new site to spam. Or spam seed. Thankfully our spam flags are free as well.
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11:30 AM
Q: Wrong answer is upvoted the most... what to do?

MystWhat should one do when a wrong answer (one that is technically wrong and not one that is opinionatedly wrong) is the most upvoted? For example, this answer is technically mistaken and somewhat misleading. Most people read the answer, upvote it and assume that it is correct when in fact it is sim...

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2:12 PM
Q: How to correct my programme?

Bhanuprasad thadaka#include<iostream> using namespace std; bool check(int *a) { int n=10,count=0; for(int i=0;i<n;i++) if(a[i]==a[n-i]) count++; if(count==5) { cout<<"array is in reverse order" ; return true; } else { cout<<" array not in reverse"; return false; } } int main() { int s[10]={1,2,3,4,4,3,2,1}; ch...

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4:06 PM
Q: Are changelog type questions acceptable?

code11Are changelog type questions acceptable on SO? By changelog, I mean questions like: 'what are the concrete API differences between version 1 of Foo and version 2?' I'm sure there is a meta about this, but after a number of minutes of searching, nothing has come up, so perhaps this dup will be use...

4:36 PM
Q: Should language tag be only the language I'm using, or any language(s) that might be relevant?

Jason CI've got an application that I'm writing in C++, and a question about a library that provides both a C and C++ API (libassimp in this case) in a somewhat haphazard (yet charmingly quirky...) fashion. It's possible that the answer to my question might require that I use the C API instead of the C+...

Q: How to filter question base on tags?

NurI know two type of logic filter, Like: [javascript] [ecmascript-5] or [javascript] [ecmascript-6] Is there any more patter or advance filter logical search?

Q: share content to other social networks

zeroWhat is the sense of "sharing" content of stackoverflow on other pages like Dev.to, twitter or Facebook.com? does that mean that user can put the a. whole question with an answer to another site; or does it mean that only the b. title (subject) can go to another site can someone clearify this a b...

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6:25 PM
Q: Assigning CPU and MEM usage variables in PBS/TORQUE

Andor KissI am using the FALCON assembler (for genomes by PacBio; https://github.com/PacificBiosciences/pb-assembly) and it's designed for usage on GRID engines with a scheduler (local, sge, lsf, pbs, torque, slurm). The software installs via CONDA and I've run the test data (locally; within my login node)...

6:37 PM
Q: Closed a question after 8 years and 4 months

JensBI asked this question 8 years and 4 months ago. When should I create a new DbContext() Today I got a notification that it has been closed and was linked to another thread with fewer and less detailed answers. What is the reason for this, I can't see this filling any purpose after all this time?

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7:43 PM
Q: Why shouldn't I flag posts which don't answer the question?

Arseni MourzenkoA week ago, I flagged an answer as not an answer. In fact, the question asks how to get a n-th element from a database. The “answer” makes absolutely no attempt to address the question, as it talks about updating a value, which is quite the opposite of getting a value. I'm surprised to see that t...

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10:37 PM

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