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2:27 AM
Q: I got banned because I asked a question that was supposedly "too general" can someone help me understand?

NerdPower I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Why does xhost + return unable to open display "" I just posted a question about a Linux terminal command run on boot that was causing me some trouble, and I got an answer that sadly did not solve it for me, but was a good answer nonetheless. I p...

6 hours later…
7:57 AM
Q: Which questions to target to reinstate asking privilege

T JasinskiI lost my privilege to ask questions and I'm trying to work on my old questions to get that re-instated. I suspect these questions are my biggest issues: Why does this code compile on windows but not on macOS This one was the one that pulled me over the line of the contribution check. Datagrid co...

2 hours later…
9:46 AM
Because there is not enough...umm discussion about downvotes, MSE also has a FR to stop DVs being racist...
O boy, history repeats every week now?
It feels like just an ongoing history at this point.
Q: Prevent divs from going behind Nav Bar

LightCodeI've got a navbar with divs connected to the a tags to scroll to the specific topic. Everything works fine but the divs always go behind the navbar when clicking on the a tag. I want them to stop under the navbar. Can someone help me? Here's the code: * { margin: 0; padding: 0; } htm...

1 hour later…
11:09 AM
Q: No reputation change for "Voting corrected"?

mckI noticed there was a "Voting corrected" event yesterday on my reputation history, but there was no associated reputation change. I wonder what was actually corrected?

3 hours later…
1:45 PM
Q: What can I do as new, I cannot even reply to others

DevselzWhat can I do to get the requested 50 points or more ? This is very complicated, for new users like me, all is having troubles, in order, Can anyone point me in how to get points to be able to reply other questions ?

Q: Is question on language design choice an opinion-based question?

ranka47I had a review audit for First Posts for this question, Why does the main function in Haskell not have any parameters? When I looked at the question being asked it looked like less of debug and more of discussion to me and that it couldn't be answered with fact-based answers. However, I failed th...

2 hours later…
3:51 PM
Q: How to find all the updates I made to others answer

MateenHow can I find the edit I made to others answers irrespective of accepted or not.

3 hours later…
7:15 PM
Q: So, why did my question get closed after 10 seconds even thought I have a different problem not connected with the suggested question?

Neon Foxer I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Function prepare() error in PHP code in SQL Why did my question get closed? I have a completely different question

7:45 PM
Q: What should a 'minimal, reproducible example' include for problems with automating web browsers using Selenium?

Greg BurghardtI've been cruising the C# selenium questions for quite some time now. I frequently find myself down-voting these questions and voting to close them as needing details or clarity, or needing debugging details. Before down-voting and voting to close, I will spend a larger than average amount of tim...

Man, Selenium is useful but it's just so fussy some times.
And I do not envy anybody who wants to do automatic tests of Select2 with Selenium. I wrote a wrapper to handle that library and it's as they say - a pizza cutter. All edge (-cases).

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