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12:59 AM
Random thought that I really don't want to put on meta: if question deletions are bad because they deny somebody's voice, does editing a post to change what OP says not fall under the same banner?
I feel it's a damned if you do, damned if you don't, damned if you even try situation. Leaving an unproductive question open is bad discussion material. Closing doesn't help much. Deletion is apparently rude and silencing. And editing the post feels the same: "No, you DON'T say that. Here is what you say instead". No win either way.
Wait...now downvotes are similar to group beatings and offensive to minorities? How is this a productive discussion that we really WANT to keep around?
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3:55 AM
Q: Allow Duplicates

RW77Yeah. This pretty much clears it up. Nowhere in the SO tour does it say anything about duplicates. Nope, the first X requests that people attempt to search for an answer themselves; it is not about duplicate questions (I hope you are not funny in the head). The extent of trying cannot be measure...

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5:01 AM
Q: Let's not frown upon duplicate questions

RW77Yeah. This pretty much clears it up. Nowhere in the SO tour does it say anything about duplicates. The first X requests that people attempt to search for an answer themselves; it is not about duplicate questions. The extent of trying cannot be measured, therefore, we cannot determine if someone ...

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7:31 AM
How did this Friday Fun meta post not get captured by the feed..?
Q: It is time that we have a Super Downvote!

Shog9In keeping with today's theme I'd like to revive a very old request: we should have a limited number of Super Downvotes to use each day as we see fit. My reasoning is simple: folks enjoy downvoting, and In These Dark Times we need to maximize whatever enjoyment we can scrounge up! For years, fol...

oh, I'm dumb.
feature requests aren't posted here
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8:49 AM
Q: Why an useful answer with large amount of upvotes should be deleted?

AmerllicAI thought Martijn Pieters♦ in the only moderator who is acting cruel and reverse useful answers. but it seems there are more than one. see this post: Why Bhargav Rao♦ should delete it? just because of this excuse:???? Adding just a link at the end of your answer, is not the proper way of provid...

9:05 AM
Oh no! Martjin has gone mad with power and has mind controlled Bhargav to do his deletions!
Q: Isn't the close reason "seeking recommendations" used a bit to often?

kluttI can perfectly understand that questions on the style "Which IDE is best for python?" should get closed with this reason, even if it could perfectly well be closed with "Too opinionated". After all, the motivation for not allowing questions about software recommendations is precisely that they t...

@VLAZ I really wanted to light that card on fire, but I'm suddenly finding myself on a break from meta, because fuck this :')
Imma quote my own sarcasm on this:
Because facilitating a discussion that isn't a discussion (but rather entertainment to make people who wanna get rid of downvotes think they're making a difference) is more important, @Cerbrus. — Zoe 11 hours ago
Well said.
posted on February 27, 2021 by Janvi Patel

I am trying to make a step counter app in flutter which shows daily walked steps by week, month, and year wise I am new to flutter please any help would be appreciated please ignore if my question looks somewhat weird I am trying for many days to achieve this

Nothing will change the system on this front. We've also had this discussion a million times on and off the site and it's always because OP doesn't understand or like the criticism downvotes imply
Anyway, meta and some hoomans in it are starting to fill up my internet quota (the time it takes for me to have had enough and not wanna go online again, not a hard limit by an ISP or something) really fast. Just means it's time for me to disappear for a little bit and come back when people aren't being as blatantly stupid anymore. But hey, ping me if it's closed again -- I'll gladly chuck delvotes at it :eyes:
9:45 AM
@NewPosts that user again..?
10:11 AM
@AndrewT. Be frank, are you surprised?
@Zoe please be kind to yourself and take a break if it's a problem. I've personally made the mistake of sticking around after the internet quota was reached and I know it sucks.
That's the plan
10:28 AM
@VLAZ somehow, yeah
not for the accusation, but for the perseverance
11:01 AM
Q: Why was my queston closed as "opinion-based"?

O. R. MapperI recently asked a question asking for verification of a claim I found in an article. In the comments section, there was some disagreement about whether my understanding of the article was accurate in the first place, but that is beside the point here. I was asking for a tangible, factual advanta...

Q: Lost privilege to ask question

kasraAll my questions haven't been upvoted or downvoted, I have one question that is upvoted, and one that is downvoted. I tried to delete the downvoted one to be able to post again but the deleting message said that deleting this question won't help. I've accepted answer on all my question and don't ...

11:20 AM
I am confuse
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12:55 PM
Q: Is indentation in answer editor broken?

polkovnikov.phI edited this answer, and by the look of the things, I cannot understand what went wrong. The code is indented with spaces, but they somehow disappear in preview. What did I do wrong? (It's very likely my fault, but UX is not that good. I don't think users should end up in such situations.)

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5:49 PM
Q: Is there a go-to answer for this common Javascript problem?

JoeLots of Javascript-tagged questions end up being a variation on something like this, around the order of execution and scope: let myData; myFunction(function(data) { myData = data; }); console.log(myData); and people confused because it logs null (since the execution outside ...

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9:08 PM
Downvoting is classical conditioning. Apparently. I'm trying to figure out how it works - do we make people hungry when they receive a downvote?
9:19 PM
Q: Need help reopening a question so that the answers can be posted

einpoklumA question of mine: How to trigger a warning when a certain function is called (not compiled)? was closed, twice, as a duplicate of another question. It really isn't a duplicate, and as proof of this, two commenters have suggested two distinct and relevant answers - which are not answers to the d...

Insults were dropped.
Figures. Bringing that one back was bad omen from the start.
10:13 PM
Q: Merge or synonimize `[drone.io]` tag with `[drone]` and `[droneci]` tags

Increasingly IdioticDrone.io is a CI platform. The description for the [drone.io] tag is Drone is a hosted continuous integration service. It enables you to conveniently set up projects to automatically build, test, and deploy as you make changes to your code. The less popular, but still somewhat frequently used [...


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