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5:00 AM
Q: How will my name be deleted or at least anonymized?

Jesus is LordMy name needs deleting from StackExchange Alternatively it needs to be anonymized: At a minimum, my answers can no longer be associated with the same user ID How will this be accomplished? (My name is not Jesus. Jesus is Lord)

4 hours later…
8:42 AM
Q: Why do you need this? What it helps?

jeffbRTCI get asked this question from time to time. It happened today. I don't know how to answer it, but I responded to a comment to please the user who seems to have found "some" workarounds but still wants me to explain why I need it and what it helps. Sometimes I can't answer that. This is because I...

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10:12 AM
Q: Find the best users by tag votes

anastaciuI would like to find users by the best scores in a given tag, is that possible? And if so, how?

3 hours later…
12:48 PM
Q: Of meta, time-wasting, and decision-making

Ian KempRecently there was a question asked whereby a sockpuppet account obliquely called out a particular user for behaviour that the sock (evidently a well-known user) felt was contrary to Stack Overflow's rules. Today there's a question about attribution (or lack thereof), whereby the asker did not pr...

1:24 PM
The second account asking a question really rattled some people, it seems. Yet, I don't see why the "real identity" of the asker matters. Any request to make accounts mandatory non-anonymous are shot down hard within seconds.
1:43 PM
It definitely should not matter.
2:43 PM
Q: How to fix the exception in Web API sample (C#)

Vinothkumar Khttps://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powerapps/developer/data-platform/webapi/quick-start-console-app-csharp using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks; using Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory; using System.Net.Http...

3:25 PM
Q: Deleting old no-answer questions?

aklam56I deleted some questions of mine that had no answers, is this acceptable to do, I know they show up in deleted when logged in, but that's not breaking rules is it?

1 hour later…
4:37 PM
Q: Python ttkwidgets Table: How to bind change of a column

VikTry to get an event when a column width (eg. A or B) is changed. My example get's only the change of whole widget: from ttkwidgets import Table import tkinter as tk def changed(event): print(event) root = tk.Tk() root.columnconfigure(0, weight=1) root.rowconfigure(0, weight=1) col...

5:13 PM
Q: Triage audit question about typo and off topic blindly takes upvotes as metric?

Andre WildbergTriage review question: What is the Java equivalent of __builtin_clz? I need a Java equivalent of __builtin_clz. It feels like the answer should be Long.numberOfLeadingZeros but they return completely different answers. I'm starting to wonder if there is a low-level reason for this - maybe endia...

5:25 PM
Q: Is there some way to "build credit" in the reviews?

M-Chen-3I have had the unfortunate experience of failing review audits, and therefore have been banned until April 6th. At this point, I'm really getting sick of being banned all the time just for a single failed review audit, especially when the audit in question is extremely unfair in my opinion. Sure,...

5:43 PM
Q: Posts containing 'is:q' should not be in the title

Lakshya RajWhen I go to https://stackoverflow.com/search?q=%5Bwhite-box%5D+%5Bcss%5D+is%3Aq (a search on Stack Overflow for questions that contain white-box and css), then the title of the page reads Posts containing 'is:q' - Stack Overflow As is obvious by the results, this is for posts that are questions...

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7:01 PM
Q: How do we stop non subject matter experts from skewing votes incorrectly with the meta effect?

whnBackground Yesterday a new user to this site asked a seemingly innocent question: How can I improve my question about vectorizing a function for CUDA? They wanted to know how to improve their question. That's fine, but in response, sympathetic users reversed the downvote trend and made it seem l...

7:58 PM
2 hours later…
9:31 PM
Q: Can we slow down on the deletes, folks?

George StockerI had the privilege of reading this meta post just now. It was created 36 minutes ago. It was closed 20 minutes ago. It was deleted 1 minute ago. Meta is the place where the community gathers to talk through problems. It doesn't matter if those problems have been talked about ad infinitum, if so...

9:44 PM
9:56 PM
@KevinB No hard feelings obviously, just don't see any reason to keep the question around
@NewPosts I enjoyed George more when he wasn't around, ngl
none at all
i'm for it being deleted, but can agree with undeleting as long as we can repeat it once it's done being discussed, 👍
10:31 PM
Oh boy oh boy.
get your popcorn here
I'm trying so hard not to comment there.
I mean, frankly, we could slow down on the deletion, sure. But what will slow down on the accusations of rudeness and ill intent?
If quick deletion is given this much of a concern, then maybe we should also be concerned about removing insults and unnecessary vitriol from the site. You know, like the question that's just been undeleted and locked, for all to see!
10:47 PM
7 minutes
only needs one delvote
It would be a bit naive to think that would be enough. Now it's being discussed in another Meta question.
Maybe this merits another question about handling rants on Meta without making them more visible.
You delete them quickly and hope no one posts a new question ranting about deletion
2 minutes
This is kind of like the Streisand effect.
Or maybe not.
11:07 PM
Oh gods...
Maybe we can have a compromise in the form of a community applied lock.
But the whole issue is that the Q&A format is not great for discussion.
Which is what meta posts are supposed to be.
When one comes out that's way out of line, we can't really do much about it. Closure and deletion are the only tools available.
If we get a question where the OP clearly doesn't want input but seeks to incite the community (or similar) we don't have a good options available to us.
delete all teh thingz
Maybe that's what we need. To rethink Meta... again. :/
We can probably compromise on these two: meta
11:35 PM
@E_net4wantsmoreflags Get rid of humans, problem solved
Who would have guessed that the robot rebellion started because of this.

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