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6:23 AM
Q: Why were the original poster and my comments deleted?

steven7mwesigwaCodeigniter 4 - 404 File Not Found Firstly, I understand there are countless similar questions about the same subject. I'm just so confused and in disbelief that all of a sudden the OP's comments and mine have disappeared into the galaxy. Note, I understand that comments can be flagged and remove...

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7:47 AM
Q: We should react on [reactive-mongo-java]

Jens Schauderreactive-mongo-java is just a combination of existing tags and doesn't any value. Which is mirrored by it having only 20 uses and now wiki.

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12:41 PM
Q: What do I need to calculate the systolic and diastolic using a bracelet (ex: Arduino, Captors)?

Sohaib El MediouniI want to make a bracelet that calculate the hearth beats and the blood pressure and I don't have an idea where I can start the process and the gadgets that I need I know that I should have a sensor that brings the hearth beats, but I don't know how to calculate the blood pressure

1:29 PM
Q: Why isn't chat more visible from the front page?

MFergusonI stumbled upon the chatrooms of stackoverflow only after I had seen the Talkative badge whose description has a blue hyperlink taking you to the chatrooms. Post 10 messages, with 1 or more starred, in chat I looked all over the main page of stackoverflow, and found no readily available way to ...

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2:53 PM
Q: Auto +1 question and answer on copy of code block?

PersistenceThere are a lot of good answers that don't really get the number of upvotes they should. People often come in, copy some code, and leave. Chances are, if they're copying code from an answer, it was both a good question and a good answer so why not make that an auto upvote? If people are worried t...

3:05 PM
Q: How to handle this simple, instantly self-answered question?

iLuvLogixHow should one handle questions such as this one?. They are pretty basic, could be answered after a quick google search or by reading the official docs and then end up being immediately answered by the OP himself. Should they just be left as they are or do they require any actions. Disclaimer: I ...

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4:11 PM
Q: What 'metric' should we use to decide which of some number of duplicate questions should become the 'canonical' one?

Kenny EvittFrom this answer on the related question What should I do if the question I need is already asked, but in a poor way?: The correct way of moderating duplicate questions is not to use the oldest post as dupe target but the highest quality post. So if you believe that you could ask a better questi...

4:59 PM
Q: How to unpack and import dataframes automacally in Pandas?

Junior CostaHow can I import a lot of Pandas dataframes and store them in different variables automatically? Or how can I unpack them automatically when I do what I did in step 4? That is, I doesn't matter how much of them I have, I will always unpack them in a different variable. For now, I've done this: ...

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5:59 PM
Thanks for coming to my TED talk
That ain't no talk.
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7:11 PM
Q: Your input needed: The rules for collectives articles

PhilippeAs background, when we introduced Articles on Collectives, some community members self-organized to create a set of rules. This is, to steal a phrase, A Good Thing. I want to encourage community ownership over these rules and guidelines. In addition to that self-organization, I introduced a conve...

Q: The Foundations of Collectives and its Future

Teresa DietrichSince the announcement of Collectives™ on Stack Overflow, we’ve seen a number of potential narratives emerge for how and why Collectives exist. So in the spirit of continued transparency, I thought I’d take a few moments and talk about how and why Collectives came to be and our plans for them goi...

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11:51 PM

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