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2:40 AM
Q: Database design for software versions

Backend Developer I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Database design for software versions

3:22 AM
Q: How to optimise database design for software versions

Backend DeveloperWe want to design database schema which will have information related to software release and it's mapping -- to which software version it can be updated and downgraded to. Current database schema - software_version ------------------------------------------------ ID version - string release_not...

3:57 AM
these 2 DB design questions...
4:10 AM
Q: Should we burninate [zoe]?

Martes BerkeleyI was looking for our new moderator, Zoe when I found the tag zoe itself! It only has one question with the following tag wiki. Zoë is an open source tool for generating spritesheet images and frame data from SWF files, and part of the CreateJS suite. According to the official website of Zoë, t...

@Zoe noooo, don't be burninated :(
4 hours later…
7:52 AM
Q: Is the "What have you tried" a bit exaggerated

TormodWPF : Annotate image control with basic shapes specified in the coordinates of the image I immediately received downvotes before the first comment. It seems to me that the "what have you tried" is a knee jerk response here. A: "Hi. What is your name?" B: "What names have you tried?" I was asking ...

2 hours later…
10:00 AM
@VLAZ cries in fire
10:18 AM
this is fire
Fire is fine.
10:40 AM
Q: Inaccurate timestamps on search results

SebiWas wondering if: (the question in question: How/Why can fork() fail ) could be due to keywords on so? (or it could just be ms)

1 hour later…
11:40 AM
Q: Is this Bug in Comment Section Stack Overflow Site?

Harshad PansuriyaI recently see the question and it show below image. It seem that the code background color is overflow the div and show in another portion. may be it is bug or if in it not bug then please explain why this behaviour is happen. Any Suggestion will be appreciated. Question Link : How to render mul...

12:28 PM
Q: How to handle superfluous claims in answers

Andy2K11When someone makes a statement in an answer like "this is the most optimal solution" should this be removed as fluff? Taken literally, it is a claim about the performance or readability of the solution provided in the answer. When unsupported, I feel this claim should be challenged but know it's ...

1:04 PM
Q: Accidently made an unneeded edit

Zaid Al ShattleSo I just faced a weird issue, I saw a new answer to a question that had code without the formatting, so I sent a suggested edit to the author to include the formatting (e.g. add the triple `), now after submitting, I checked the suggested edit side-by-side, and noticed that the code in the sugge...

Q: Is this Plagiarism? Should I do something?

YenneferI was looking to solve a problem and this SO answer addresses it in a very detailed and peculiar way. By chance I found (what to me seems) the very same answer set in this site. There is no mention where this answer is from. The site reports many other Q&A that are (again to me) a copy cat of SO....

Ugh, another "downvotes are toxic" post.
1:52 PM
Q: Sign in by face in javascript

SAQR ALI want to login using face print via language js and I have seen face.api.js but it is impractical for me Is there another way? I want it to recognize the face and then it will be automatically moved to a page. Is this possible?

2:34 PM
Q: Why users cannot stop downvoting a question if we dont accept your answer?

neenkartI have been noticing a trend which mostly the top users answer my question downvotes if I dont accept their answer. Why they cannot accept the fact that they are not always right and there might be some other users have more knowledge than them? And this one top guy whose answer I didnt accept, m...

2:46 PM
Q: Why was my comment deleted at Local variable is redundant java question?

Pavlo MorozovI posted few comments on Local variable is redundant java couple days ago. They was under initial question as well as under some of answers. One of answers author responded to my comment immediately, but in very broad way so I thought he misunderstood me. I posted few additional comments under hi...

Q: Is this question about cryptography in-scope?

spicy.dllI have recently spent a lot of time flagging questions I find in the bounty tab as I've noticed a surprising number of off-topic or bad questions get bountied when no one bothers to answer (perhaps a topic for another day). On my crusade, I came across this question. Example of hash collision (p...

3:22 PM
Q: Why was my comment deleted at "Local variable is redundant java" question? [NOT duplicate!]

Pavlo MorozovI not sure why my question marked as duplicate. Why was my comment deleted at "Local variable is redundant java" question? The link to other question posted seems not answer my question so according to: If this question doesn’t resolve your question, ask a new one. I posted few comments on Loca...

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4:58 PM
Q: the email of my domain goes to spam folder

user5898007First of all thanks for reading. I created many websites over the last years and every now and then I had a customer complaining that by using my email server theirs emails were going to the spasm folder. AND, I explain to them how to overcome the issue by cutting down links and some attachments....

5:34 PM
Q: Regex question getting closed as a dupe with a too broad target, and now receiving delete votes

CerbrusDisclaimer: I have a stake in this question, as I'm the owner of the accepted answer. I'm disappointed with the process that's happening on this question about a regex-related error message in TypeScript, and I'd like some input: Category shorthand not allowed in this regular expression dialect ...

4 hours later…
9:22 PM
Q: New blog entry in reference to Collectives gives the impression that the CEO may not have read Meta Stack Overflow in a while

MakotoI'll keep this simple. This is the relevant section from the blog post that the CEO put together, emphasis mine. We’re continuing to work with customers to build communities on Stack Overflow through our Reach & Relevance products, which consists of banner ads, tag sponsorships, podcast, the new...

10:05 PM
This again?
tis the new normal
company creates paid product "for the benefit of the community," some portion of the community rejects it, another portion uses it in one way or another, company presents it as a smashing success
it's to be expected, they're a business like any other now
2 hours later…
11:52 PM
Q: Clarification on flagging "worked for me" answers as NAA

Jeff SchallerA few hours ago, I flagged a post as NAA; it is now deleted, but hopefully some of you can see it: First Flutter App error: cannot resolve symbol "Properties" The flag was marked helpful, but the accompanying text from the moderator confused me; it said: This is an answer. A "Not an Answer" flag...


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