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2:30 AM
Q: winterbash2020 - Oops! Something Bad Happened!

Michał LipokToday I found this: Please make the Hat Dash leaderboard link a different color And was interested to see what this is: https://winterbash2020.stackexchange.com/ When I try to login then I get: Oops! Something Bad Happened! We apologize for any inconvenience, but an unexpected error occurred whi...

Q: Ask the owner of a post whether it agrees with an edit

Chayim FriedmanI have the edit privilege. Now, there was a post that wasn't clear enough, and I thought I can improve it. However, I wasn't sure I understand the OP correctly. Previously, before having this privilege, I would edit and wait. If the author was accepting the edit, or other people, I would know it ...

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5:30 AM
Q: Is it valid for a diamond moderator to use his powers to override the closing votes of other users?

eyllanescI considered that a certain post does not comply with the SO rules since it explicitly asked if there was a tool that performs a certain specific task, it may or may not be correct, since I do not want to focus my discussion on that. Another user also voted to close it. But a few moments ago I no...

5:42 AM
Q: Can the downvote system be modified to be more friendly and less toxic?

kmiklasSO can be toxic... and downvoting is at the center of this toxicity. Sometimes I find myself hesitating to ask/answer questions, because I fear being downvoted. Some downvote not for documented reasons, but because they don't like what was said, or it disagrees with their point of view. Perhaps w...

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11:13 AM
Is this thing always this slow? There's been a meta post up for 10+ min that hasn't been reported :le_sigh:
11:25 AM
"asked 23 minutes ago" is what it's currently at. I thought the feed posted new questions every 5 or 10 minutes.
So did I
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12:48 PM
Q: Searching with one of multiple tags

shapiro yaacovTL;DR Given multiple tags, how can I search with OR between them (and not AND)? Use case: I'd like to search for questions that are tagged in at least one tag out of a list of tags. Using multiple tags to get questions that have all the tags can be done like this: https://stackoverflow.com/questi...

Oh boy, I think I missed some fun.
Q: Not clear why my triage-choice was not correct

MelvinI had the following case: https://stackoverflow.com/review/triage/28178676 What I did I looked into the text and searched for a question. It was there. Passed. How was the question taken by the community? A vote of 6 may hint the Q is ok. I searched for code-snippets or something programming-rel...

1:48 PM
Q: Stackoverflow's similar question matching algorithm does not work properly

drorhunI asked a question here and it was closed because there is a similar question Here is the so-called similar question it points to Conditionally loop through chromosome and position in one dataframe to chromosome and intervals in other dataframe It suggests a question asked for merge operation tha...

Q: How to get auth0 authentication work with the "gin tonic" framework with auth0 for protecting APIs

RmzIntroduction I'm new to auth0, and I'm working on protecting the API for an app. The server component is written in Golang. Below is some a minimal code extracted from my code that reliably reproduces the problem. I've stared at the problem for so long at it's time to ask the intertubes .-) Pro...

2:16 PM
Another one throwing psychology at us.
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3:24 PM
Q: Why was this question was closed for the needs of details and clarity?

AhxThe question How to get text of image using Tesseract was closed for the needs of details and clarity. However, from my point-of-view the question is clear. Let me rephrase the question: OP failed to extract the characters from the given input image using tesseract-ocr. Therefore asking suggesti...

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5:20 PM
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7:48 PM
Q: Rampant downvoting

Marcel BurkhardI see most of the recent questions for the tag [go] being downvoted. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/go?tab=newest I feel like this could deter people from asking questions. Is there something I can do about it other than upvoting questions I find valuable?

8:24 PM
Q: Should a duplicate be downvoted or just closed as a duplicate?

ispiroI'm not referring to a bad question. It's just that it's a duplicate. The asker might have searched but not found the previous question. Should we penalize them or just link to the previous one and be done with it? (I'm assuming that this question itself was asked before. But I searched and could...

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9:48 PM
Q: Improving my question

GlenUKRegarding this question: Laravel: How to request data from database and dynamically update html select element How can I improve this? I have stated my situation, what I plan to do and then if that is a good approach. Looking back, I can see the question itself is bad, but I am trying to overturn...

2 hours later…
11:24 PM
Q: How can I concatenate the TF weight from the lexical features along with vector resulting form replacing the words with their emotions?

basharI have a labeled dataset(Arabic Tweets) and labeld Lexicon, I want to detect the emotion by machine learning algorithms. I did the preprocessing step and other functions. just I want to apply these steps: 1.compute the TF scheme in order to obtain how frequently an expression (term, word) occurs ...

11:50 PM
You won't see me saying this every day, but I would strongly recommend you cast your delete votes on that "rampant Q".
More of... "Rampant arguing on comments" :(
Q: Is there an ongoing “race” or “competition” among users to close questions?

WayBehindJust curious. Is there a "race" or some "competition" among SO users to close duplicate or similar questions? Just asking as I have been around for a while, and since I already learned my lessons, I'm trying to be careful about how I ask questions. Today, I have asked a MySQL related question on ...


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