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12:15 AM
Q: Beginner's Confusion on Minimum Reproducible Example and Debugging

GildedCrowEscapeeBeginner here to coding and the forums. I recently posted a question here: (Why are my python functions failing to return correct output (algebra error)?) that was rejected. I just wanted to learn why as there were some comments about MRE and Debugging. For some background, I've had a look at all...

1:09 AM
Q: Asking to re-open SO question 'Exact ManyToMany match in Django 3.1.5'

vjoeA question that I asked in SO was closed because of lack of debugging details -> Exact ManyToMany match in Django 3.1.5 Since then, I have edited the question to include the desired outcome, as well as code that illustrates the issue. Could the question please be reopened? Thank you

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7:21 AM
Q: Is there a way to view Stack Overflow answers to a question, by most recent ones first?

Sohrab SaranIs there a way to view Stack Overflow answers to a question, by most recent ones first? Also, can I subscribe to a question?

7:45 AM
Q: XsPDF.com uses stackoverflow content to get traffic and how to block it on search engine

n1tkXsPDF.com keeps showing on my search list every time looking for programming or data science related questions (rated higher then stackoverflow even that content is just a generated pdf style of content) ... this site does provide misleading answers and is nothing else then a pdf bad formatted QA...

8:44 AM
Q: I downvote on the answer and it was flagged. It answer removed with flag. But my reputation did not come back

flashI downvote on the answer and it was flagged. It answer removed with flag. But my reputation did not come back. Is there a problem. Will the reputation come? Thanks.

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12:50 PM

I want to ask a question regarding pros and cons of different CMS, frameworks and tools for creating small business websites. The answers may be opinion based and lead to discussion. Where can I ask such a question? I don't see a good fit for such a question on any SE sites...
1:32 PM
Q: Is it valid to knowingly repost an existing (fixed) bug report on Stack Overflow?

akuzminykhI've answered a very interesting question recently. I couldn't find any other resource about the issue, even after half an hour of searching. The question has received another answer (after mine) that links to an existing bug report about the issue. The bug has been already fixed. Another user ha...

2:09 PM
@KaareZ Sites in the Stack Exchange network are usually unsuitable for open-ended discussions. That one in particular would have been too opinion-based. More info here and here.
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5:56 PM
Q: Why do you gain more reputation from upvotes than you lose from downvotes?

CATboardBETAWhy, when your post is downvoted, do you lose 4 reputation, compared to when it was upvoted, where you gain 10? This would mean you could have 0 score on your question/answer, but have gained 12 reputation from it (2 up, 2 down).

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6:56 PM
Q: In what ways are you grateful for StackOverflow?

ControlAltDelThis "question" is to discuss how StackOverflow & the StackExchange facilitate programmers and others in finding answers to the questions they have. But more than that, to thank and acknowledge the moderators, the community, and all the people who are and have contributed.

7:20 PM
Q: Synonymize/merge [gpu-programming] into [gpu]

GlorfindelThe tag info for [gpu-programming] simply says See the tag entry for gpu. I don't see any noticeable difference in questions tagged gpu-programming and gpu. Should we synonymize/merge them? My apologies for the lack of puns in the title. I simply couldn't think of any...

2 hours later…
9:38 PM
Q: How should I alter the question to make it more focused?

Konrad VilterstenI asked a question that got closed due to not being more focused. I'd like to focus it more. However, I'm a bit stuck on how. I've found others with similar concern, without any leads whatsoever, though. I've considered posting some code but the issue is not code-wise, as it occurs in a vanilla s...


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