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MBMSOFTI need to convert json response from web to xml file and i need very simple way... There are several data I need from json response... There are a lot of subjects around but they are not very clear... I found some samples like this: PS c:\0> ConvertTo-Xml -InputObject temp_JSON.json -As String OR...

1:56 AM
Q: Product owner/moderators for tags

rbrundrittNote that this post is similar by title topic, but is really quite different. I'm a product owner for a product that has over 150K developers, and have been using SO for well over 8 years as an additional Q&A forum for technical queries from developers (as SO was intended to be used). We have ou...

2:20 AM
Q: Wrongly closed question and downvoted

ILickWindowsI have posted a question which was researched, well written and presented and showed the things which I had tried in a very clear and concise manner. Unfortunately it recieved next to no useful input what so ever. Nevertheless, I continued researching and eventually found the issue and less than ...

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5:55 AM
Q: How to stop auto turn off hard disk spining, in windows 10?

diniulianMy secondary hard disk which is an hard disk (not SSD) it stops spinning automatically after about a minute ... (a sound is heard from it as when I turned off) I want to stop this feature in windows 10 ! Every time when I access a file from it, it takes about 1-2 seconds to start (a sound is hear...

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9:37 AM
Q: How are questions considered 'poorly received' if they have accepted answers and low views?

pigeonburgerI've asked a total of 13 questions on SO - all (except for two) have at least one answer, most have less than 35 views. Apparently, I've reached my question limit, because my questions were 'poorly received'. I understand what this means, but what I do NOT understand is why it's happening to me. ...

9:55 AM
Q: How to write inline code on a smartphone (as I don't know how to write backticks)?

DominiqueI'm a regular writer here on the site, and I'm more and more working with my smartphone (instead of my computer), but I have an issue: on my smartphone (a Samsung one, if that makes a difference), backticks only seem to be usable as accent signs (like "à" or "è"), but writing a simple backtick ch...

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12:25 PM
Q: How to find questions voted to close by me with specific close reason?

SinatrI want to see questions with my close votes filtered by "Not reproducible or was caused by a typo" reason. How can I do this?

12:49 PM
Q: Who is the founder of Stack Overflow?

Aahnik DawI am very curious to know about the founder story of stack overflow

1:25 PM
Q: Review ban length duration

MixoneI have a current review ban from badly reviewing this question which now after extensively reading on the subject understand the Requires Editing is a misnomer of sorts. The ban duration is 9 months as calculated from the moment the questions was closed and I have never to my knowledge had a ban ...

1:49 PM
Q: Attach same domain to multiple AWS Cognito UserPool

pankaj VagareI am designing multi-tenant application and want to have separate AWS userPool for each tenant. So I have created separate AWS Cognito userPool. But Now I have problem that When I am attaching same domain to multiple UserPools.AWS it not allowing same. So Just want to confirm. Is there way to att...

2:19 PM
Q: Close votes count is different on vote tab in profile and close stats site

Shridhar R KulkarniI visited the close stats site. I have voted to close multiple questions so far which got closed too. But not sure why it is showing 0 all time close votes for me. Votes tab on my profile shows 180 close votes. What understanding am I missing?

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4:07 PM
Q: As an admin can I create Slack notifications on behalf of a team member?

Michael YeungI'm looking to setup slack notifications on behalf of some team members (without having to sign in as them). In the admin settings I'm able to see which notifications have already been set up, but is there a way to create new ones that are only going to be triggered based on @ mentions of a parti...

4:25 PM
Q: Is there an action moderators can take to stop a user from posting the same comment on all the questions they answer?

Federico klez CullocaI found a comment under a question: Does my answer answer your question? From a user that added an answer to said question. I noticed that the comment was posted at almost the same time as the answer, so I commented to tell the user that it wasn't necessary to add that comment immediately after...

4:43 PM
Q: How to ask better questions on Stack Overflow?

Akib AzmainI'm an enthusiast programmer. I ask question on Stack Overflow when I can't solve programming problems. But when I ask questions, people usually starting downvoting it. If it is a good question, people usually give one or two votes. I have read How do I ask a good question page but I think I fulf...

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7:19 PM
Q: Can an OP delete their own locked post?

Andrew MortonThe question How to solve this error? --> Conversion from type 'Byte()' to type 'String' is not valid has been locked because of self-vandalism, perhaps caused by the OP wanting to obliterate their post because they were not aware that they could delete it when it all went wrong. A comment on tha...

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10:13 PM
Q: Can we definitely say goodbye to Swags?

Temani AfifAfter reaching 100K last year I got this message: Because we are in the process of setting up with a new swag vendor, we are not currently sending out swag. Once we've completed that process, you'll receive an email with instructions on retrieving swag so long as you are still subscribed to the ...

Q: I have a configuration problem with Mate and Linux which StackSite should I post to?

WoodsmanI'm trying to ask which site I should post this question below. I have FC30 and the MATE desktop, and I'd like to make it look as close as possible to Windows without making own theme. I'm using WinXP theme, but it shows the title bar menu items crunched together. For example, there is no space b...

10:31 PM
Q: Questions other than code

GiGaNtIc BuRgErQuestions other than code Does stack overflow allow question other than question about coding?

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11:37 PM
Q: Notifications for Stack Overflow

GiGaNtIc BuRgErCan I get Notifications for Stack Overflow? Can I get banners on my desktop when my question is answered or someone post's a question?


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