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12:05 AM
Q: Why am I getting down vote on this question?

Youness SaadnaI started using Stack Exchange not long ago and I do my best to follow the rules for asking questions on Stack Overflow. I asked this question How to use react-hook-form inside class Component? But I get a down vote I don't know why? I noticed that not only my question that was downvoted but...

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1:29 AM
Q: Why is this chat showing my real name?

EvorlorOne of the questions (How can I get the current activity while using Firebase Cloud Messaging in Unity?) had its comments moved to chat. In the chat, it shows my real name, not Evorlor. It also will not let me continue the chat. It tells me to log in, which takes me to my Evorlor account. The...

2 hours later…
2:59 AM
Q: deleted posts and their comments

ewongThis is more or less a sanity check for me. With respects to Why is there an error while getting JSON information in python?, I looked at the poster's profile and it shows that they posted only one question. I could have sworn that I posted a comment on that topic. Another user had posted anoth...

7 hours later…
9:59 AM
Q: Good idea? Separate “off-topic vote option” for closed questions with a split in up- and downvotes visible for everyone

LorenzIn case of contents that indirectly cover something interesting, but are off-topic in the question. Or in case of answers that are still useful even if the question is a duplicate or off-topic. Just having an additional voting system might keep up some interesting topics that simply cannot seem t...

10:17 AM
Q: Does Stack overflow has ability to keep track of some question for answers?

Akanksha goreIt would be good I m able tag some question for notification, If there any update or solution I will receive notification maybe in browser or mail. Maybe some tracking mechanism for specific query or soltions

2 hours later…
12:17 PM
Q: Should I delete my old question with no answers?

Make42My question How to configure pybuilder's and pytest's paths right has no answers, no worthwhile comment, it is more than 3 years old, and software specific (about pybuilder and pytest). I guess that pybuilder and pytest have new versions, making the question most likely obsolete. I am also not in...

12:29 PM
Q: I have reached the limit of asking questions

Dominic Sham Sorry community, may I ask what should I do in order to get out of a question ban? I found the solutions for my previous questions and understand how can I improve now. Next time if I post questions again I will think clearly and do some more researches before asking. Also I would like to ask qu...

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1:47 PM
Psst. Super-downvote brigade, that would be your call.
Q: Feature requests should not be left abandoned/ignored

SinatrWhat are the rules of handling feature-request? Or specificially - old feature requests? Or namely: the ones I want (click)? What are developers implementing right now? What we should expect next? I tried to search, but couldn't find the answer about process, it looks sporadic, un-organised, not ...

2:29 PM
Q: Is asking for the correct naming of a some pandas structures prone to downvotes or perhaps being closed?

LorenzI have asked for the correct naming of things that occur in a lot of questions regarding dataframes in different disguises and meanings. It is a structurally difficult question perhaps, since I go through some examples, give them a reference shortcut, and then I ask for the right naming afterward...

2:59 PM
Q: Change format of feature requests

Dmitrii Z.Currently when feature request is proposed - the problem and solution are both described in question which in my opinion is not robust. I would suggest to make a mandatory format of feature requests post where Question describes the problem which needs to be solved Proposed solution is written a...

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7:42 PM
3 hours later…
10:53 PM
Q: Google ads summary report explanation

Salah AtwaCan any one help me for explanation below image from google ads report


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