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2:42 AM
Q: How best to paste block of code with correct indentation

pensebienI often find myself trying to paste block of codes. And repeatedly use Forget to enter a newline Use the use the spacebar on the newline when I eventually figure out I am not getting what I want Paste the code. But unfortunately, the newlines are not intended. I am a SublimeText junkie, in ST3 ...

3:35 AM
Q: Answer deleted by moderator, after upvotes and an awarded bounty

Matthew LundbergThis answer looks completely valid, has received 5 upvotes (plus one down) and a 250 bounty, but it was deleted by a moderator. Now it cannot be undeleted by mere users. Why was this done? There is not a comment on the answer to indicate that there is any sort of problem. https://stackoverflow....

4:05 AM
Q: I need another Top new questions in my email subscription

maxkukuIs there a way to manage Top new questions in my email subscription? I realy don't need questions and information about C+. I need php, js!

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5:29 AM
Q: Edit post count mismatch in profile

Vivek JainThere is a edit post count mismatch in Profile and Editor Stats. In Editor Stats it's showing 89 edit suggestions approved And in Profile it's showing 79 posts edited And I received sliver badge(Strunk & White) for 80 posts edit too. Why this mismatch is coming? Is there any logic behind this?

5:41 AM
Q: Points difference between the reputation in the achievement drop down and profile's reputation tab

Umair KhanMy question (or bug report) is same as this. There is points difference between the reputation in the achievement drop down and profile's reputation tab. I have waited a full day before posting this, restarted my browser, rebooted my PC. This does not seem to be a cache issue as assumed in the ab...

2 hours later…
7:59 AM
Q: The login mail address is not yet updated even after updating the profiel associated amila ddress

MFAPI recently updated my mail address associated to my account. But while logging into my account, only my old mail address works in the username field, when i try with the new mail address to login, getting an error as 'user name or password is wrong'. After logging into my profile with my old old ...

8:47 AM
Q: "Short series" serial downvoting?

einpoklumWith a very short span of time, several of my answers and questions have been downvoted. These questions share a tag - but it's a tag on which I have well over a 100 questions. The questions are not otherwise related and aren't linked. Also, some are older and some are newer. I would consider thi...

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9:47 AM
Q: How can I dispute a closed question on stackoverflow?

asicBackground This question was originally (& ignorantly) posted at the stackoverflow How can I dispute a closed question on stackoverflow? And only since then I learned about the existence of meta.stackoverflow.com so I am reposting the question here. Question This question was, likely, closed by a...

10:23 AM
Q: I tried correcting a popular answer because when I ran it, it came up with errors. I made a minor correction but my edit was rejected. Why?

KHAN The snippet on the left gives an error on running. So I corrected it with the given reasons as seen on the right. Why is this correction rejected?

1 hour later…
11:35 AM
Q: NAA flags marked as "removed during a deletion"

PeterJSomething I've never seen before is that my last six NAA flags have been marked as "removed during a deletion": I wondered what circumstances could cause that to occur? These were just your typical NAAs not anything where any of the accounts or questions involved have been nuked. The only simila...

11:59 AM
Q: Texts in Ads is not so readable

Bino Kochumol VargheseI saw the below Ad today, apparently the benefits in the ads is not readable. Is this bug is happening because of I am using Dark mode or the Ad is just like that ? I think this is not providing a good user experience, is there any way we can report these type of Ads to the community to make it b...

12:41 PM
Q: Close a question as "Needs details or clarity" when OP contradicts the meaning of a question?

RobertS supports Monica CellioThe situation is a little strange so I wanted to ask here for help for it. I have this post here: Include directive can match two files: what's the priority? which gives to me the impression that OP asks for, if a compiler goes up the include path and finds a header with the same name twice, wher...

1:11 PM
Q: Why image attached to Stack Overflow question is invisible?

balandongivPlease let me know if this is a duplicate question, but I have searched and did not find any related post. I am having this issue since last few days where the image attached using the image upload tool did not show in the draft mode or even the posted version as shown As an alternative, I had ...

Q: Allow to tweak with code snippets without adding it to an answer

Pedro LimaStackOverflow offers a great snippet tool to add HTML/JS/CSS to questions and answers, but sometimes we just want to try different test-cases to someone else's snippets or run whatever quick tests we desire. Today, the way we can achieve that is by clicking the button "Copy snippet to answer" and...

2 hours later…
2:59 PM
Q: Do rollbacks push posts out of reopen queue?

10 RepIf you come across a question that you feel you can edit(incorrect grammar, etc) and you do so, sometimes you have edited a closed post. This pushes the post into the Reopen Review queue, and most of the time that is just extra work. My question is, if you rollback your edit to the previous revis...

1 hour later…
4:23 PM
Q: Why scores not added today?

dgkncaI noticed the tag scores were not added today. It should normally be added about 10 hours ago. What is the reason of this?

2 hours later…
6:11 PM
Q: How can I increase my reputation and earn points?

Natan SantosI joined the community a while ago, I love technology. I wanted to know how to increase the reputation in order to be able to do more things in this community, previous days my reputation increased considerably, but soon it fell and I have a point, having only one I cannot participate in anything...

6:47 PM
Q: How should be done with a question that was answered else were?

PablochachesI was reviewing on the trial, and came across this question: How to Add Multiple Attachments to an Email Using PHPMailer Syncro commented this: This exact question was posted on GitHub, where it was also answered, but the OP has chosen to ignore the answer, and instead reposted the same question...

7:17 PM
Q: Should there be a way for user to comment anonymously?

Sagar AdhikariSO doesn't reveal downvoters/upvoters. I think there should be a way to comment anonymously so that users who downvoted, could comment the reason. I've been active here only recently. I've gotten downvotes on several answers though I earned net +28 in each of them. So, I'm sure answers were not ...

7:35 PM
Q: How do you run nodejs code in stack snippets

PureferretI haven't found a question about this, but I would like to put node js code into a snippet. I couldn't get it to run as is, so I also pulled in require-js, which seems as though it should do the. However I am still getting the same errors. 'use strict' const Fs = require('fs') const Path = r...

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9:00 PM
9:59 PM
Q: I'm asking a question about my own post, but I'm still prompted that I need 5 reputation to post here. What gives?

gparyaniI had a meta question to ask about one of my own posts on the main site. Someone (a user, a help page, etc.) told me that while I ordinarily need 5 reputation to post on this Meta site, I can ask a question about one of my own posts without needing reputation. However, after I've entered the link...


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