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1:10 AM
Q: how to add a book to C Book List?

Jeff SzuhayI've tried many different things to add this entry to the Definitive C Book list but can't edit the community page. Any edit immediately shows a code formatting error but this cannot be the correct error. Learn C Programming - Jeff Szuhay (2020). A tutorial and reference with over 100 example pr...

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4:10 AM
Q: What is considered a meta tag and should meta tags be banned / burninated / removed?

gmanI notice lots of tags that seem kind of meta to me Examples: animation, 3d, depth, shader, performance, 2d, sprite, raycasting, textures, alpha-blending, shaders, array, graphics, blending, frame-rate, framebuffer, gpu, memory, particles, simulator, robotics, responsive-design, responsive, mouseo...

4:22 AM
Q: Why am i banned from asking questions

Cool CloudI am temporarily banned from asking Q here in stackoverflow, y is dat? any ways to fix it? They say "You have reached your question limit Sorry, we are no longer accepting questions from this account. See the Help Center to learn more."

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7:40 AM
posted on July 08, 2020 by Hidei

How to create a powershell menu list with switch cases from the menu list taken as input from the names present in text file. For example : In file test.txt it has below names : Doodle Ted Afon These names are not static and names are populated dynamically. I need to have a menu list with the names as below : Case 1: Doodle Case 2: Ted

2 hours later…
9:22 AM
Q: Remove the `China` tag

YatinIt appears that 2 new tags were added 5 hours ago, namely china and approval when a user asked this closed question: Chinese law requires games to obtain an approval number… for Appstore? How?. I think they should be removed.

10:16 AM
Q: Are review-audits going a step to far by adding unrelated tags?

kvantourI was through some Close-Votes review queue and was asked to review this question as an audit. Normally you can pick up the audit questions with a blind eye, but this one was not clear at all. My filters were set to awk and bash—two tags not related to the actual question itself—, so the audit ad...

Q: Trying to edit a post when not logged in gives pending edit warning

NickWhen not logged in any attempt to navigate to a Meta Stack Overflow edit page will result in a pending suggested edit error: There is a pending suggested edit in the queue. Try again in a few minutes. this occurs even though it's not possible to suggest edits on MSO: Test link (remember to log...

10:46 AM
Q: How to contact top-down deciders in SO that can decide against the community?

LorenzAre there any deciders in SO that can decide top-down against the community? Alternatively, are there any diamond moderators that can take up a stand against common community opinions? And if there are, how can they be contacted? This can be inside or outside this community process. p.s.: I would...

11:22 AM
Q: Property 'progress' does not exist on type 'Promise<RecognizeResult>'. - tesseract js + ionic 4

Ansh VarunI am using tesseract.js for OCR but facing issue with progress function as : error TS2339: Property 'progress' does not exist on type 'Promise<RecognizeResult>'. [ng] [ng] 82 .progress(message => { the above error is in my terminal but app runs fine and when i select the image ...

11:40 AM
Q: How to avoid revenge downvotes?

Aditya SinghI really don't know if this is the right place to ask this question, but I really don't know where else to ask this, so here goes - So I've just started programming, and to dive in deeper, I've created a Stack Overflow account. I try to help as much as I can with my limited knowledge. Anyways, I ...

Q: Accept a comment as an answer?

DaniVery often, questions don't require very long elaborated answers hence I have a feature request that posters can accept a comment as an answer to their question

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12:58 PM
Q: Can the untagged followers please attend to their tag?

reneFor no particular reason I checked if we had questions that were untagged Turns out we have 562 of those beauties. Probably an over eager CM or Mod clicked some buttons to mass remove tags without checking if that would leave many orphans (explained in the answer on No question should be [untagg...

1:34 PM
Q: Posts showing with white background after reviewing item in review queues in dark mode

Celius Stingherafter reviewing an item in any review queue (Low quality post for example) while loading the new item, the background color goes into yellow-white color, and slowly gets back into dark mode. I am not sure if this is the intended behavior as it's only reproducible when using the review queue for m...

2:04 PM
Q: Profile page says "votes" where it should refer to "reactions"?

UuDdLrLrSsIn the recently-updated profile page under the "Reaction" section it says I have case no "VOTES". This doesn't seem correct / doesn't make sense. Shouldn't it says "you haven't <something> any reactions" ? (Uhh "You haven't reacted" ...?)

2:40 PM
Q: Why are factually incorrect comments allowed without the possibility of moderation

AaronAdditional Details I was asked to provide more details on the comment listed below: Leaving down votes out of it (see my reply to commenter #3) the issue concerns comments which are factually incorrect. This is my principle concern. It seems counterproductive to down vote an answer that is techn...

3:28 PM
Q: Bug: say "thanks" should contradict with downvote

Ahmed HusseinIssue description: One can say "thanks" to an answer and at the same time downvote it.. this doesn't make sense. Steps to reproduce: Click the "downvote" arrow of an answer. For the same answer, click "say thanks". Expected: An alert saying "you cannot downvote and say thanks to the same answer"...

Q: Reward reputation for achieved badges

Lewis HepburnAn incentive to achieving badges and making users more active could be to reward reputation for achieving badges. With the possibility to receive a point amount relative to the level of the badge achieved (Gold, Sliver or Bronze) For Example Gold: 500 reputation Silver: 250 reputation Bronze: 50...

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4:40 PM
Q: Could we have automatic syntax highlighting on the gap-system tag?

Mike PierceThe gap-system tag currently doesn't currently support automatic syntax highlighting for GAP code. Could we get this enabled? I've been manually adding <!-- language-all: lang-gap --> to a bunch of posts and now I feel silly :)

2 hours later…
6:46 PM
Q: How can I contact a user or respond to an edit rejection?

Kevin MeboeIs it possible to respond to rejected edits? I fixed a bug with a C# answer: https://stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/26617475. One rejection advised me to reach out to the author of the answer, which I wasn't able to do on stackoverflow (even on chat) -- perhaps because my reputation is ...

1 hour later…
7:46 PM
Q: Lost access to my account email

JoymakerI have lost access to the email address for my stackoverflow account. I can still login... but it would be really good to fix this, so that any emails from stackoverflow actually reach me. Is there a place where I can go to change this? I don't want to just start a new account, because I have f...

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9:52 PM
Q: Where is the decision line for migrating questions that seem primarily statistics related?

MichelleThree of us made statistics-related comments to this question: Developing an equation describing variables relations in R The first comment links to a post on Cross Validated, which answers the question. I reviewed the question, identifying it as one that should be migrated to Cross Validation (u...

Let's see how long this one lasts.
> Page not found
That was fast.
The OP deleted it.
Yet another accusation of SO being toxic, but yet again not in a constructive fashion.
I gathered from the URL slug. "Why is everyone in this forum an asshat?"
i love that title
10:02 PM
"That depends. Let me see the definition of that real quick."
10:22 PM
Q: How to stop review queue alert when there is no review assigned

Big_Data_AnalystI keep getting the review queue alerts even though my daily allocation of reviews is completed. See the below screenshot. Is there away to stop these annoying alerts when there is no need for it specially after the daily review limit is reached?

10:50 PM

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