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1:04 AM
Q: what kind of ignorance is peter showing

noobster38Peter, already a 25-year old Catholic, recently learns about the sinfulness of cursing. He begins to worry about an incident during his childhood days that he had cursed people. However, he vows not to do it in the remaining days his life. Is his worry about that childhood experience justifiable?...

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2:28 AM
Q: Why am I not getting Excavator badge?

holydragonI checked that this question of mine was inactive for about a year. So, I decided to edit it a little bit hoping to achieve Excavator badge, but did not get it. I would like to know why. I am also partially confused about the description of the badge referring to a post, which I am not sure if on...

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3:52 AM
Q: Someone downvoted my posts in a row because I told him he is wrong

Stacey DeeI mentioned on my question that I did research and tried every solution on stackoverflow but they didn’t work because they are outdated,don’t support the latest version. Someone answered my question with the link which is more than 5 years old post which I had already tried. So I commented on hi...

6 hours later…
9:41 AM
Q: Shortcut keys in comments

LewisPossibility to add shortcut keys in the comments much like in the answers editor such as Ctrl-B and Ctrl-I? Only a small request, but there usage in answers definitely assists the flow of typing.

Q: No sidebar Related or Linked links on most questions

DocSalvager This partial screenshot is typical. Suddenly the Related and Linked sections are missing from the right sidebar on most, but not all questions. The label "Related" shows and sometimes the "Question feed" link. But usually that's all. Some questions do show links in these two sections but most do...

10:29 AM
Q: Should [google-apps-script-simple-triggers] and [gs-installable-triggers] be scrapped in favor of [google-apps-script]+[triggers]?

TheMasterGoogle apps script is a scripting language based on JavaScript to automate Google products like Google sheets. The script can be triggered in various ways based on time of day, a edit in a spreadsheet, opening the spreadsheet, etc. The difference between "simple" google-apps-script-simple-trig...

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11:41 AM
Q: Community wiki checkbox doesn't show warning on mobile

CherryDTI just wrote an answer on my phone and was surprised to see it as community wiki afterwards. I must have accidentally tapped the checkbox that is right above the submit button. Now the issue is, there was no warning displayed. If I switch to desktop mode, it works: But on mobile, there is no con...

4 hours later…
3:23 PM
Q: Leaving the site and the network - mid election is not the best, but there's no point in staying

YvetteThis post is a copy of Time to say goodbye - one less moderator with some customisations for Stack Overflow. At the writing of this post I am running in the 12th moderator election and am a moderator and the second highest ranking contributor on Pets. I have previously been an elected moderator o...

4:05 PM
Q: "Your Communities" list showing incorrect Meta SO reputation score

OllieMy Communities list is showing an incorrect reputation score for Meta Stack Overflow. As you can see, I have 130 reputation, but this screenshot: is showing that I only have three! Is there a reason for this?

4:53 PM
Q: Best way to handle a question that was half caused by a typo

RemyEarlier I asked the following question: NET 5 Top-level programs in preview, about an issue I was facing with a new preview function in C# 9. During my own debugging I found that different ways of compiling the project resulted in two different errors, but both failing to compile. One of these is...

5:38 PM
2 hours later…
7:35 PM
Q: What's a job on Stack Overflow, and can someone create one for free, for no payment to workers, and with no company or business?

Dean SummerSo I was just wondering what a job on Stack Overflow is actually like, and all of the posts aren't asking about it. I just want answers on how "jobs" work on Stack Overflow, but here are some of the main questions: What are jobs for? Do all jobs need a company or business? Do all jobs need to be...

Q: Is it possible for the admin to see the top searches on Stack Overflow Enterprise site?

codeforesterIs it possible for a Stack Overflow Enterprise admin user to see the top searches on the site? I don't seem to see anything in the admin settings page for this.

7:59 PM
Q: What a "Visit" means on stack overflow

Rao HammasI was exploring stack overflow pages and on this page i found some interesting stats about the site. Monthly visitors 51+ million Questions 19+ millions Avg time between new question 14.3 seconds Answers 29+ millions Developer got help 45.1+ Billion times And then this one 5 Visits Average Per ...

3 hours later…
11:17 PM
Q: why are some questions get downvoted for no reason

The AGI asked a question couple of months ago and It has been downvoted today.. I do not understand why? I got the answer and I accepted the answer that I liked.. It is okay to downvote anybody's question for no reason? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58292231/oracle-sql-writing-complex-sql-queries


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