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1:40 AM
Q: "You have reached your question" limit when I try and ask a question

Finlay MitchellSo I have been asking very few questions, around 5-7 in the last few months and I wanted to ask a question today and got this:[![enter image description here][1]][1] [1]: https://i.stack.imgur.com/DAEyX.png Which I don't get as none of my posts had negative upvotes and I haven't posted much at al...

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3:10 AM
Q: Why was my comment and the response(s) to it removed from the moderator questionaire?

TrasivaSo, some comments were flagged from the quesionaire I made this comment questioning the sudden name change suddenly months after. A number of other comments regarding the situation itself remain, so I'm curious why the chain there specifically was removed.

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5:16 AM
Q: Can i check impact or people reached *live** from my stack-overflow account

AlwaysHelpingI am just wondering if there is an actual tab or system where you can see your impact (people reached) in numbers (or live system) I have researched here and could not find any question or answer to that. Just out of curiosity if there is something like that or will that be good have or not (adva...

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7:04 AM
Q: Remove the strikethrough on the edit review page

TschallackaWhen going through the edit review, it's hard for me to compare code before and after because of the strikethroughs in the red marked code. It's harder for me to digest/compare the old code to the new code when there is a strikethrough through the low contrast old code text, then when there is n...

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8:40 AM
Q: Make it clear that saying thanks is a public action that everyone can see

Shadow Wizard is Ear For YouAs a long time member of SO, I considered the new "say thanks" feature as another kind of voting, which naturally should be private, like the existing upvote/downvote actions. I also expected to get some daily "thanks" summary, like votes, in the timeline, and was astonished to see this instead: ...

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10:10 AM
Q: Downvoters should be required to justify their downvote

Chris RuehlemannDownvoting an answer is a form of feedback to the person who answered a question. The feedback can be made constructive if the downvote is associated with a comment by the downvoter stating the reason(s) why they downvoted. Such constructive downvoting is likely beneficial not only to the downvot...

^ del-pls
10:38 AM
@E_net4needscoffee Done, I guess.
Q: What is the most appropriate place to ask for help when the question involves code, combinatorics and CSTheory?

solubI would need help to implement in Python an algorithm called DXZ. It is similar to Donald Knuth's DLX algorithm (Dancing Links) with the exception that is uses a ZDD (Zero Suppressed Decision Diagram) to perform the search. I already have my own implementation of DLX and found a ZDD implemention ...

11:34 AM
Q: How to avoid criticism on my answer when bounty grace period will over?

turivishalExample of bounty on question: Example Question: This is my problem? (has bounty of +250) Answer: 4 answers (no any answer accepted) 3 Votes - (first answer by date) (answered by me) 3 Votes - (second answer by date) 2 Votes - (fourth answer by date) 0 Votes - (third answer by date) SO Bounda...

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1:40 PM
Q: Why I am not asking Question on Stackoverflow Account?

KUMARToday i am going to ask a question on PHP Language on stackoverflow from my account but i get this message:- You have reached your question limit Sorry, we are no longer accepting questions from this account. See the Help Center to learn more. so what i do ? and how can i recover this account for...

posted on July 16, 2020 by nakE

Stack Overflow is bad. Here’s a perfect example. I asked a question about Facebook Graph API that was immediately down-voted by the person who sent me a link to the exact documentation I explicitly said I had reviewed endlessly before asking the question. The problem wasn’t in my code, it inevitably was fixed because the documentation didn’t note that there was a deprecated field.

1:50 PM
How many levels of <redacted> does one have to be to post that?
2:34 PM
Q: Detailed and accepted answer deleted by a moderator - why?

OliverI am referring to this question for which I produced a detailed self-contained answer (no link), which was accepted by the person who raised the question. So far so good. But now I notice that my answer was deleted by a moderator, why? What policy did my answer not comply with? And I cannot even ...

3:10 PM
Q: Canonical Q/A for people that have problems with Future<T> in [flutter]

nvoigtI'm relatively new to flutter. There seems to be huge amounts of people who are starting to work with flutter and who have not heard of the async/await concepts either in flutter or in other languages (you can call it a Task<T> or a Promise<T> or a Future<T> but the concept is always the same). O...

Q: Makefile: Unable to add .h files from folder using a .mk file

Stephan GheorghicaI'm trying to link a .h file from a folder into a Makefile using a .mk file. Folder with .h file (include) is in the same folder as Makefile. When I run from terminal: make memory.o or make memory.o PLATFORM=MSP432 I get the following error make: *** No rule to make target '-I./include', needed b...

Is someone trying to have fun with Meta?
4:04 PM
Q: How can I comment on erroneous moderator comment?

user1721368My Answer to a Visual Studio/MFC question has been criticised by moderators as "not providing an answer to the question", and recommended for deletion - see https://stackoverflow.com/review/low-quality-posts/26688971. But I did answer, writing "... moving it to the other string table fixed the p...

Q: Rails parameter not passed from view to controller

Vikas PatilI have triying to pass text value from view to controller, getting nil value. I have already used to form_tag for another method. I want to pass use_id by calling method to controller. controller_code def search_user user_id = params[:user_id] if !user_id.empty? @user_data = ActiveRecord::Base.c...

4:22 PM
Q: Minor tag wiki edit rejected

LucanMy suggested edit of the Python tag wiki was rejected for the following generic reason: This edit does not make the post even a little bit easier to read, easier to find, more accurate or more accessible. Changes are either completely superfluous or actively harm readability. Now, I'm not here ...

4:34 PM
Q: How can I tell if average comments-per-question/answer increased over recent years?

Mr. BoyAnecdotally I feel like I get more comments on SO questions, and perhaps more comments on answers to my questions, than I used to. I mean genuine discussion, essentially a forumesque behaviour. Quite what that implies I'm not sure but memory is subjective. How can I quantify this whether on my qu...

4:46 PM
Q: How can I report broken functionality to Stack Overflow?

RafaelI've encountered a rendering issue while browsing StackOverflow. How do I report this to the dev team? Specifically: When creating a title for a question and double checking for duplicates, wait for results to appear. Change a word in the title, wait for the new result set to appear. Scroll. The...

5:04 PM
Q: Utilizing Chat to Better Support Troubleshooting Questions

Robert HarveyLike them or not, troubleshooting questions are here to stay. They comprise the overwhelming bulk of questions asked at Stack Overflow. In this post, I propose some simple changes to the way the commenting system and the chat system interact to better support these questions. Troubleshooting qu...

Q: Do not allow moderator candidates to change their user names during elections

Aquarius_GirlNormally the people of main site of Stack Overflow do not participate on Meta. They don't what goes on here, who says what, who supports whom and who is against whom. It is very dangerous if a candidate changes their name during elections to support what they were previously against about. Whatev...

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6:34 PM
Q: Flag on comment declined every time

turivishalSomeone commented on my question and that comment is not related with current question, I have flagged many time but its declined every time, It's okay if comment is not part of the answer but other viewers are looking at that comment first and predict something related to comment and that commen...

3 hours later…
9:22 PM
Q: How to ask a good question on Machine Learning?

zabopI am about to ask one of the first questions involving TensorFlow. I am trying to follow this guide on how to ask a good question. The questions I have seen previously on Machine Learning topics had very long code part, and did not summarize the problem succintly. However, I find it hard to prese...

9:52 PM
Q: Selecting filter options for review is barely readable

kluttI went to the reviews today and wanted to change filter, but it was barely readable. This is what it looked like: Don't know if it has something to do with Firefox. My version is 68.10.0esr (64-bit)


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