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1:10 AM
Q: New profile photo is not persistent

GuyI've been trying to update my profile photo. The popup by imgur works ok (very basic, it requires a square image and messes up the aspect ratio otherwise) and I can see the new photo reflected in edit profile section and header successfully but the moment I navigate away or refresh the page, the ...

Q: Is It Good Practice To Delete Accepted Answer On Closed Question?

CYrI recently answered a question on StackOverflow. A couple hours later, my answer was accepted. After a few minutes, I suddenly wanted to delete my question because of (some reasons). So i went back on SO, and decided to delete my question when i found it was accepted. So i left it(my answer) ther...

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4:10 AM
Q: Why do we still have the STL tag in C++ even when STL no longer exists in C++?

d4rk4ng31As we already know C++ does not have stl, but what happens to be libstdc++ or stdlib. I constantly see that people keep using the stl tag instead of the more appropriate libstdc++. Why do we still have the stl tag in the first place?

4:40 AM
Q: What can be done to prevent [gas] tag ambiguity?

TheMasterCurrently, gas tag refers to gnu-assembler. However, it can also be inferred as relating to google-apps-script, a scripting solution to automate Google products such as Google sheets. New users frequently tag gas to refer to Google apps script. This creates the tag editing burden on the communit...

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6:40 AM
Q: Is stack overflow developed using Python related framework?

Indrajith EkanayakeI'm developer with almost four years of experience but I resonantly started to learn Python. After experiencing some Python frameworks such as flask, Django I really curios to know from what framework stack overflow built with. I really feel like it is built on top of some Python related framewor...

7:04 AM
posted on July 15, 2020 by M.Sejersen

I am a bit curious about what you guys would do for a finishing assignment/ project for a 5 year long education revolving programming. I am a an intern focusing around .Net MVC, Umbraco CMS and obviously I also know some HTML/CSS & JavaScript. But in my internship I have mainly worked with CMS' and as such, my creativity is very limited as to what I could create for a finishin

Q: How do I mark a Question as solved on stackoverflow

Jay ThakkerI had asked a question on stackoverflow.com and now its answered by one of the member of stackoverflow so How do I mark the question as solved..

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11:22 AM
Q: The message after applying for a job is too bright

Paul KaramAfter applying for a job with easy apply button, you get a success message. In that message, you have the ability to change your Job Search Status. However, the contrast/colors are kind of too bright to a point where you can't read them without selecting the text or squeezing your eyes and come c...

11:46 AM
Q: Content Rights question while submitting app to AppStore

m-80I have a "Regram" app where user can repost any photo from Instagram to his own instagram account. There's a question that apple asks before submitting each app for the review: Does your app contain, show, or access third-party content? Should I answer yes or no? By default my app does not have a...

12:28 PM
Q: Introducing 'gap' tag as a synonym for 'gap-system' tag

Alexander KonovalovGAP is an open source mathematical software system. It provides a programming language, also called GAP. On Stack Exchange, questions about GAP can be found at: Mathematics, under the gap tag: https://math.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/gap Mathoverflow, under the gap tag: https://mathoverfl...

Q: Legitimate use of automated SO question synthesis for code development

Scott StenslandHas the SE community identified then worked to help any 3rd party automated code development projects which synthesize SO posts which get answered by real people yet who's answers are then auto parsed to help speed up coding of their project ? sort of like outsourcing your dev team to us mortals ...

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1:46 PM
Q: Comment with suggested modifications deleted

user120242Reference: https://stackoverflow.com/a/62915593/120242 My comment was along the lines of "what OP actually wants is [this small modification] to your code". I proposed two possible small changes. I didn't post a separate answer, because I didn't feel as if the changes warranted/required posting...

2:10 PM
Q: Issue with bold characters in code

Neeraj BansalPlease refer attached screenshot. I am trying to make bold char but it is not working. I tried for UNKNOWN keyword in the screenshot. Preview is showing star_star UNKNOWN star_star.

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3:34 PM
Q: Should I also flag a poor answer to a poor question

KitsuI found a low quality question with lack of the details, so I marked it with a relevant flag. Then, I noticed an answer for it, also with a poor quality. Should I flag it as well, if the post are going to be closed (probably)? Related meta questions, but not an applicable answer: What should I d...

4:14 PM
1 hour later…
5:28 PM
Q: Question's marked for closure that seem entirely legitimate

Mr. BoyIn my most reent question: How can I get the string interpolation operator $ to print "null" for null parameters I note I have multiple down-votes; I suppose I can understand people thinking my question is not useful though I was under the impression down-votes should be for badly worded question...

Q: SO doesn't notify when someone likes your comment

Wesley GonçalvesIs there any setting option to enable notification when someone likes your comment? There is not much to explain, but just to make it clear, I'm not notified when a user likes a comment I did in a post. Is this SO default behavior or there is an option to change it? Thanks

5:52 PM
Q: Rename [chef] to [chef-infra]

MachavityChef has been the name of the company since 2013, and they finally changed the name of their "classic" devops system to Chef Infra to help avoid confusion. As such, we should rename chef to chef-infra to help this avoid the same fate as other company tags

6:04 PM
Q: When [web-applications] should be used on SO?

Rubénweb-applications currently has >20k questions but it's tag excerpt / wiki doesn't include usage guidelines. By the other hand on Web Applications SE, the sister site about using web applications, daily gets questions about developing, installing, managing or even about the programming languages, ...

6:22 PM
Q: Should it be possible to assign "helpful points" to comments, or users who write comments?

David M. KarrI often see posts where there just isn't enough information for someone to be confident they can produce an answer that directly deals with the issue. In these situations, the most "helpful" thing someone can do is write comments on the post that draw out additional detail. Quite often these co...

7:10 PM
Q: Shouldn't flags such as "close flag due to off-topic" marked as unhelpful be remarked as helpful when a moderator later on closes for same reason?

Danny VarodShouldn't flags such as close flag due to off-topic marked as unhelpful be remarked as helpful when a moderator later on closes, especially if for same reason? E.g. A question closed as off-topic in 2015 and deleted, yet my close as off-topic flag from 2011 was declined and another example of the...

8:04 PM
Q: Can we have some anchor for the lifelines we are throwing?

β.εηοιτ.βεAlthough most of the help center pages are concise enough to be self sufficient, some other do contain a lot of information, and those are also the one we probably use the most, for example the magic ones, mvce and ask. Just now, I also encountered the lack of anchors on the page explaining what ...

8:16 PM
Q: Will this review-queues bug be fixed any time soon?

Ahmed AbdelhameedThis was first reported on March 30th. Here's a gif demonstration of the issue: This happens only with answers and it happens in three review queues: First Posts (answers only). Low Quality Posts (answers only). Late Answers (all posts, obviously). Reviewing in these three queues while using d...

9:04 PM
Q: Heroku Page not found (404) for Django implementation

IronMaidenI have developed a website using Django and it worked well on my local sever. However when I deployed it on Heroku, only the index.html is rendered. When I visit the other links it gives me this error https://recptool.herokuapp.com/login/ Page not found (404) Request Method: GET Request URL: ...

10:04 PM
Q: need moderator help reopening a closed question

kcw78A question with the [hdf5] and [python] tags was posted yesterday. It was closed before I could answer. Reason: "This question needs debugging details." Ref: Read .mat file in Python The OP posted both the code and the error message (and provided the a link to the .mat file). However, the error m...

10:52 PM
Q: You can have [anydesk] you like, but not here

David BuckI came across the anydesk tag on a question that was (incorrectly) in the Help and Improvement queue and it appears to be a candidate for burnination and deleting all of the tagged questions. This tag has 10 questions, the first of which dates from July last year. It has no description in the tag...


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