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3:23 AM
Q: 2 week ban for incorrect triage

Conor NeilsonToday I found out I made an unhelpful review in Triage, and have now been banned from reviewing for 2 weeks. In hindsight, totally agree that it should have been Unsalvageable, and it was my mistake for using "Needs Editing". What I'm curious about is where the length of the ban comes from? A...

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4:29 AM
Q: Is there a way to re-review a proposed edit?

drwatsoncodeI was reviewing proposed edits when I accidentally bumped the mouse, causing it to click the "Approve" button. I was not going to approve the edit, because it slightly changed the question that was being asked. I was going to "Improve Edits" to keep some of the edits, but not all. When I used th...

2 hours later…
6:29 AM
Q: When I click on button option, I see unusual page

MohammadMoeinGolchinFor about three days, I can't edit any post. When I click on edit option, this page is shown: What is the problem? Has anyone similar problem?

Q: How to take screenshots from Video that plaing on python QMediaPlayer?

user3030327Calling QVideoWidget with self.mediaPlayer.setVideoOutput(self.widget), below code is to play the video: def play(self): if self.mediaPlayer.state() == QtMultimedia.QMediaPlayer.PlayingState: self.mediaPlayer.pause() else: self.mediaPlayer.play() I searched on internet ...

7:05 AM
Q: Are bad questions unsalvegable by default?

apokryfosI've recently been review banned for review https://stackoverflow.com/review/triage/25659720 I'm curious to understand why (a) this question was deemed unsalvegable and (b) why my deeming it as ok warranted a review ban. From my point of view the question was a valid question. It was a questio...

2 hours later…
8:59 AM
Q: Ban is not some Legal Injunction, It is disadvantage for learners

Ambrish DhakaI have been an amateur coding enthusiast, who likes to do digital humanities. Many IT Geeks would find it hard what it means. But, it is very taxing for a person who would like to code as a social scientist. And, often the difficulty gets reflected in putting questions here. The customer-based ap...

2 hours later…
10:46 AM
Q: Can I hide a question I asked?

paw_rdI wonder if I can hide a question I've asked. I want to unhide it later. I know that the post is hidden if you delete it, and you can undelete it later. Is this the same thing? Deleting a question affects the reputation of the person whose answer I accepted?

11:34 AM
Q: Issue in creating searchview in android project

Bilali have 5 fragments each fragment is fetching data from the server and display the result in the recycler view. Now i want to add a search view main activity that search from all the fragments and display the result in new activity recycler view. I tried some thing but its not working. MainAct...

11:52 AM
Q: Question is locked for a very long time but not permanently

YonlifI am asking this question out of interest and curiosity. In the guide of locked posts it is mentioned that When a moderator locks a post they're required to select how long the lock should remain in place. The options are: 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, permanent. But I have encountered an answ...

12:28 PM
Q: Please remove Very low quality type flag on questions

DharmanI have found question today, which was a total gibberish. In my opinion it was not even worth casting 3 close votes, because it is just a waste of 3 people's votes and time. I cast a VLQ flag on it. My flag got declined, probably because this was not worth mod's attention and time either. This...

12:58 PM
Q: Where did the featured MSO posts go?

double-beepCurrently, there are 3 featured posts here, on MSO. However, they aren't visible from both the main and meta sites: Where did they go?

1:10 PM
Q: There is small Designing issue in StockOverflow's new DarkTheme, which is now in Beta version

DipenIn Post's Review|Suggested Edits when we change view in markdown mode its turns out white background with white text be cause of that we can not able to see text clearly.

1:40 PM
Q: Reputation Graph Tooltip Is Not Dark Mode Friendly

TGOAs you can see from the image below, the tooltip is barely legible if you zoom close enough, and not legible at all when seen on a normal zoom level.

2:10 PM
Q: Can any of the Developers add some CSS like this?

Eric SilveiraCustom scrollbar for Webkit that most people might like. For dark mode: ::-webkit-scrollbar{width:10px;background:#393939;}::-webkit-scrollbar-track{border-radius:10px;}::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb{background:#444;border-radius:10px;}::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:hover{background:#222;} For normal m...

2:45 PM
Q: First Posts review wrongly chastises me for recognizing a question

mattThe First Posts review queue showed me this: https://stackoverflow.com/review/first-posts/25773875 But it showed it to me disguised — not the way you'll see if if you click that link. In what I saw, there were no upvotes, and it was asked by a different user. (Unfortunately I didn't think to ta...

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3:51 PM
Q: Discord.py Heroku application error h14

Loïc Gregoireso I made a discord bot and I hosted it on heroku.The bot won't turn on and when I press "open app" on the heroku website I got this message: here is my logs: https://pastebin.com/L9NiRBDp my procfile:

4:27 PM
Q: List of "Followed" Questions and Answers

andrewjamesIs there a way to see a list of all the Stack Overflow questions and answers I have chosen to follow? And if so, how do I do that?

4:50 PM
Q: Not able to create/start collection in firestore

Harsh RajAfter creating project in https://console.firebase.google.com/ when i click on database and choose firestore it shows an option to start collection. But it does not work. After filling all the detail it just disappear it does not show anything. I don't understand whether it is related to my acco...

5:21 PM
Q: Not able to connect to Zookeeper Command Line Interface (zkCli.cmd) from a Windows Machine - Closing socket connection

SharinganI am new to Zookeeper and have installed a standalone version of Zookeeper on my Windows 10 machine. I am able to start the Zookeeper instance via zkServer.cmd, however when I try to interact with the Zookeeper Command Line Interface (zkCli.cmd), I am struggling. I am getting the below error repe...

5:39 PM
1 hour later…
7:03 PM
Q: Do you already noticed some changes in community habits due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

s.kFor those who have access to some site analytics, or are behind the curtains, do you already noticed some changes, such as an increase of some indicators due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Like for example the number of new contributors, the number of questions or answers, the vote casts, or any other...

7:51 PM
Q: How to run GDB and accept GDB commands through Java program?

NoobProgrammer777I am trying to build a GUI for GCC which has some basic functionalities like compile, link, execute, debug, etc using Java. I am creating strings of command which I pass to the ProcessBuilder and run it via command prompt and GCC. command = "cd src & cd Resources & g++ " + absolutePath +" -Wall ...

8:33 PM
Q: {competitive-coding] has no place here!

S.S. Anne Does it describe the contents of the questions to which it is applied? and is it unambiguous? No. That a question is about a program for a competitive coding is irrelevant to the question itself. It is unambiguous to the point that competitive coding does not have more than one meaning, but I ...

9:15 PM
Q: “Suggested edit approval overridden” -2

hanieI'm new in this side and this the is the first time that I have noticed , this reputation loss reverted -2 with this explanation “Suggested edit approval overridden” for this question here does this mean my edit was rejected and I lost reputation for that?

Q: Why do people mark questions as favorites when they haven't even upvoted them?

einpoklumI've recently asked a question which, within a few days, has garnered 1 upvote, but was marked as favorite by two people. This post is not about that question, though, it's about the logic behind marking a question as a favorite while not upvoting it (which, in particular, happened with my quest...

9:45 PM
Q: why I can't delete more than 5 post per day?

hanietoday I decided to delete some of my answers which I thought were not good enough(all of them were zero score and non them were accepted). after 5 post , it didn't let me delete any more answer.(and I didn't know there was such limit ,I'm new in this site) then I answered a question here then OP...


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