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1:01 AM
Q: If my own question is closed as a dup, I cannot see the link to the dup

Ken Y-NI accepted a suggested dup for my own question, and now I see: But where is the duplicate? As an experienced user, I know to scroll down to the Linked section in the right-hand column, but to the newbie with their post closed they may be unable to find this. This box should have a link to the ...

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7:44 AM
Q: Review ban, because of an accidental click

emixI use moderation tools on StackOverflow every day. I do it to help, keep the site clean. I'm working on my 14 inch notebook lately as I try to keep away from the office these days. Working with the touch pad is quite annoying, sometimes an accidental click may occur as I'm trying to hit a button...

8:08 AM
Q: Review Ban Appeal for triage/25678209

LuzeFor the past couple of days I noticed that I had no review queues available to me. I just recently realized that this means I have been review banned. (I have seen the same message before and believe I've been review banned a couple times in the past) I found out about stackoverflow.com/review a...

8:38 AM
Q: Dozens of users removed -366

jppI don't usually make a fuss about a small reputation shock due to "User removed". Over the last couple of days, though, two aspects of the reputation shock are a bit worrying: It appears from the detail there are dozens of users being removed, see screenshot below. In the very small number of p...

2 hours later…
10:37 AM
Q: Why I cannot get out of a question ban?

Mostafa AbdellaouiToday I try to post a question, but I'm surprised that I'm not able to ask questions , I corrected some previous posts and also I deleted some non useful questions but I stll have this question ban ! How can I do to get out of question ban ?

11:25 AM
Q: Transparent background images in Dark Mode

Bob__I'm trying the new Dark Mode and I'd like to point out a possible issue. When a user post an image, chances are that it has a transparent background. For instance, if I want to post a math formula, I can generate an image file using an online equation editor, like codecogs. The "issue", here, i...

11:42 AM
Q: Have certain tags require additional/alternative tags or justification for not including them

Caius JardI'd like to see some way of [hierarchically] linking tags to other tags, such that use of a parent tag without a child tag causes the site to prompt the asker to consider using a child tag instead/also, or supply a justification of why they won't use a child tag. The justification would be displa...

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12:54 PM
Q: Dark mode on StackOverflow bounty section needs CSS fix

Luke BrownTrying to start a bounty on Stack Overflow, but with dark mode enabled I can't view the selected title for this radio selection as it's still white.

1 hour later…
2:18 PM
posted on April 02, 2020 by j08691

Took the survey. Dismissed the banner. Still shows up on every.single.question.

1 hour later…
3:36 PM
Q: It seems I reached the ban limit

FlameSomehow I achieved it to get banned from the review queue again. This has happened a few times in the past now and the ban duration keeps stacking up. My current ban will be lifted on June 4th (60ish days from now). I am willing to spend my time improving this website but it feels like I have re...

1 hour later…
4:42 PM
Q: How to setup a domain name on a react-node app?

Patrick StanciuI have an app made with React and Node, and it is stored on an Ubuntu Server. I have access to the server through via SSH. How can I set up a domain name for my app?

2 hours later…
6:47 PM
Q: How do I improve questions marked as Duplicate or Off-Topic when trying to lift a questionban?

GrebalbI recently got a questionban, which I'm trying to get lifted by improving my bad questions. I have four questions that have a negative amount of votes. Two of these I have tried to improve, but the other two I don't really know what to do with. One is just straight up really bad and I have no ide...

7:17 PM
Q: Why am I not able to cast 40 votes in a day?

codeczarI have upvoted 39 times today and it is giving the message that "daily limit reached", but the limit for a day is 40 votes. Why is it happening as such why am I not able to use my full quota of votes?

1 hour later…
8:46 PM
Q: Make the products button in top navigation turn to icon on mobile

ZeraAt the moment, this is what the top navigation looks like when viewed on mobile: Because of the products button taking up lots of space, the user has to scroll the buttons on the right in order to show the site switcher button: This becomes a constant nuisance, as I regularly use the site s...

9:40 PM
Q: Dark mode issue on developer story

Siamak A.MotlaghI found this issue on developer story tab when the theme is dark. The white gradient need to be fixed.

1 hour later…
10:58 PM
Q: Why was my flag on an obvious joke answer declined?

John MontgomeryRelated: Is it permissible to post joke questions? I flagged the answer to this question (now deleted anyway, thankfully) as Not An Answer because it was blatantly a joke like the question itself. As per this similar case, it should have been immediately obvious to anyone that it added zero valu...

11:16 PM
Q: C# Newtonsoft: How to merge object arrays without duplicate

HarshI am trying to merge two JObjects using Newtonsoft. Here are the models. public class Users { public int userId { get; set; } public string name { get; set; } public List<Role> roles { get; set; } } public class Role { public int roleId { ge...

Q: Edit answer doubled

nbkAfter editing my answer here in SO. My answer doubled, without my intervention. I deleted the second answer, but it os still a bug

Q: Puzzling error message "You have reached your question limit"

David SpectorWhy am I now getting an error message, "You have reached your question limit", but only on the Stack Overflow website? My reputation is 330 and I mostly ask difficult questions that I cannot answer for myself. I answer questions only when I feel sure I can contribute a helpful answer, which means...


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