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1:03 AM
Q: Faster R-CNN model

Gourav Nayak I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Faster R-CNN in Keras Can someone please help me with the model of Faster R-CNN in Keras and explain a little bit about them so that I can modify it and train it for a custom dataset. I have been reading a lot of blogs and papers but they are n...

5 hours later…
5:51 AM
Q: Privilege type text is swapped

William TaylorThe text for 'Privilege type' is swapped on link It read: Milestone privilegePrivilege type:, but it should be Privilege type: Milestone privilege

2 hours later…
7:38 AM
Q: is it good style to answer the question and write the complete edited code as well?

Jens I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: getting the last known value of a variable I wonder if it is allright to post the complete code as answer. I found it hard to describe the solution without being very abstract. But posting the complete edited code also means the asking person ...

6 hours later…
1:27 PM
Q: Allow moving through the job list with hotkeys

totkeksWith the new design of having the jobs list to the left and the job ad on the right, it would be nice to scroll through those jobs with hotkeys, e.g. j for next and k for previous (common hotkeys from vim and also used in other apps and tools). Maybe even add some more hotkeys for save, dismiss ...

1:39 PM
Q: Situation of deletion up to come

davidI'm quite new to SO, and whatever the quality (high or low) of the question, I noticed frequent deletions of questions once a satisfying answer is given (not only in threads I've been involved in). Personnaly, it happened I've answered questions of new contributors, and the question is either de...

2:21 PM
Q: How to make a map marker with a more information button on a map

Mahmoud OsamaHi Everyone, On my website I have a page that has a map and I put on map, map markers, so I want to put in each map marker a more information button that redirect to another page. That's My Code: <script> var json = { "mapMarker1": { "co...

Q: Should there be an LMS section on StackExchange

JohnI had some questions about import formats for Brightspace learning management system (LMS), essentially, how to get a multi-line question imported. As I looked around I discovered there is no LMS section to StackExchange. Most questions related to LMS are in SO and are related to administration a...

3:27 PM
Q: What features did the first version of Stack Overflow have?

NorbertYou could add, answer, and upvote questions. What else could you do? Was the reputation system already present in the first release? Did it give you editing and other privileges or did it only keep a count? What other things did it have and not have?

3:56 PM
Q: Feature request: Closed at the beginning of the title

somebadhatFeature request: [Closed] at the beginning of the title. I click on a link only to find the question is closed. I don't read right to left. [Closed] should be put at the beginning of the title.

2 hours later…
6:13 PM
Q: Reputation isn't come back when an answer is deleted

MohammadMoeinGolchinI have an answer with score -2. When I delete it, I get -4 in my reputation. As I had seen in meta site, reputation will come back when an answer is deleted, but why for my answer reputation again decreased?

6:49 PM
Q: Add syntatic support for Java record as of Java 14

NikolasThere is a new tag java-record that comes with questions based on the new data Java structure Record as of Java 14. An example from the very same page: public record FXOrder(int units, CurrencyPair pair, Side side, double price, ...

7:19 PM
Q: Improve existing filter to exclude companies or company types

totkeksWhen scrolling through the job listings I often look for companies that are not in the consulting or outsourcing software development business - or in other words, companies that have their own product for which they need more developers. It would be good, if the exclusion list for companies wou...

7:55 PM
Q: Reputation loss on deleted questions: adapting to new reputation point system

Michael OhlroggeI recently had a question deleted. It wasn't a very good question, I admit. It had one up-vote and two down-votes. My net reputation impact from the question, before it was deleted, was: +5 (from the one up-vote) and -4 (from the two down votes) for a net of +1. The question was asked before ...


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