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1:55 AM
Q: My "Very Low Quality" flag got denied on a 'question' that wasn't actually a question on SO

SamathingamajigLink to the post Hi SOM, I got a VLQ flag denied on a SO post that wasn't even a question, just someone stating that the Google API for c# is slow. I was wondering if anyone could explain why that flag was denied since the moderator didn't send any explanation to me. I just see declined - a moder...

Q: How to Interpret GPS data received from GPS Device using Node Js?

Meet patelWe have implemented App that listen on some port for receiving data from GPS Device. All are working correct, We are receiving data from GPS Device on terminal, but We can not guess what data is about. Here is data that I received from GPS Device. I am receiving two data in one interval Interval ...

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6:49 AM
Q: Is Stack Overflow a good place for self learners?

alpablo20My journey on to SO meta started today after I asked a quesiton and not 5 minutes after posting, it got marked as duplicate and closed. I tried asking it differently, but I quickly learned that I had been banned from asking questions because I had asked too many bad questions. I am a self-learner...

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10:19 AM
Q: Is such a comment against the CoC? If so, why?

EnricoThinking it could be a bit against the CoC, I've just deleted a comment of mine I wrote under my own question in response to someone flagging it as "needs more focus". The comment was To whoever voted to close this question: have you considered consulting a psychiatrist?

10:40 AM
is not well accustomed to closure.
11:25 AM
Q: Burninate [model]

Ian Kemphttps://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/model Does it describe the contents of the questions to which it is applied? Is it unambiguous? It's a meta tag that is incredibly vague and as such, used willy-nilly pretty much everywhere (there are currently almost 19k questions with this tag applie...

Q: Burninate [multiple-models]

Ian Kemphttps://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/multiple-models Another meta tag with a grand total of 90 questions across multiple knowledge domains, and no usage guidance. Not even going to bother going through the burninate request checklist, as it's pretty obvious that this one should be gone ASAP.

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1:43 PM
Q: A friendly reminder to all meta users: your perfect is the enemy of the community's good enough

Ian KempScenario: A question about something that should be changed/fixed on Stack Overflow is asked on Meta I post an answer with a suggestion that will handle 99% of the cases the question is relevant to. Meta users post comments on my answer, suggesting it is problematic because it doesn't consider o...

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6:20 PM
Q: Technically wrong answer queue

Ani MenonI had marked this Answer for deletion: https://stackoverflow.com/a/62114425/2142994 as it is not what the OP of the question is asking. Question is asking for an answer specifically in python, but answer is in scala. So, had flagged this answer as "not an answer". But the flag was declined with t...

7:14 PM
Q: Is it a misuse to downvote a specific person's other questions because of one question?

HykilpikonnaSo I recently asked this question: iOS - How to add "Today Extension" target in Xcode 12.1?, and one person upvoted it. Ten minutes later, another person saw this question, and maybe he doesn't think this question deserves a +10 reputation, so he downvoted that question but also four of my other ...

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10:27 PM

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