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12:38 AM
1:13 AM
Q: Why was I suspended for accepting suggested edits that were ultimately approved?

SeanI received a four-day suspension for accepting a suggested edit that capitalized all instances of the pronoun "I", which were previously lowercase. The suspension notice reads: You approved poor edits to this post suggested-edits/27386987, which should have been rejected. Please pay more attenti...

1:31 AM
Q: I don't understand how to get more information about a review queue suspension and actually learn from it

Michael WelchI got suspended for saying Looks Ok on this post https://stackoverflow.com/review/triage/27430952 I just read it over again and agree with my take and one other person agreed. Two people just stated that it Required Editing. So 4 out of 5 people thought the question content was okay. What additio...

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7:19 AM
Q: Search query combined with "duplicate:0" skips many posts

RanoiaetepI Have a custom filter setup for me, as [c++] or [c++11] or [c++17] or [c++14] or [c++20] or [c++98] or [c++03] to see most C++ related questions. It returns about 700,000 questions. However, there are many of them marked [duplicate]. So naturally, my thought is to filter out all the questions ma...

7:37 AM
Q: How about alerting original poster when dead link occurs?

sandwoodI've notice that often original poster are willingly to update their post / answer if there are notified that some link in their post is dead, even years after. But this require someone posting a comment on the post. So sometimes precious hours lost for the reporter awaiting update.. that the ori...

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1:19 PM
Q: Is this question OK or Unsalvageable

Michael WelchI was just about to click Looks Ok on this post: while loops and bash scripting But I am choosing to skip. I'm skipping because of a recent suspension which I discussed here. The answer to my question included the comment that any answer wouldn't really be that useful to someone else. Does that s...

1:37 PM
Q: Do I need to license my code under GPL if I use code from Stack Overflow?

dan1stFrom the licensing page of stackoverflow: Content contributed on or after 2018-05-02 (UTC) is distributed under the terms of CC BY-SA 4.0. When I looked on the Creative-Commons page describing the license, I found the following: ShareAlike — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material,...

2:01 PM
Q: If pseudocode level questions are on topic, do they need to provide an attempt at a solution?

code11I recently ran across this question, which asks, in generic terms, how to implement a BFS related algorithm with particular constraints. Most importantly, it does not have any language tagged, nor does it seem to expect or provide code in a particular language. Unfortunately, the question is stat...

Q: Question closed as duplicate that's not a duplicate

MartinMy question was closed seconds after posting it. By a single user. The duplicate message links to a question that is not asking what I need to find out. Mine is about counter-intuitive browser behavior with regard to an already encoded url fragment inside a URL parameter and that the browser seem...

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5:37 PM
Q: how to report malware to stackoverflow?

ToddA link in an answer directs to a web site that tries to take over the computer. How to report this to StackOverflow so that it will remove the link? The answer in "Code Example" link. Is it possible to make a grayscale BMP file?

Q: Activity removal when profile is deleted

user998692I want to delete my stackoverflow profile, but I understand that the questions and answers I provided will be retained and I cannot have them deleted. I would like to understand what will in fact be deleted from my activities and what will remain. Has anyone had this experience and could advise me?

6:19 PM
Q: Are/when/why were the explanations for closing reasons changed?

Patrick ArtnerJust voted a question asking for 3rd party libraries to be closed and I think it has a new, reduced and less informative text: Seeking recommendations for books, tools, software libraries, and more This question is likely to lead to opinion-based answers. When/why were they changed? I think tut...

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11:07 PM
Q: This is a comment not an answer

RobI think this is the fourth time this year where someone posts an answer with the statement, as in this one This should be a comment, but I can't comment yet. I flag it as "Not an answer" but the response is "Declined". Every single time this has happened including one where the answer was even...


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