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1:34 AM
Q: Serial Voting Report

Julian Tiemann Someone went through and explicitly downvoted all of my questions. Not cool. I'll bet they didn't even read them.

2:16 AM
Q: Shall we create a new npm-semver tag (or to use the loosely related semver tag)?

zypA13510I have a question about semver range syntax which was initially tagged with semver. As someone has pointed out in the comment, the semantic-versioning specs - semver.org, does not include any range syntax. The range syntax is npm (and npm-like tool, e.g. yarn) specific, governed by npm/semver. N...

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6:58 AM
Q: Wait, what's actually wrong with this question? (Review audit question)

dwjohnstonhttps://stackoverflow.com/review/close/25115710 I just failed this audit question for choosing 'Looks OK'. The question seems good: The user has some code They say what they want They say what they output is. Ok, maybe the issue is in this the input/output result is as follows. input ...

7:16 AM
For those who missed it: Madara Uchiha's resignation as moderator: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/392889/…
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9:22 AM
Awww Madara's diamond is actually gone now :'(
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11:08 AM
Q: List of recent "Responses" showing weird text-folding

Adrian MoleI recently noticed that, in the "Responses" tab of my "Stack Overflow Meta" profile page, the "Nick Names" column text is folding in a very weird way: I cannot reproduce this on the main SO site, nor on any of the other sites I'm registered but there seems to be something similar happening on ...

Q: Stack overflow alternatives?

Michael ChourdakisI'm a professional audio developer and member in SO for some years. Last year I started answering questions myself and so I build a small rep. After I saw all these mod resignations and facts I would like to share with you the following thoughts: SO answering has become somewhat of a car race. ...

Q: Why editing posts does not remove Review ban?

Aragon SI am trying to participate in this community and help others by answering and editing posts and answers to new users, but unfortunately, I made some bad reviews and got reviews ban, so I decided to explore the questions in home page and improve what need to be improved since that almost every edi...

11:44 AM
Q: Why can't I undo my upvote casted long time back?

Mangat Rai ModiI returned to a question asked after a few months and realized that the answer I upvoted is actually not correct. My skills in that particular area have improved and I don't agree with the answer anymore and would like to not support it by my upvote. A similar scenario is discussed here - What i...

11:56 AM
Q: Deleted answer because of facts?

HelloWorldMy perfectly answer at How do the moderator resignations affect me and the community? was deleted by a moderator. Screenshot: Nothing in the answer was speculation. Moderator was indeed unpaid. Nobody has more than 24 hours a day, and that includes moderators. Moderator who spends hours...

12:20 PM
Q: Martijn Pieters abusing powers?

HelloWorldModerator Martijn Pieters seems abusing the moderation power. That's one of the reasons why moderator leaving Stackoverflow doesn't necessary mean a bad thing. That might also be a reason why former moderator Monica was removed from her duty. Please note my answer did indeed give a valid answer ...

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2:14 PM
Q: Excerpt taken from a language's homepage is "promoting a product" or "deliberately destructive" when used in usage guidelines?

RuzihmI thought I'd try learning the new language Beef, and that it would be a good opportunity to write some posts about what I've learned and what I can't learn on my own. So, I created a tag for it, basically just taking an excerpt from the language's official documentation (emphasis mine): Beef...

2:38 PM
Q: Should 'Stack Overflow' become a not for profit? Warning: contains positivity!

tomRedoxAs a user who still regards themselves very much as a basic Stack Overflow user I've been watching the recent moderator issues and breakdown in trust between the community and the SE company with sadness and then with increasing alarm as I've begun to educate myself on what the 'community' actual...

3:02 PM
Q: Why is the rate of positively scoring questions and answers steadily declining?

TrilarionI looked at the number of newly created, non-deleted, non-closed questions and answers per month split by score (negative, zero, positive). (SEDE query) It looks like this: The system automatically deletes abandoned questions older than 365 days with score <0 and no answers. I simulated this ...

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4:19 PM
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5:49 PM
Q: Has there been any analysis of the effect of the "askers rewarding" change?

BenLast year there was a change to the points-award algorithm to ensure questions were rewarded with more points. Has there been any retrospective on this change, to see if it delivered the intended outcomes?

6:31 PM
Q: Is this a new feature of S/E that comments are summarily deleted without warning?

BenThis has happened to me twice within the last 48 hours whereby comments I make on questions, as part of an exchange with another user have simply vanished from the site when I revisit a question to check for updates. OK, they haven't been Einstein-level comments, but still... I have had a hiatu...

6:49 PM
Q: Examination of this question

BenI this question, a moderator states that there is only one answer - OK fair enough - and then deletes all the other answers. Just what is going on here?

Q: Asking questions about specific bugs in large projects

Jake Denham-DysonI have been learning C++ recently and frequent stack overflow for advice on a project I'm working on. The project has become rather large. Some of the bugs and coding cases I encounter seem so specific to the project that they cannot be easily replicated unless they function under the same cont...

7:16 PM
Jon Ericson, also, is leaving Stack Overflow: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/342424/…
@E_net9isdisappointedinSE Interesting new "signet" you have :-)
Q: Why is it that within two hours of re-engaging with this community, I feel like deleting my account?

BenWhy is it that within two hours of re-engaging with this community, the moderators have made me feel like deleting my account? I've previously answered a huge number of questions on Stackoverflow and have some expertise. It'll be Stack Exchange's loss if the moderators continue along the same c...

7:43 PM
Q: Failed Audit for commenting

aksh1618I failed this audit, for commenting the exact same comment already having more than 20 upvotes (which wasn't visible during audit): Please include the compilation error message. I did not upvote or downvote because it seemed like a textbook question instead of a real problem faced by the p...

7:55 PM
Q: Who or what is Monica and why so much notice from SE users?

DRPI see more and more users putting profile names related to "Monica". Is there an official post of what is all this movement around "Monica"? There is no tag for "Monica" so I'll put this as "discussion".

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9:13 PM
Q: Possible exploitation of accepting own question?

AnatsuWhen this has become a norm? This is the second time i'm leading someone to the solution: Here And here In both cases Op just takes the answer, Mumble something in a new message then accepting it as his own solution. Second guy actually been waiting 3 mounts (!) for an answer, and done this a...

9:25 PM
More on the subject of Jon Ericson's departure (blog) jlericson.com/2020/01/17/leaving_stack.html
@CindyMeister Can't leave no opportunity to (ab)use infinite display name changes to waste.
9:49 PM
@E_net9isdisappointedinSE Actually, I was referring to the "Igel" ("Stachelschwein", porcupine)
10:07 PM
Q: What is the reuse license for the Stack Overflow content?

VaccanoI see a lot of turbulence on Stack Overflow these days. (Moderators quitting, SE firing long time employees, etc). And the fact that the Stack Exchange "people" do not try to give any real explanation of what is happening or reasons behind it makes me nervous. I worry that so many people will ...

10:36 PM
@CindyMeister Only questions rise to my head now.
@CindyMeister ... Wait, do you mean unsafe Ferris? Totally not a porcupine. :)
Q: How do I hide the "featured on meta" widget in the sidebar?

joeThe "featured on meta" widget often distracts me my from my work, especially lately. Is it possible to hide it from the UI?

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11:43 PM
Q: Is Google PageSpeed Insights linking to SO for support incorrectly?

Andrew MortonGoogle's PageSpeed Insights asks users to use Stack Overflow for support. Should it be suggesting using webmasters.stackexchange.com instead?


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