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2:00 PM
@KirstyHarris, Bob bounces, it bounces too fast, like it sat on a cactus ;P
spikey ass
@KirstyHarris you realize you can do this all in css
but it still looks cool.... so im happy its just working in general @rlemon
You stole my lines Lemon >_>
2:03 PM
@KirstyHarris, the only thing that would happen is a bit of more processing that the Borwser has to do if u r using JS.
hmmm well if i could find something in css on the web then i will change it lol
until then.... it looks funky!
yeah CSS animations are hardware accelerated :3
and yes it does :D , esp my peverted version :D
@Abhishek, what would you prefer more for a online game? Flash or JS?
@AnujKaithwas Obviously JavaScript
webGL & Canvas FTW!
@KirstyHarris jsfiddle.net/g8J3y/75
2:08 PM
for Quake live too?
i cleaned up the code for you ^_^
@AnujKaithwas yes , webGL would do great :P
ah! its not bouncing!!
i know x(
lemme fix that
seriously, js for quake?
2:10 PM
u know quake live?
I use javascript for audio processing and broadcasting
@AnujKaithwas i do :P
okay, enjoy your happy time with JS.
@KirstyHarris much
thanks @Abhishek :)
2:12 PM
@AnujKaithwas btw i also know C++ and know internals of v8 so when JS is not the solution i just write native code in C++ and bind it with JS boosting my performance by miles!
oh and btw
oh it does look prettiful!
@AnujKaithwas workshop.chromeexperiments.com/stars try this in a real browser ^_^ you still think JS cant do thing a , b , c ?
webGL has still a long way in front of it
right now, Flash would be a better fit, but webGL is slowly making up some ground
well if you know c+++, can you help me out with a c++ statement,
it goes like this:
double d=3.1414;
char ch = *( char *) &d;
what does the char * mean here?
@GNi33 you mean the flash 3d ?
2:17 PM
one shouldn't be JS narcissist. :D
@AnujKaithwas Pick up a C or C++ tutorial
Pointers are chapter 3
(char*) means "cast to char*"
but then what would *(char *) mean?
* is the pointer dereference operator
@Zirak, hahaha, I know. but in the great land of India, it is the last chapter.
2:18 PM
@AnujKaithwas wrong
Q: What does "dereferencing" a pointer mean?

asirWhat does it mean to dereference a pointer? Can I please get a explanation with an example?

a gift for u
it is like this,
char ch = a;
char dh=&a;
then char bh=*dh, would give out a, cuz *& would negate each other
2:20 PM
var lol = 0; if (lol) {eatMe()}
char ch = *( char *) &d;
By this statement basically you are just getting address of the double d via the "&" operator casting it to (char *) and then dereferencing it
Format your code!
that's exactly what @KendallFrey meant to say.
char ch = a;
char dh=&a;
then char bh=*dh
2:22 PM
char *izard = &poke;/*mon*/
var lol = 0; if (lol) {eatMe()}
@AnujKaithwas Thank you
ok so node.js masters and noobies (who are less noobie than me) - GIVE ME YOUR KNOWLEDGE!
2:23 PM
@rlemon Here
@rlemon connect to either
@rlemon 404
@KendallFrey lol
I still dont get what was Anuj wanting to ask :-|
2:25 PM
@FlorianMargaine basically in the next 4 hours I hope to accomplish three things:
1) get node.js / express / couchDB (or my iris couch account) working together.
2) (I already have the template done in html/css/js) convert template to working page
3) get the client email registry working (super simple, store their emails... no dupes... validate email addresses)
not ambitious enough.
@Abhishek, you won't dude.
as in i dont understand what was u not getting in it ?
@rlemon - This is too good. I had to tweet it! try { hooker } catch( std ) { return false; // phew! close one. }
2:27 PM
yes, I am a man full of code wit.
more like // too bad
actually, if anything were to be corrected it would be s/std/sti/
!!/define sti
Could not find definition for sti. Trying Urban Dictionary
@rlemon [sti](http://sti.urbanup.com/172025) Subaru Technica International

aka mustang killer
few years back they changed Sexually Transmitted Disease to Sexually Transmitted Infection. I suppose it is more accurate as Infection. STI doesn't have the same invocation of fear though.
This chat room needs a like button
2:30 PM
@Abhishek dammit, now i feel stupid again. i seem to forget how pointers work all the time
@jasdeepkhalsa Meet the Star
should try to code some C/C++ again from time to time
@GNi33 ask anuj :D
btw Gni33 see facebook
@Abhishek A star doesn't FEEL good enough
2:32 PM
then @jasdeepkhalsa do a small userscript to convert those starts to fb like ;D
@rlemon, what that golum's name?
however you spell it
that's not smeagle, right? that's his unfortunate mate? no.
2:34 PM
@Abhishek lol. Something like $('.star').html('<span>Like</span>') should do it ;)
@jasdeepkhalsa, do you always talk in codes? normally too?
var stars = $(".img.vote");
//so basically

  var sp = document.createElement('span');
   sp.textContent = 'Like';
@AnujKaithwas (function(emotion) {alert(emotion);})("Yes");
            function testXHR(form) {
                var url = 'resources/picture/upload';
                var formData = new FormData(form);
                var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();
                xhr.open('POST', url, true);

                xhr.onload = function() {
                    console.log('upload complete');

2:39 PM
@Abhishek SyntaxError: Unexpected token )
ehh ..replace stars = document.querySelectorAll(".img.vote");

This causes an error in console, but it goes through fine in "network" ?
@AndersMetnik you have to append the file ^_^
The file in in the form parameter
2:41 PM
data gets transfered fine
TypeError: target.getAttribute(...) is null
[Break On This Error]

Filtered chrome url chrome://firebug/content/accessible/a11y.js
Might have something to do with it?
(function() {
	function makeUrl(app_id, link, picture, name, caption, description, redirect_url) {
		var url = 	"https://www.facebook.com/dialog/feed?" +
					"app_id=" + app_id + "&" +
					"link=" + link + "&" +
					"picture=" + picture + "&" +
					"name=" + name + "&" +
					"caption=" + caption + "&" +
					"description=" + description + "&" +
					"redirect_url=" + redirect_url;
		return url;
	var metas = document.getElementsByClassName('meta');
	Array.prototype.forEach.call(metas, function(meta) {
put it on jsFiddle or a demo page ?
I don't have an account so I cannot make an app_id but that should just about do it
@Abhishek Uhmm how it's connected to our closed DB + backend :/
and not a like, but a share button
2:43 PM
@AndersMetnik eh
lemme think then
@AndersMetnik what is your target btw ?
@FlorianMargaine not sure if you are being a perv or just being nice joke ?
@Abhishek JAX RS you mean?
@AndersMetnik no where is that target.getAttribute line coming from ?
2:46 PM
Firefox threw an error
after i tried to look at the "cancelled post" in console
Kept throwing it
i am wondering how a single post request can cause that
An error being thrown in most cases negatively impacts the workness of your code.
Don't look at that imo.
It was thrown after my code had executed though
wait a second
2:48 PM
            function testXHR(form) {
                var url = 'resources/picture/upload';
                var formData = new FormData(form);
                var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();
                xhr.open('POST', url, true);

                xhr.onload = function() {
                    console.log('upload complete');

see the different @AndersMetnik ^ xhr.send(formData)?
@Loktar \o
@AndersMetnik still doesnt explains ur error thoug but if it works i assume the return post
2:50 PM
well this is helpful
@rlemon it is suppposed to
be a horrible website that tells me nothing?
well than it accomplished all goals it set out to achieve!
yes but no links from the main site
it's balls and wieners
here is a visual.
the links are on the top right
2:52 PM
ohh :(
i'm blind.
@Abhishek nope it does not
damn you 24" side screen .....
        <form action="resources/picture/upload" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">
                Select a Category : <select id="cat" name="cat"> <option value="1234">Icons</option></select>
                Select an image : <input id="file" type="file" name="file"/>
            <input type="hidden" id="appId" name="appId" value="1"/>
            <input type="submit" value="Upload It" onclick="testXHR(this.form)" />
@AndersMetnik can u check on the server side if it got the form ?
Isn't that right ?
It gets the form
2:54 PM
@AndersMetnik it gets the form because of this form Itself will do so
remove the XHR and the thing will still work
but this was how the html5rock did it?
<form id="myform" name="myform" action="/server">
<input type="text" name="username" value="johndoe">
<input type="number" name="id" value="123456">
<input type="submit" onclick="return sendForm(this.form);">
ahh return
they cheated u (XD)
2:57 PM
return false is kind like e.preventDefault();
upload complete
works ?
hugs back
Yes that I understand
Just had a no element found but i'll figure that out later
2:58 PM
randomly joins in on hugs....
squishes u both
@FlorianMargaine Crap, now I have to work on Dvorak...
is squished so he leaves works, waves
laters guys
weekend time
@FlorianMargaine another one would be "wow, just half an hour ago this guy on the SO-chat told me....."
didn't know this one
3:03 PM
@FlorianMargaine lol
Am offline for dinner , see you all later
To contrast...
'morning folks
and the last one
now with bounty!
Q: What's a workaround for Chrome for Android's incorrect clientX and clientY behavior?

Simon SarrisIn Chrome for Android versions 16 and 18 (at least) there is a bug that reports clientX and clientY incorrectly. If the page is scrolled the values of clientX/Y will be incorrect for at least the touchstart event, though not the click event. There is a bug for it here: https://code.google.com/p/...

I didn't want to give up my 20K priviliges though :D
3:09 PM
@SimonSarris flagging the only answer, that's clearly bounty whoring ~~
@SimonSarris Wait for it to be fixed, nobody can blame you if your code doesn't work in a buggy environment
it was there before the bounty, it really should have been a comment though
everyone WILL blame me! I sell a JS library! For real monies!
nobody upvoted my answer in C :(
A: Creating text file into C++ addon of node.js

Florian MargaineNode.js relies on libuv, a C library to handle the I/O (asynchronous or not). This allows you to use the event loop. You'd be interested in this free online book/introduction to libuv: http://nikhilm.github.com/uvbook/index.html Specifically, there is a chapter dedicated to reading/writing file...

@FlorianMargaine I downvoted your answer for using 4 spaces instead of 2
(just kidding, I upvoted it)
"If you have then C++ use it. Study it." christ what an ass
damn 300 rep!
3:17 PM
anyone wanna work for google? :-P careers.stackoverflow.com/jobs/9688/…
@FlorianMargaine nobody upvoted my stupid answer on chrome snippets :( :P
@GNi33 Simon's bounty
its 300 rep, pretty nice bounty
well... he's got a bunch :D
ok about to get started on this express site template example
wish me luck
my last attempt at node was a failure
3:19 PM
@rlemon I have confidence in you
its pretty easy honestly
the hardest part is getting everything setup
alright guys! everyone, have a great weekend! see you
retroships is done fully in node
@GNi33 have a good weekend
@Loktar lol setup is where i've failed in the past.
two days, no working server, rage-quit
@GNi33 take care
yeah setup is ass
putty sucks :(
3:22 PM
aww I love putty
@Loktar i'm starting with this github.com/langpavel/node-express-site-template
@Loktar I love Unix Bash terminal
Oh nice so a lot of it is setup for you
thats pretty neat, going to star that
yup. so hopefully I can implement my stuff into this without too much headache
anyone here know node and wants to help me in a chat room?
3:27 PM
what about this chat room?
Yeah, we've got a whole room for JS
it is a heated debate.... :-\
ok one sec
never mind...
@Neal information hiding = closures
@FlorianMargaine yea... he did not seem to understand that....
he downvoted my answer because I suggested that...
@FlorianMargaine Whats the diff btw that and just using defineProperty?
Q: module.exports vs exports in nodeJS

Andreas KöberleI've found the following contract in a node module: module.exports = exports = nano = function database_module(cfg) {...} I wonder whats the different between module.export and export and why both are used here.

in Discussion between broofa and Neal, 13 mins ago, by broofa
Yeah, fuck that Object.defineProperty stuff... it's only useful in cases where you want to prevent requiring modules from modifying properties. :)
btw require is cached
there's no difference, defineProperty is just a lot of boilerplate for nothing (in most cases)
@FlorianMargaine meeehhh it makes more sense to me then the module.exports way.....
3:35 PM
@Neal end of the story: just use module.exports
@FlorianMargaine hmmmm idk...
that would involve a lot of code changes
is it worth it?
@Neal ^
+ if it works, don't change it
refactor as you go if you want
the gist shows that everything exported from this module is really the same object reference everytime
@FlorianMargaine cool so node does have refrences :-)
thats awesome
of course it does
So I really should change my code. I am using a lot of hacky things...
How do you do a normal reference in js? bc I always thought that they do not exist
3:44 PM
The = operator does not copy objects
@copy exactly. so can you do a var reference in js?
No, they just aren't copied
@Neal: it always helps to think about it like.. even if your "create" a new object with var foo = { };, "foo" will only contain a reference to an object which was formed in ECMALand, far, far away.
once upon a time.. there was an object...
var red_ball = {};
var another_red_ball = red_ball; // wait, another red ball __is__ the same red ball!
3:47 PM
building nodejs from source takes SOOOO long
Found that out the hard way...
both red_balls point to the. far, faaar away object in ECMAland
@rlemon true :<
@rlemon: but it always looks cool if some random friends visit you while installing
i love it !
3:48 PM
like this has been building for like 15 minutes now.
@jAndy true.
but no one ever visits me :(
Sometimes I run sudo apt-get update just so people behind me are impressed.
@rlemon you use ubuntu , no ?
make | make install for node works best nonetheless for random impress ppl :p
there should be a -devel package for u :P
3:49 PM
@jAndy hmmm
Random , but couldn't resist (XD)
Ohh Ohh that reminds me
While in NE I found this: (wait for it)
A: Javascript variables inside $(document).ready

Florian MargainePut a breakpoint with the debugger. You'll get full access to them when the debugger will stop. Other answers telling you to put them in the global scope are bad. Don't use bad practices just because you don't know how to use the right tools.

kill the other answers please
A: What's a workaround for Chrome for Android's incorrect clientX and clientY behavior?

Randy HallSimply use e.pageY - window.scrollY in place of e.clientY (or X, accordingly). e.pageY will give you where the event happened, and offsetting by window.scrollY will "remove the blank space" that is off-screen due to scroll. You COULD conditional check that e.pageY - window.scrollY === e.clientY,...

This seem proper to you guys?
@FlorianMargaine Dude ... rlemon ask us to wait for it and you interrupt with your stupid jquery crap
3:52 PM
@FlorianMargaine I dvd the other answers... stuuupid lol
@copy: how dare you... SOMEONE IS WRONG ON THE INTERNET!
The last part of your answer is NOT TRUE — Neal 5 secs ago
Translation Please?
wait i am peeing?
"please piss in seated position" or smth, maybe just like "please sit down to piss"
3:54 PM
No one's impressed that you managed to find someone wrong on the internet.
Ah, the wrath of the JS room.
This was in a bathroom in some coffee shop in Kearney NE
thats actual german lol
@Neal xD
3:55 PM
hahaha my boss is german. I'm printing it to show him now
I also like the "no guns" signs at the airport.
of course alien technology survives that.. no big deal
@jAndy read the top comments (XD)
3:57 PM
correction: it was in a Jimmy Johns
ok :p
just remembered

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