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3:41 AM
@paul23 Civil engineering to the rescue. You have an 75 yesrs old building, and it is outdated. No gas, failing power system, full of uneven floors which prevents wheelchairs and strollers, etc. Now, if you rebuilt it room by room, you must reinforce its structures first, i.e. build a node-pascal bridge, before any work can start.
And until all work is done, the building will be under-construction; any accident may collapse the whole thing, old and new together (see Notre-Dame). Start a new building at another location is far safer, faster, and cost less almost always.
Also, while Node.js is maturing, it is not as mature as .Net for example. Multi-thread is difficult, and even small common tasks like DOM parsing requires a hundred dependency. I know Pascal and Fortan is old, but jumping to a rocking ship is going to the other extreme.
4:23 AM
can somebody please help me with this :- stackoverflow.com/questions/59784598/…
@cyberman123 Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. If you have a question, just post it, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help. If you want to report an abusive user or a problem in this room, visit our meta.
4:40 AM
@paul23 Is the software worth the effort to convert to nodejs?
Whats the estimated ROI?
5:02 AM
Q: How do I add nested list in react-material ui

cyberman123I'm new to react. I'm using React material UI for building by web application. I'm using the following template for this :- https://github.com/devias-io/react-material-dashboard. I'm trying to add a nested list in the sidebar. This is the code for Sidebar.js import React from 'react'; import cls...

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7:38 AM
@FĂ©lixGagnon-Grenier what's different to "soccer" (US english) or "football" (normal english - yes pun intended)? We have played a little football game with little goals and a tennis ball as little kids. There is also a "mini-football", with a regular ball (only heavier and bounces less) on a smaller field and a smaller goal where the goalie does not use his hands.
(and fewer players)
Hi, guys need some rxjs export to simple thing..
Q: How to get last value of observable by key using debounceTime

pr0metheus employeeChanged: Subject<any> = new Subject<any>(); setInterval(() => { this.employeeChanged.next(1); this.employeeChanged.next(1); this.employeeChanged.next(2); this.employeeChanged.next(2); this.employeeChanged.next(3); this.employeeChanged.next(3); },1000); t...

@Sheepy node.js is only useful for small scale web services
@paul23 depends of the price and what's he is willing to spend as "renovation" cost towards the acquisition and what he expect from the software. Since the people with expertise are on brink of retirement, it has a huge impact on training new devs to use the source code. Since there are no test units, you are not aware of all use cases a functionality is handling.
All information are all in the memory of those developers and has to be documented/passed on. Modifying it without verification can lead to bugs. Then, there is a huge cost when he expect new features because of 1. that training mentioned earlier, 2. those old devs might need some training as well, 3. refactoring of the original code base might be a need, which surely takes a lot time and 4. Node.js is a different environment than PASCAL/FORTRAN.
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12:56 PM
@JBis how do I spawn a James in C# room?
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5:02 PM
@Wietlol I can add him there if you would like. There is no command to get him to join.
5:23 PM
@KarelG Well he expects to have a single of the senior devs to convert it to modern codebase in like 2-3 years. While I cannot give any answer on that without seeing the codebase I'm more afraid those senior devs will actually "run away", 2 of them I know will retire directly with a third probably also going into the retirement. The 4th might stay, but how happy will he be learning a new language?
5:46 PM
toptal is doing a free to the public speed coding javascript competition: speedcoding.toptal.com/start/eOt4hKL
BTW, that's based on @Zirak's code here: zirak.me/js-questions
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7:37 PM
it's really fun, actually
those airpods are so mine
8:29 PM
hanging out in LA and yesterday spent the afternoon with a Disney animator that I follow on Twitter
I've found that people are generally a lot more open to hanging out with strangers than you'd expect, you just have to get out there and ask
2 hours later…
10:41 PM
Clearly im asking this question because I didnt know the right way to do it. — Syn 2 mins ago
11:00 PM
@forresthopkinsa, especially woman they're very adventurous.
hello does anybody knows why vs code ain't formatting my js code
is your js code in a .js file?
Maybe you need a formatting extension like emmit?
vscode comes with built-in formatting for js files, nothing extra is needed
11:04 PM
In any case, you likely just unselected JavaScript on the bottom right somehow
left of the "tweet us your feedback" smileyface button
It's recognized as JavaScript
But it's mjs file
Like it's definitely not formatting since things that are in file scope with one tab are left untouched
So in the bottom right, it says "JavaScript", and it's not formatting? that's... weird
it did format a json configuration file a few moments before but for some reason it's not formatting JavaScript files
I installed prettier and now it works
this built in formatter is a hoax
ah, didn't know you were talking about the formatter, i assumed you meant the color coding and whatnot
never used the formatter
you meant I meant the InteliSense

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