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5:03 AM
5:13 AM
Hi all
i have something to ask about Google anlaytics
any one available ?
with out loadind the UA configuration settings the GA is triggering
5:29 AM
Hey yeah this is a right group dear to ask your query @GayathriMohan
hi i asked the question but no reply
so i am checking on d other groups @InsaneCat
do u have any idea ?
5:57 AM
I'm canadian, slightly drunk and just drove back through the snow from playing a cosom hockey game ama
2 hours later…
7:38 AM
@FélixGagnon-Grenier ARE YOU SORRY? HUH? NO?
(what's meant with "cosom hockey game" btw)
2 hours later…
9:27 AM
@Neil Don't you think it is better for me to commit to a framework now instead of vanilla js since I have more than 1 dynamic form? People seem to suggest so
9:49 AM
@JBis You need to build that fallback into your client
10:03 AM
@JBis Oh in your browser, I get you. I believe SO falls back after 3 or 5 attempts to connect to the WS URL. It might have changed since I wrote that 2.5 years ago but it definitely did.
10:14 AM
10:36 AM
did jbis not disable websockets in his browser?
so how could it reconnect? Or am I interpreting it differently?
It falls back to XHR polling
he also said this
> but I am not seeing an XHR requests when I receive a message in chat
> It might have changed since I wrote that 2.5 years ago but it definitely did.
but if you have disabled websockets in your browser, and there is no xhr activity, so how did he got comments?
(I am confused atm tbh)
10:44 AM
Either didn't disable websockets properly or he's misinterpreting the network tab
10:58 AM
could be
I did not know they have a xhr fallback
I didn't until uMatrix accidentally blocked the connection 😃
Aye it still falls back @JBis @KarelG
1 hour later…
12:24 PM
Hey how do I make that "ease in" movement effect that you get in platformer games, where you slowly stop moving?
like I want a smoother jump effect, Im just increasing/decreasing the top css of the element in html
but what kind of calculation do I use in js to make it ease in and ease out?
quadratic ease
A: Ease-in and ease-out animation formula

ToadQuadratic ease out where: t = current time b = start value c = change in value d = duration function (float time, float startValue, float change, float duration) { time /= duration / 2; if (time < 1) { return change / 2 * time * time + startValue; } time--; ...

I think I actually also found a jackpot: gist.github.com/gre/1650294
its a mini API
@KarelG my question exactly
@BenFortune What am I missing? i.imgur.com/1lKUKJx.mp4
man making an ease in out formula aint easy, thats for sure
well its easy, but I cant figure out how to apply it to a css variable
I think I just dont understand how to use it lol
12:30 PM
@JBis You can see it posting to /events right there lol
for whatever reason it's not in the xhr tab, look at the ones in all
@BenFortune Just checked, no new requests (other than profile image) in all tab.
oh it is in the xhr tab
in your video
I don't understand. The requests in the video to events are made and completed before I receive the message.
I even clicked on the most recent one and showed the payload does not contain the message.
I don't know what you're seeing but it's working exactly as it should here
thats really odd. So my Firefox is broken? It must be making a request, otherwise it couldn't receive the message. But for some reason it is not showing it.
12:38 PM
it might not be logging the request for whatever reason
you got any filters on?
not that i know of
and you definitely weren't connected to the websocket
because this is a you problem :P
It doesn't show in the websocket tab, and
10 mins ago, by JBis
user image
bruh I just found out madara stepped down, man now im sad.
Im always late to the news
1:05 PM
@JBis can you ss the network tab?
@KarelG Did you see the video?
did you have checked other tabs?
maybe in Other?
1:27 PM
I checked the All tab which should include everything unfiltered.
1:42 PM
2:28 PM
Lol I have an errorless almost empty canvas that completely outputs no bad data, yet its empty
JSHint shows its good
Im confused
Anyone seeing some magical invisible crap code in there that im just too blind to notice?
please use requestAnimationFrame correctly.
Yeah I just noticed
(check the docs, you will be able to figure it out yourself 🙂)
I was using canvas.innerWidth and canvas.innerHeight XD
Like I totally f*ed that up
I fixed it, I dont know why the hell I had an animation frame for every one of my functions...
2:49 PM
I'm off for the weekend. bb
ok.. cya
Im probably going to crash off webdev this weekend to finally finish building my new pc (i still have a pc from 2007)
3:52 PM
(cosom hockey is played on foot with balls instead of with skates on ice and a puck)
And I mean balls literally, not cajones
Lol once again I got bored and made a solar system diagram, this one uses real rotation calculations from our actual planets codepen.io/SkylerSpark/full/vYEVLMV
more like... "making"
4:38 PM
Q: What is the correct way to refactor a jQuery replaceWith to an arrow function?

Alexander KeefeThis is the current legacy code $('#container input[type="number"], #container input[type="text"]').replaceWith(function () { return $(`<p class="readonly" id="${$(this).prop('id')}">${$(this).val()}</p>`).append($(this).contents()); }); I need to do some clean-up and refactoring and was h...

they changed the dup message?
Does this answer your question? Can you bind 'this' in an arrow function?JBis 40 secs ago
they wanted to promote people talking at each other more
5:00 PM
@JBis, that interview that I was late for let me re-interview, but I failed the coding challenge. I understand why now it's important to participate in the meta and do coding challenges.
It was a pretty big software company, I didn't think things like this even existed
thats nice of them to let you reinterview
what was the challenge?
5:16 PM
It was basic stuff, but I haven't been keeping up with programming that much lately and missed a good opportunity. They wanted me to delete duplicates from a sql table and a question another question demonstrating the difference between if and else if.
5:38 PM
how the heck does searching for "javascript return asynchronous callback" not return the super duplicate question with thousands of votes when looking for a duplicate?
6:02 PM
What do you think about this semi-creative solution to summing numbers 0-N?
||>    function sum(n) {
         return Array(n + 1).fill(0).reduce((accumulator, currentValue, index) => accumulator + index, 0);
     sum(6) // 0 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 +6
@JBis 21 Logged: ``
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@JBis 21 Logged: ``
6:36 PM
@JBis const sum = n => n*(n+1)/2
Just "touched" the very first apple pc that was in the netherlands and probably europe :)
a util I often have is const range = n => Array(n).fill().map((_,i) => i), so I can accept that approach, if using the index as value is the creative part
@towc ew math
you can't run, you can't hide
@towc yeah thats what i was going for
6:45 PM
oh no, madara :/
does anyone remember lemon's 12 days of christmas?
7:23 PM
Hi there guys! my amigos!
  getMessage() {
    return this.socket
        map((data: any) => data.message),
        tap(message => console.log(message))
I get my messages from websocket..
its an angular specific question
sooo lets describe:
I have a page/component called: machineList
There I display 5 machines with ngFor
now each of the machines has an id, and a title
now if I change the title of a machine, I send that as a message to websocket: {id:3, newTitle: "seks Machine"}
now in my shown code.. how can I address the right component? .. I mean back then in jquery, I just would $('.machine'+id).text(newTitle);
but now you have components, and a model.. so you should change the model, and not the dom
7:39 PM
the view is based on the model
if you change the model, the view updates to match it
Any other mechanism of updating the view is wrong
If the view has the value you want to change hardcoded, it is wrong.
8:01 PM
hey, anyone available for like 5 min to help me test something out with james? I need like 3 or more ppl if possible.
Property 'subscribe' does not exist on type '() => Observable<any>'.ts(2339)
this is strange.. subscribe() must exist on Observable!!
ah shit
found it
@KevinB yes you are totally right!
8:18 PM
Q: Putting a Class on GIF Search Results?

NatesumoBelow is my Function. It is working correctly and I am getting 30 gifs based on my input. I am having trouble styling these 30 results. Is there a way I can add a class to each of the 30 IMGs? function getData() { $('.inner').empty(); var input = $("#searchtext").val(); var xhr = $.get("ht...

Hmmm my boss has decided to "take over" development from an old project, initially started in 1984 and still being used to day.. But development of new features for it stopped somewhere 10ish years ago (original maintainers are 60+ now)....
It's written in Pascal and he's now questioning me how much of a good idea that was.
Hey, any rxjs experts here?
well, we're still maintaining a project that was built in some arcane version of coldfusion
10 years ago i migrated it to cf6
and away from baan
it runs well, but... good luck getting any new devs to work on it
or integrating anything with it
8:27 PM
We use Railo here, guess it's a good thing we weren't around 10+ years ago
we use railo now as well
well, lucee
same diff
@pr0metheus yes
I wonder if/when we'll get to a point where the only folks that know a language/tech/something are all retired and there's like, whole stacks that need to be abandoned because we've grown out of them
that's the weird thing for me with coldfusion...
Like, computers are not old enough yet that this can happen, but in like, 60 years
8:28 PM
it's such an easy language, and you can do so much with it... but it has such a bad rep
I finished school just last year and we went over COBOL & CICS
I have never even read a line of CF, I couldn't even recognize it, but everyone who spoke of CF always did so negatively
rly? heh, wouldn't have thought
it certainly has it's flaws... but i mean, most languages do
your right, it's flaws all the way down
8:30 PM
We use CF10, prefer it over PHP personally
i prefer it over php... but likely just because i know it far better than php
isn't it some kind of proprietary thing, that complicates its use?
Didn't have a lot of PHP experience besides a simple WP site, so my opinion probably isn't much either
well, since adobe acquired it, it had a prohibitive licensing scheme
and still has... but now there's reliable opensource versions
now most CF jobs involve moving away from CF
heh :P
are those railo and luvee things you mentioned open source "distributions" of CF?
8:33 PM
railo became lucee, i forget why exactly... something about a company controlilng the devs, and now it's not that way, or somethin
which one should I try?
lucee is the one being updated
so i'd say lucee
Hey guys is it possible for example to load an other site in window.print ? example: window.print("mynicesite.com/print/site1")
@F.Ghost Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. If you have a question, just post it, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help. If you want to report an abusive user or a problem in this room, visit our meta.
@F.Ghost no.
8:44 PM
ok thy @meagar
2 hours later…
10:16 PM
Hello dear Experts. I'm looking to use BigRational
I put <script src="http://peterolson.github.com/BigRational.js/BigInt_BigRat.min.js"></script> on my html page but get on the console: SyntaxError: illegal characterBigInt_BigRat.min.js:1:38714 anyone used this lately?
does github allow hotlinking like that still?
check your console for a preview of the script content.
Hey KevinB your the man! always answering. The readme file does say it is hotlinkable github.com/peterolson/BigRational.js/blob/master/README.md . By preview of the script content do you mean -> view-source:peterolson.github.io/BigRational.js/BigInt_BigRat.min.js
i mean open the network tab, reload, and then click on the request for the js file. On the right side, you should see a preview tab
(that readme is from 2016)
so it might not be correct
i recall something about github stopping hotlinking... but my memory on it is vague. i don't recall the specifics
I dont' see a "request" button or similar
the line in the chart for the request is a button of sorts
you can select the request there, which should open a chart of sorts
10:34 PM
So basically the requests are the 2 GETs, 301 and 304 responses. The latter does show the script payload.
As per MDN developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/Status/304, does not pose concerns I would think.
seems fine
should be using the second in your script tag, though maybe change it to https if you're using https
to avoid the redirect. but, that brings us to explaining the error
opening it up in notepad++, there is in fact a weird character at that location.
I left notepad++ last year after migrating from windows to linux, let me try in visual studio code
I'm not able to scroll, so by using the go to line/column and copy/pasting in the dark would it be -> 
hmm it does not copy over let me attach image
that little box at the end
I'll research a bit more on the hotlinking comment you mentioned and be back in a couple of hours. Cheers!
10:55 PM
notepad++ notes it as a SUB character, which a bit of googling pulls up some... not so useful information in terms of figuring out why it's there
1 hour later…
11:56 PM
Oh well, in risk of making shame of myself: github.com/peterolson/BigRational.js/issues/36

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