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12:28 AM
Q: How can I build a dynamic menu using CSS and JavaScript?

DanielDI'm building a website for my tennis club and I've been looking various club websites for some inspiration. I've read about some solutions before to my problem but never gotten specific advise from a webmasters forum. How can I achieve something like: Menu: - Home - About the C...

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1:40 AM
Q: Interacting with box2D objects

hustlerincHow can I interact with an object in box2d, I'm completely new to this so I have no clue what to do. The box is created like this: bodyDef.type = b2Body.b2_dynamicBody; fixDef.shape = new b2PolygonShape; fixDef.shape.SetAsBox(0.5, 0.5); // Half-Width, Half-Height bodyDef.position.x = 5; bodyD...

2:40 AM
Q: An event per tr using id

Giovanni Di ToroI am trying to make each tr of a big table to toggle a div inside one of its td's on click, here is what I've done: for( i = 2 ; i < trLen; i++ ){ var id = $("td.idout", "tr:eq(" + i + ")").text(); $("tr:has(div#" + id + ")").click(function(){ $("div #"+ id).toggle(); }); } ...

3:02 AM
good morning
3:29 AM
Q: Is it better to use multiple html pages or just change content on the same page using JavaScript?

Eric Vi4ingIs it better to use multiple html pages and link them together with href or just change content on the same page using JavaScript? I am thinking of how to layout a page and I don't have a lot of content. It would probably be about three of for pages if I just used all html. If I toggled and swapp...

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4:51 AM
how can I set a td inside a table to be draggable trhough all window without being stuck to the tr or the table?
using jquery UI
5:24 AM
Ok seriously guys Im ripping my hair out, I think I ive lost some braincells, this wont work......And I doing something wrong? jsfiddle.net/w7Uvj/34
Someone please respond, om literally gonna smash my computer if its not gonna work hahaha, Im probably doing thing really wrong and stupid and ill have to go back to primary school
or even kindy
somebody, please while Im still alive, help me hahah
5:51 AM
AHHHH, never mind I set the function as a name that could not be taken
1 hour later…
6:51 AM
Why should you not native c++ modules for nodejs .

It sucks to make em the pain of coding module on C++ is nothing compared to what you are going to deal with. because of totally confusing libuv and v8 flip flop
2 hours later…
8:26 AM
why do I have to do this
For anyone wrongly saying this won't work, please see jsfiddle.net/EYDqd. — Esailija 18 secs ago
O i have got 700 rep!
@FlorianMargaine hello :-)
just wondering what version of node.js are we going to use on server
0.8.3 or 0.6.20 ?
9:26 AM
@Esailija ?
use 8.3
yeah thats what i am thinking on
just wondering what florian wants
writing native for 0.8.3 is way better then doing so for 0.6.x
as we know any client our website any person can access web site and also able to send document to our website directory example resume etc. also can send information about him self which is store in data base but user can not able to retrieve this information from web site the only administrator can able to see this information so what is the idle way to see this information by administrator
eh ?
@Esailija take a look at this
* uv_async_t is a subclass of uv_handle_t.
* libev wrapper. uv_async_send wakes up the event
* loop and calls the async handle's callback **There is no guarantee that**
* **every uv_async_send call leads to exactly one invocation of the callback;**
* The only guarantee is that the callback function is called at least once
* after the call to async_send. Unlike all other libuv functions,
* uv_async_send can be called from another thread.
9:32 AM
how do I disable sound in chat
the sound icon on the top
click it -> none
hello friends Esailija and abhishe do you know?
as we know any client or person can access web site and also able to send document to our website directory example resume etc. also can send information about him self which is store in data base but user can not able to retrieve this information from web site the only administrator can able to see this information so what is the idle way to see this information by administrator
i might had a chance if that statement made sense
which statement
its abhishe
10:00 AM
your question
lacks grammer
10:13 AM
@Abhishek 0.8
10:27 AM
:D :D you made video calling / voice calling sooo much easy with that decision you know ?
in short i can allow a single thread dedicatedly to run for a video call till its lifetime <3
1 hour later…
11:35 AM
Q: url - ajax loaded but no JS

ad2003I have this url to call the taxonomy.php and to show filtered posts: http://myurl/?meta_key=post_views_count&orderby=meta_value&order=ASC This is the JS I am using: $(document).ready(function(){ $.ajaxSetup({cache:false}); $("#hot a").click(function(){ var post_id = $(this)....

12:42 PM
Is it dead ?
1:02 PM
Any ideas on how to get JQuery and JSONRPC to play nice?
Q: Using JSONRPC with JQuery?

user1438003How do I get JSONRPC working properly with JQuery on the client-side, on the referenced types of calls? To represent my attempt, I've tried to create the smallest possible test-case: Server[1] from txjsonrpc.web import jsonrpc from twisted.web import server from twisted.internet import reacto...

1:13 PM
is github down ?
@Abhishek Nope
cant push my awesome module for past 1 hour now :-/
[Abhii@localhost ffmpeg-encoder]$ ping -c 4
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.

--- ping statistics ---
4 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 3000ms
it works man
ah it works now :-|
the old hit the modem trick works!
urgh still cant goto the github website .. FUQ
1:32 PM
Q: Check if a node.js module is available

Florian MargaineI'm looking for a way to find out if a module is available. For example, I want to check if the module mongodb is available, programmatically. Also, it shouldn't halt the program if a module isn't found, I want to handle this myself.

used SO as blog - check
if you are eating dont watch that video
its sick as hell
then why are you showing it?
and trust me, I watched two girls one cup
@FlorianMargaine: 11 mins ago vs 12 mins ago. you know about the "answer question immediatly" option when posting a new question?
no, there's an actual checkbox for it which shows a second editor for the answer
i.e. you post them at the same time
> Answer your own question – share your knowledge, Q&A-style
right below the submit button
oh nice
didn't know about it
I don't use this often though
it's the first time I did it
@FlorianMargaine its more like a quest if u finish u can consider ur self to not puke in nearly any condition
my fellow medical student and future surgeon puked.. Buhahahahahaha
anyways @FlorianMargaine seen my node-ffmpeg
1:55 PM
its in complete though but i am trying to explain most stuff init
maybe you need some refactoring too?
refactoring ? /// what is that ??
Code refactoring is a "disciplined technique for restructuring an existing body of code, altering its internal structure without changing its external behavior", undertaken in order to improve some of the nonfunctional attributes of the software. Typically, this is done by applying a series of "refactorings", each of which is a (usually) tiny change in a computer program's source code that does not modify its functional requirements. Advantages include improved code readability and reduced complexity to improve the maintainability of the source code, as well as a more expressive internal ...
basically, when your code is working, but you have everything in one file
and badly organized
you can start organizing it
so that it's modular and pretty
1:59 PM
and easier to understand
yeah i think i need that.
so you copy/paste in other files etc
you don't change the behavior, but reading the code is way nicer
its kinda tiresome but i will do that :-)
and changing it later will be easier
because you don't have to go through your mega giant file, your code is organized and you only have to change in one place
2:01 PM
for example, I currently have everything in one file, but I do plan to refactor it once I've added db support
this will make it easier to add another database later for example
Btw regarding the tartempion 1 question
this is related to my part.
which would you rather choose ? specifying a different port for the audio/video calling
or just routing it like socket.io an express does ?
a different domain
like a subdomain
so a different node app altogether
okay :-)
that means the audio/video will run away from tartempion
2:05 PM
Any ideas on my JSONRPC JQuery code? - stackoverflow.com/q/11600064/1438003
@Abhishek run away?
run separately, yes
mind my english -.-
oh hey @Incognito, long time no see
woot hey there. Incognito .. !
@Abhishek did you make the script to install all the ffmpeg libs?
2:10 PM
they are in different packages :-$
on debain
is there a repo with them?
i will make a install script
once all the task for this is finished.
Buf Node etc still need to be done.
and the Mixxing needs to be implemented .
libavfilter needs to be added
lots of work remaining :-)
tonight i am going to do some html & css only stuff :-)
// hint hint
"hint" = "tip", you meant "wink" :p
2:21 PM
we need a human_expression_shim.thought natively supported everywhere
btw yes
i meant wink wink
2:35 PM
florian , tapeer chat
we needa talk about something , its too specific in JS
3:04 PM
A: Browsers not sending back cookies when using CORS XHR

PointyI don't really know anything about this other than what I've read, but according to the MDN docs there's a "withCredentials" property on the XHR object, and that needs to be set: xhr.withCredentials = true; By default, it's false. Without that flag being set, cookies are not transmitted and c...

haha @ the edit :D
why did he turn it into a community wiki? oO
2 hours later…
5:14 PM
the flash is done with @FlorianMargaine :D
wow congratz
though actionscript3 seems to be better language than js :/ it's like js without any wtfs :d
on sunday?!
maybe it's just infatuation
there's no DOM :x
they're both ecmascript IIRC
5:16 PM
the object model is dynamic classical though?
or is there huge amount of abstraction going on and everything still uses prototypes
is there the keyword class?
yeah and everything you need
you can even pass methods as closures like that and it will hold on to the context
no need for .bind
looks like it's a lot of abstraction
5:19 PM
maybe it does bind under the covers if it's still like js under the hood
damn, my windows is going to expire
what do you mean
anyway the reason I did this in flash is that it's a very animation heavy widget that just raped the CPU when done with javascript
and can't use CSS3 for GPU
now the cpu sits at 0% even when it's doing full animations :)
@Esailija windows seven has no license, so I'm going to expire in 0 day.
@Esailija nice
flash still has its place :p
> I've written this script by hand, and finally decided to update it to jquery in a bid to get used to that, and streamline the code. I can't detect a single thing wrong with it. I thought at first that I had to extend jquery into my script, but all of my searches have indicated the contrary, stating that javascript has no function for extending scripts.
Q: What's The Best Way of Centering a Div Vertically with CSS

Burak ErdemI want to center a div vertically with CSS. I don't want tables or Javascript, but only pure CSS. I found some solutions, but all of them are missing Internet Explorer 6 support. <body> <div>Div to be aligned vertically</div> </body> How can I center a div verticall...

OP says "no table pls, css only"
accepted answer: "display: table"
are you kidding me? -_-
Q: while loop calling setTimeout not working

srijib mandalI have a set of <span> with numbered Ids, i want to add class to <span> with Id=1 wait for 3 second remove class than add class to <span id=2> and so and so forth... how to get this code work. while loop is unable to call setTimeout can any one help? var spanSet=4; var spanId=...

several poor answers :(
and one good one ;-)
5:27 PM
let me guess: yours?
that would be telling... ;)
unfortunately the OP can't tell the good from the not so good - accepted three different answers so far
including mine - and now he went for another one
@Alnitak bro.
how are you :D
your advice of not skipping the C module , the C module proved to be a nightmare from first day (XD)
how so?
5:32 PM
yesterday, by Abhishek
may i share the fact that i was told here [its regarding garbage and variable allocation ]
see the transcript :-)
oh dear
@Alnitak why did no one even edit the OP to be readable
note that I did say at the time of that advice "a well taught C course"
@Esailija guess I didn't consider it so unreadable that it needed it
yeah , hence i am skipping rest of the module :-)
any indentation failure demands an edit
a couple of times that even fixed OP's problem
he said "oh since you made the code like that, I see the mistake" LOL
5:35 PM
@Abhishek sounds like grounds for complaint to the college
@Alnitak college teachers are even worse.
that is hideously poor teaching
They tell " In call by reference we actually change the hardware addresses of passed variables "
5:38 PM
@Esailija love your threads joke :)
location Bangladesh
it's not mine but thank you
I LIVE LIKE 2000km away from him
ok ok
5:39 PM
2k jQuery / 840 javascript
please dont compare reputed programmer with my teachers
Tomorrow i will try to record my training session or live stream it (xD)
why... he is bad :P
still uncomparable to my teachers
who made ggits.org
hard to believe a css-war-lord like mine lives in the same environment as that
5:43 PM
LOL css-warlord
btw can't you just proove your teachers wrong or call their bullshit
@Esailija oh... that's him.
remember the google thing you linked to me?
about jQuery catching up on javascript
he has 2k on jQuery but 800 on javascript ... LOL
one of my teachers did this: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Communicating_sequential_processes>
@Esailija yeah I know, we already debated on him.
@GNi33 o/
how ya doin?
@Alnitak wow
5:54 PM
working on sunday ;)
and stressed out because of the woman again, but other than that i'm doing pretty fine
so, she's really pregnant?
yes, that's been a fact for some time now
didn't know if that was confirmed
and why oh why are you working on sunday?
yes, it's not confirmed who's the father though, which makes the situation a little screwed up ;)
5:57 PM
yep yep yep ;)
A: What exactly is an "adverb"?

tchristMost anything that answers a “when” question can be roped into service as an adverb, even if it is normally considered a noun or a prepositional phase. Q: When are you going? A: Immediately. A: Soon. A: Now. A: In a while. A: After I’m done eating. A: Tomorrow. A: Next week....

some people are bored
"I’m Tom Christiansen, author of Programming Perl and Perl Cookbook from O’Reilly. I’m a freelance instructor giving courses in Perl programming, including Unicode and regular expressions. I’ve been using BSD Unix for 30 years now; like your maid, I don’t do Windows.

I’ve undergraduate degrees in Spanish and in Computer Science, and a graduate degree in compsci focusing on operating systems design and in natural language processing. I’ve studied Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Latin, and German, with a smattering of other languages thrown in. For the last few years I’ve been dabbling
@GNi33 where's that from?
seems he knows the ancient mistery of the "72 hour day"
@Alnitak it's the about-text of the user who wrote that answer
@GNi33 LOL xD
cya guys
see you, have a nice evening
6:19 PM
any grammar specialist? don't feel too good about this one :D stackoverflow.com/a/11602812/995876
6:38 PM
@FlorianMargaine i am borrowing you
1 hour later…
7:51 PM
Am offline will show u stuff tomorrow @FlorianMargaine
8:06 PM
anyone please someone please answer my question posted here. I am So Confused..
Q: Checkbox not running selected items instead it runs all

Aashu AbheejQuery script which opens selected box in new window one by one for specific time. But it runs all boxes on click button whether i check anything or not I am so Confused. My jQuery code: function bon() { var field = document.getElementsByName('list'); var len = field.length; va...

@AashuAbhee Posting actual HTML instead of HTML/PHP mix would be easier to read
ok wait
should i post runtime html
8:23 PM
ok actual html is there now
please help someone
Have you ever found a piece of software on GitHub which had an obvious but easy to fix bug leading you to fork it so you can start working on the fix just to find out that the entire code base is actually an enormous mess?
@AashuAbhee I did
you are right.
testing the solution...
Gosh ... screw that plugin ...
This is absolutely useless ...
Just one of many many problems.
8:44 PM
@OctavianDamiean Am I reading this wrong?
Yet another great example.
I just got new headphones. Holy. Fuck.
I wanted to buy the same headphones two months ago.
I've been re-listening to all of Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. I think I discovered 7 new sounds.
It's...it's just...wow.
Went for WeSC headphones then.
I should probably go buy them.
8:52 PM
Been through many headphones over the last few years. These are absolutely the greatest. The Sennheiser HD 407 I had crapped out on me, so my mother decided to be awesome
Best part about that library is the invalid HTML it produces ...
@Zirak How much did they cost?
It's great how people tend to bond with what they shoot out of their orifices
About 90 80 Euros (conversion may not reflect how cheap it actually is compared to quality)
What's more, my sister decided to be awesome as well: logitech.com/en-us/gaming/mice-keyboard-combos/…
It's great when people celebrate the upcoming of "hurray, you didn't die" day
I had the G500 for a while until I switched over to Steelseries for my gaming equipment.
Now I have a Steelseries Xai.
@Zirak it was your birthday ? Your profile still says 91
Also, how old is your mother ?
Plus for gaming I have a Steelseries 7G mechanical keyboard.
@copy 51
Zirak's a bit special.
9:03 PM
There is nothing wrong about being a 92 year old JS dev
Didn't say that.
@copy Next week's my birthday, the 30th of July. And my mother is 35 years older than me, so she's 126
But she has the thighs of a 90 year-old
sitting on 155/200
man the questions suck ass today
@OctavianDamiean Saw the G500, it looked meh. But I'm very old-school when it goes to mice; I want wired with side-buttons. Apparently, that's rare.
But I've heard nice things on Steelseries
9:17 PM
@Zirak Wait, the G500 is wired with side-buttons. :)
oh. Might have confused it with the G300...or the G700
The one which didn't look like a Transformer
yeah, thought about the G300; G500 looks nice, actually
1 hour later…
10:24 PM
please help
Q: Update click on executing selected checkbox in javascript

Aashu AbheeMy Code is here in my previous question. Checkbox not running selected items instead it runs all I want to update clicks upon executing selected Checkbox Here is my code which executes when user clicked the DIV 'title box' I want to run it same for selected checkbox also Here is my update clic...

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