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12:52 AM
@DMVerfurth Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
Is there a function built into JavaScript that returns true if a number is a decimal or false if the number is a whole number?
@DMVerfurth No, but there is one that does the opposite, which is good enough
@KendallFrey Thanks
1:23 AM
why does my list 'push' bounce with an error of 'push' is not a 'function'?
so create this object array:
   var muslceList = {Name:
        DebitDataList.map(x => x.NAME),
        Type: "Debit"
and i simply want to add stuff to it, this way:
for (var ic = 0; ic < CreditDataList.length; ic++) {
        muslceList.push({Name: CreditDataList[ic].NAME, Type: "Credit"});
but then it returns a 'muscleList.push' is not a 'function' error
well, thanks anyways
@Traitor push works on arrays
hmm what can i do?
what are you trying to do?
just fill up an array
from other arrays
so use an array
1:39 AM
this better?
class BankSourceDataList {
        constructor() {
            this.bankSourceDataList = [];

    class BankSourceData {
        constructor(name, type) {

            this.name = name;

            this.type = type;


    var BSDL = new BankSourceDataList();

    for (var ic2 = 0; ic2 < DebitDataList.length; ic2++) {
        BankSourceDataList = new BankSourceData(DebitDataList[ic2].NAME, "Debit");
nvm i just fixed it, thanks though!
he's not that smart
CPUs aren't smart either
1:57 AM
@copy not the ones that beat the best alpha go player?
mix up
why the fuck did that insta-onebox i want off this ride
2:18 AM
Vaccines cause adults.
Why aren't margin-top, vertical-align or padding-top working? I read that the problem may be "margin collapsing" and about some tricks to address that issue like adding padding. Fiddle here jsfiddle.net/069112rn
is it after-hours-meme-time?
this is silly
I started watching about 15 laps ago, and I've seen three cautions
tuned in and its a caution
it's worse than a rookie race out there
aaand drink
2:35 AM
do they have to actually have gas and tire tactics or no?
oh yeah
how have they not run out of gas with all the cautions :P
also, why is it that race announcers always have lisps XD
Pretty sure they save a lot of fuel during caution
i just think of when i raced and if we had multiple cautions during a race then we would start running cars out of gas
2:38 AM
you take more fuel during pacing?
idk how that even works
@KendallFrey the pace laps don't count towards total number of laps raced for us
yeah that'd do it
thank jesus that's not the case here
we can easily do 10-15 pace laps for a caution
and we typically only have 10-20 laps in a race lol
2:41 AM
so if we have 3 - 4 cautions then we are really hurting for fuel
what extra % do you get for a typical race?
in terms of fuel
we have 25 gallon tanks, and we do 20 laps of a quarter mile, we can typically do those 20 laps on like 15-18 gal of fuel
if we are racing with people we know then we can pretty well gauge how many wrecks there will be and will either fill it up or just throw a few more gallons in
if we are racing with the professional series, just fill it up. those fuckers are mouth breathers
2:45 AM
Typical iRacing C-class races are one-stop races
we don't do stops, if you run out of gas then you have to pull off and watch the rest of the race
yep lol
the professional series will let their drivers take stops if they get a caution
F1 also doesn't allow refueling, but they usually are pretty good at making sure they don't run out
but they won't let the local drivers do it
2:47 AM
@HatterisMad So I guess a pitstop involves stalling and restarting the car? That sounds like a hassle
thats why we don't do stops lol
have to shut the car down and then work on it and then get a push truck to come and push you off again and then get the push truck back to the in field
like a 5 minute pitstop lol
I thought 30 seconds was long
2:49 AM
yeah thats why they won't let us throw another tire on if we pop, or just refuel if we are on a caution or whatever
some tracks will let you force a caution to fix an issue with safety gear
most won't though
Someday I want to see a sub 1 second pitstop
can't remember how many times i have had to try and fix faulty arm restraints while driving the fucker
2:51 AM
I have to think back to when Lewis Hamilton was trying to put his head padding back in place while at 200mph
honestly i think that you should be able to get a caution whenever you need for safety equipment fixing
and not get punished for it as long as it is not being abused
we have had drivers that were getting electrocuted that continued to drive the race to the finish so they didn't have to drop out or get last
@HatterisMad I'd argue that functional safety gear is the responsibility of the car owner, just like every other aspect that allows them to finish a race
@KendallFrey :/ what stance are you taking here lol
3:00 AM
devils advocate? i guess
it is really common to have safety issues in the car
arm restraints slip off your arms and onto your elbows is the most common one
and then you don't have much of a range of motion for your arms and shit gets real interesting real quick
sometimes you accidentally hit another car and break a part on the car where it is a safety issue that could be quickly resolved if you stop for a moment ( like you bent the butterfly on the intake and now you can't rev the engine down )
3:03 AM
or you popped the clip off the shift lever for the rear end, so now you cant get the car out of gear
shit that takes less than a minute to solve in a caution
stuff that realistically the drivers should drop out of the race for to preserve themselves, or their equipment, but literally no one would or does drop out for these kinds of reasons
I don't suppose there's any way to make the drivers drop out if they're unsafe...
not a fucking chance lol
keep in mind that these are drivers that are resigning their fate by even getting in the car in the first place
3:06 AM
that kind of sounds like the real problem
@HatterisMad ha you finally validated my fear of those machines
so some tracks will let drivers force a caution for safety, and then let them get their spot back on the restart
so when some safety issue occurs then the drivers will actually stop and get it fixed and then restart the car
how do you do that?
just stop the car?
pull the car out of gear on the track and come to a stop
3:08 AM
stop on the very bottom of the track in the middle of a straight away
no cars will ever be there when racing
Hang on I was under the impression you couldn't get it out of gear while running
@HatterisMad you haven't seen me race :P
you can get it out of gear when running
it is much harder to get out of gear when it is idling
you can't put it back into gear when running though
5:10 AM
5:25 AM
I am calling dll's code through javascript
But I can do this only in internet explorer
How can I call dll's function in google chrome ?
I have a div fixed to the top of the screen. Its height is 40%. Is it possible to set the padding-top of its sibling to match? When you go to a fixed position the sibling looks to the body for its height, so padding-top: 40% is far too big.
ask it to css room .
good call
6:08 AM
@IccheGuri no.
oh cool I'm in the 1k club now
@towc You (https://stackoverflow.com/users/3161092/towc) have 1008 reputation, earned 0 rep today, asked 19 questions, gave 47 answers, for a q:a ratio of 19:47.
avg. rep/post: 15.27. Badges: 1g 14s 27b
@Madara , what is no ?
this is the part where you all downvote me to hell
6:16 AM
I think I can use WCF
6:29 AM
Q: What is the best way to implement 2 dimensional array in javascript whose size is not fixed?

Deepak DhullFor example if we have a list of topics and each topic has a list of questions and later on i want to iterate through all the questions..

it is just a request for code. jeez
6:48 AM
@IccheGuri You don't.
I think WCF is the solution .
@IccheGuri I think WCF is never the solution.
You just don't do that, it's not 1998 anymore.
Ugh, I'm missing 2 out of 3 phases
Even modern versions of IE don't support what you're asking anymore.
7:01 AM
I might as well have no electricity at all
are you invisible then?
being out of phase and there is no electricity D:
@Loktar divinity original sin 2 is amazing
morning all
I've got some funky stuff goin on with git:
I'm trying `git checkout foo` but am getting

error: Updating the following directories would lose untracked files in it:
but I don't have any changes in there. That dir used to have a .git directory, but I deleted it
Run a git clean
You can do git clean -n first
in the somedir?
7:13 AM
To see what's gonna happen
git clean -n
gives blank output
Well that's pretty revolutionary
@SuperUberDuper probably cache is containing invalid indexes
clean it
Creationists got rekt by their overseer lol
I ran git clean -n -d and i deleted 2 dirs that popped up
checkout still fails
7:24 AM
use git rm --cached
@KamilSolecki yay
lol towc ...
check the dates
I'm confused
it is from 2014.
git:(master) git clean -X -n
Would remove .DS_Store
Would remove package-lock.json
Would remove someDir/.DS_Store
Would remove someDir/package-lock.json
Would remove src/.DS_Store
7:28 AM
heh, it was never discussed in my extremely religious middleschool
There was a fuss around it back then, where lots of media took it over
but the pope has corrected it
git rm --cached -n
usage: git rm [<options>] [--] <file>...

    -n, --dry-run         dry run
    -q, --quiet           do not list removed files
    --cached              only remove from the index
    -f, --force           override the up-to-date check
    -r                    allow recursive removal
    --ignore-unmatch      exit with a zero status even if nothing matched
do not use the -n switch at cached lol.
it does not have a dry run feature
 git:(master) git rm --cached
usage: git rm [<options>] [--] <file>...

    -n, --dry-run         dry run
    -q, --quiet           do not list removed files
    --cached              only remove from the index
    -f, --force           override the up-to-date check
    -r                    allow recursive removal
    --ignore-unmatch      exit with a zero status even if nothing matched
I am failing today. My excuses.
had to rub my eyes
7:33 AM
Friends any one where with java & android knowledge
@SuperUberDuper can you do git status ?
and put it here?
@Leace umm... this is the javascript room
you might be looking for the android one
@Ikari yes i know . at lease your answering my question :)
Curious if anyone left here who can help my android studio issue
7:38 AM
git:(master) gst
On branch master
nothing to commit, working tree clean
if you do not have working changes in that branch you want to checkout to, then you can delete it and recreate a branch
git branch -D branchName
git checkout -b branchName
china is using lasers and water sprays to prevent jaywalkers crossing the street when the red is light
7:59 AM
> the red is light
I think you need a vacation karel
come to bratislava and find fulfillment in telling us how superior belgian beer is
man, I am just not awake atm
I have an urge to bed in my sleep
@Luggage Supposedly, watchRun might be what I need, in a plugin or something
The question is whether changing the include and exclude list during the build process would have any effect.
(for a comment at the top of the file or something)
@KarelG you clearly aren't awake yet :P
@KamilSolecki wow that is a good news
aww jee. cannot edit it anymore
8:13 AM
I might actually consider christianity now lol
no, it's clearly blasphemy
@KarelG wait, that was not on purpose?
@ShrekOverflow just got updated it's from 2014 lmao
@KamilSolecki wy have i nvr seen it b4 ?
Still no power in my office
@ShrekOverflow no idea me neither
Thor pls, fix my phases
8:15 AM
@KamilSolecki So there is actually something to this evolution thing after all?
Who would have thought?!
@OliverSalzburg I don't know, it's just like, your opinion, man
Premature coffeination it is then
What's premature about it? Are you still in bed?
@OliverSalzburg I am going to bed
@OliverSalzburg He's drinking coffee before going to sleep, so he'll be more awake after sleeping
@KamilSolecki how does this pope explain the 7 day stuff?
8:25 AM
are you all not missing the point?
I thought I explained why it was not correct
karel go drunk, you're bed
ikari go to weeb, you're japan
@OliverSalzburg 1hr before my usual coffee time
@Neoares I am not drunk. So why would I go to bed?
8:46 AM
Does anyone know where can I find webpack 3 docs?
@GNi33 That makes sense
@BenjaminGruenbaum obviously there should be error handling in the function but this is not a payed code-service , but a direction for the solution . nested promises are unreadable and much difficult to manage. — Nirit Levi 3 mins ago
@MadaraUchiha AFAIK the docs you are checking is wp 3
@KarelG Huh?
The docs on the site are for 4.6
And there's no on the site to change that
@KarelG to sleep and not die
8:54 AM
is this normal? That directory is for npm
@MadaraUchiha a right, they updated it. The documentation was for wp 3 before because they could not update it when wp 4 got released. Well, clone it and use it locally then
@Ikari having SaitamaSama as your PC username? no
@Ikari That's fine. Don't worry
git checkout tags/v3.11.0 should bring you to wp 3 stuff
anyways, removed it, let's see if npm borked
8:55 AM
sounds like hack cmd.exe
maybe it hacks your windows shell and you get a better one
and windows defender is saying NO
@Ikari Kinda weird that you would have that exe in your npm directory IMHO
by the way, stop installing global packages
it hurts
I would say it's very likely that someone used the name as a cover and you installed some nasty trojan with an npm package
yeah, my guess is that as well
8:57 AM
new Promise(async (res,rej)=>{
ok ...
Kinda like npm i rebecca
you're a collaborator

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