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5:00 PM
@Luggage ASP on VS 2005, whee!
dear god. get VS updated.
I know, i know.. you have some dependency that won't work in anything newer
I actually don't think we do.
They're just afraid that updating the framework will change the website behavior.
then.. what's your excuse for being stuck on old tools?
I've tried to even let them allow me to update to 2010, and they won't let me. They lost their collective shit when I installed community.
Time for a new job.
5:02 PM
I've been doing that.
stuck on 11+ year old tools, asked to 'rewrite in jquery'.
do they have daily floggings, too? :)
Some days it'd be preferred, lol.
> Beatings will continue until employee moral improves.
Now that just sounds like the military.
> Today's the shittiest day we've had.
unless they pay your that dopeboi money and these complaints/requests are sparse. You get bad suggestions at every company
5:03 PM
>Today's the shittiest day you've had yet.
Yea.. so it might be a nice job with a few oddities. that's fine
but I recoil at the thought of not being able to use tools that are newer than a decade old based on someone else's fear
We just upgraded from CVS to GIT last year.
We upgraded from Walgreens to SVN
That's fine. Even CVS is better than Team Foundation. :)
We also had a production server go down because the hard drive filled up with Windows updates from the last couple years that weren't install, lol.
5:05 PM
that's also normal in corporate world
i have problem in expanding view.
the tab is not coming below the pointer.
@mikhilmohanan Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
Normal? Why wouldn't you have alerts set up in the event a server that collects tens of gigs of data when it starts to get within 10% of maximum capacity?
well.. you should.
(Still not set up by the way)
Overall the job isn't as awful as it could be. Flex hours, lenient on the remote work when you're ill (which makes sense for an ultra small company), and decent pay.
5:09 PM
sick people get to work reduced hours? nice. I mean.. there re jobs where you can take time off and not work at all.. but..
Nah, if you're sick, you're just allowed to work remote is all.
lenient on deadlines or harsh agile/scrum environment?
By flex, I mean you can show up any time between 0700 and 0900.
When I'm sick, I get to not go to work
I don't have to work from home
@ApathyBear Varies on the project and what the CEO has promised.
5:10 PM
Your CEO is making sales?
I get one sick day/2 months
@ndugger Our CEO is also our HR and Sales dept.
jesus again
Your job life makes me feel good about myself
If it's a 7 man company, not too weird
5:11 PM
Owner 1 is the CEO/HR/Sales, Owner 2 is head of hardware and embeded system development, owner 3 is head of web dev and the DBA.
Lol, I dunno if I'd go that far.
Hilarious thing is our CEO supposedly has a degree that somehow makes him an authority on UI...and most of his UI suggestions aren't that great.
what degree is that?
Communications? :)
I've never bothered to ask.
Put that fucker on the spot. He's full of shit. :)
5:14 PM
I just know he brought it up when I made a number of suggestions to improve the website.
So he is a PM/UI Designer, too
ok, i'm done trashing your job, unless you let any other crazy nuggets slip.
What? You mean like I was told minifying our JS files was a waste of time for production?
Perhaps, perhaps.
waste of time, wow
5:16 PM
I mean.. i can think of cases (all your users are in the same building) where it really doesnt' matter, but..
might as well..
We have a custom jquery UI file that's 441 kbs
plus two others ~220 kbs
my app is almost 8mb unminimized.
I think total we're at about 4mbs unminimized last time I looked.
2.4 mb minimized. 600k minimized and gzipped.
so.. production is a 600k d/l for all JS
(that includes css, actually)
Oh, and 80% of our in house stuff is all in a single utils file which makes looking for shit a pain in the ass.
Our CSS file is 10kb, not very big.
5:18 PM
^ my company had that when I came in
MS's own optimization tool in VS can let you split that up without introducing things liek gulp. Ohh.. if you have like VS 2012 or newer, at least
maybe 2010 has it
Hire me to update your tools.
I like dragging projects into the 21st century
How do I put a console.log() inside of .on() ??
@MassDebates same way you put anything inside an event handler.
@Luggage Pffht, I've been fighting that battle for two years. After I finish my current project, I finally got it okayed to actually write out development standards for the website and sql.
@MassDebates is this jquery? because they have an example of that here: api.jquery.com/on
though it should be the same as most other .on()s..
5:22 PM
A: input type number fail's with zero

Sterling ArcherMathematically speaking, numbers cannot have leading zeros. In JS, Putting a leading 0 on an integer is the equivalent to parsing octal, or base 8. var num = 011111111; //is the same as parseInt(011111111, 8); When in reality you want a decimal parse, which is base 10. To keep your leading zer...

Is this right?
Great idea, I didn't think about jquery because I'm not working with it
but of course it'll be similar! Thanks
I'm trying to put it in gulp.watch('src/assets/img/**/*').on('change', gulp.series(images, browser.reload));
But I'm having trouble working with the gulp.series()
ohh, right, gulp. So.. My use of watch does not use .on(). Are you sure that's right?
I don't want to use a semi-colon (;) because I feel that will mess up the overarching function
you either need a semicolon or not. it's not a choice.
@Luggage I checked the github repository and I grabbed a stock file, still no dice. Made a new project frmo stock files, doesn't work.
I was hoping to use a comma, but I don't know how to append after gulp.series() unless if I do gulp.series(), console.log()
In other words, I have:
gulp.watch('src/assets/img/**/*').on('change', gulp.series(images, browser.reload));
And I think I want to change it to:
gulp.watch('src/assets/img/**/*').on('change', gulp.series(images, browser.reload), console.log('Super Test Tested Super!'));
5:26 PM
ok.. so.. I'll say it a third time. Are you sure you need to use .on()? It's not in the documentation and I don't use it with my gulp.watch.
also, you are console.log()ing before you even wathc the files
you pare passing the RESULT of console.log() into gulp.watch(), which is nothing.
and in an argument AFTER the tasks.. I think you are just making shit up
this looks like gulp 4.0. did they change it there?
@MassDebates so.. both are true. gulp 4.0 did add an .on('change'), but you don't use it for tasks. See github.com/gulpjs/gulp/blob/master/docs/… The tasks are in the .watch() call and .on('change') is just for adding an additional event for 'other purposes'.
the example even has a console.log() just like you want.
reading documentation is hard
I know something else that's hard
5:41 PM
probably not appropriate... it's been a long week
yeah, that ^
It's just a meme, bro
You're just a meme
, bro
5:48 PM
What should I get for dinner? I plan on getting drunk and playing rock band 4
@ndugger just play rock band 4
Fuck that, I'm depressed
Got any idea how center this with pure css? jsfiddle.net/quacu0hv
only pure css?
Yes, I managed to do it with javascript by: Math.round((a / 2) - (b / 2))
but with css it would be faster and probably more reliable in the long term
5:55 PM
@ndugger pizza
@Asperger just translate first
No, pizza is a no-go
why not?
wayyyyy too many calories
well i often turn to pizza when i'm feeling down
5:56 PM
@Zhegan wow thanks.
well tonight i made a chickpea, avocado, cucumber and salad. should i suggest that instead??
(a bit healthier)
@Zhegan I forgot that its due to the way the engine multiplies vectors
the order matters
@ndugger don't be depressed. Get some rest.
no u
It doesn't really rhyme but fuck it
i wish
I'm tired af
5:59 PM
I'm down exactly 11lbs since I started my weightloss journey, so I've got that going for me
but I'm depressed as fuck otherwise
@ndugger congrats!
because life is shit k
@ndugger Do what @SterlingArcher did, start dating, find yourself a lady friend, enjoy life.
no u
6:01 PM
@ndugger yep
Well, it helps that I'm down 15lbs too
I'm confident af
@SterlingArcher Hi Confident AF, I'm Trasiva.
i saw this quote today, "im not going to kill myself …but I am going to complain about being alive for the rest of my life."
a bit of a nihilistic giggle
@SterlingArcher is that the craft that is made out of air? and when it crashed it just actually went -boop-?
There was a vet recently who tried to get help at the local VA, they turned him away. Killed himself in the parking lot.
6:04 PM
@Trasiva it feels weird. I don't feel like a boyfriend
I feel like yellow guy from don't hug me i'm scared
@SterlingArcher With eyebrows like yours? Definitely the girl in the relationship.
@Trasiva sauce?
@Trasiva ow that's sad. i wasn't sure if you're previously post was a joke i didn't get
6:08 PM
@bitten I don't usually joke about my brothers and sisters blowing their heads off, no.
That's sad. I hope they can use his actions as a case to reform that shitty system
@SterlingArcher ...HAHAHAHAHA
That two billion or whatever the VA was given to 'improve' the system?
Part of it was used to buy a several million dollars in statues.
those statues have medical degrees
6:13 PM
They'd probably be more useful than most of the doctors I've seen at the VA.
Fuck, my current PCM isn't even a doctor. Anything he writes has to be validated by a Nurse practitioner (who didn't even look at what he wrote, just initialed it).
hey folks - question about preloading images. does a simple var img = new Image(); img.src = url get the job done, or will that not be cached by the browser? Do I need to load it via an ajax request instead?
const image = Object.assign(new Image(), { src: url }) is the superior way
@ndugger @SterlingArcher I'm down 60lbs. Take that, fuckers!
Q: JavaScript Preloading Images

FranciscCan you tell me if the function I wrote below is enough to preload images in most if not all browsers commonly used today? function preloadImage(url) { var img=new Image(); img.src=url; } I have an array of imageURLs that I loop and call the preloadImage function for each URL.

6:25 PM
I mean, I'm 2.5 months in, so...
well, a little bit below a year for me
hey guys
I'm back
@KevinB this works on mobile too? I figured they'd be more cache restrictive.
I tried doing what I could to the file but I wasn't able to get the gulp script to run with my console.log() in there. I'm probably messing up the syntax.
i would expect the only difference to be how much is cached, size-wise, and for how long.
but i don't work with mobile much
6:26 PM
I'm trying to determine if this works:
gulp.watch('src/assets/img/**/*').on('change', gulp.series(images, browser.reload));
according to the docs, that's still wrong.
but maybe my experience and the documentation is wrong, so keep trying it.
Well, Here's the thing
There's a lot of documentation errors that all revolve around that section.
@FlorianMargaine y u no before/after
I went ahead and got comparative samples throughout every milestone version they have @Luggage
that's a risk of using pre-release versions.
6:28 PM
It's not pre-release.
gulp.series is gulp 4.0, as far as I know
@Luggage I'm trying to run the console.log() to see if this line is bad like you state. Surely you wouldn't find it a bad idea to actually verify that the lines are indeed bad, no?. I ran it through some syntax evaluators
i could be wrong.
and it checks out.
That's why I'm trying to get a log in there to see WHERE exactly it breaks
it's not the js syntax, but the api.
the docs say pass the tasks into the .watch() function, not an .on() function
6:30 PM
This file is stock and was included with the docs.
huh? what docs? that file you showed me earlier did not look 'stock'.
Eat them all.
gotta get high cholesterol
and your teeth will go grey.
6:32 PM

This is stock, right?
That looks like a heart attack.
Anyone has example usecase/code operating on a dataset with chains of map/filter/reduce from pseudo-reallife? This is for a demo - something like findings a movie from a bunch of movies will work. But it should really include atleast 5 or more of those operations.
@MassDebates that link shows the way I have been saying over and over.
note how it uses the same arguments to the same functions as the documentation. That's probably why it works
This is what I had before. github.com/zurb/foundation-emails/blob/develop/gulpfile.js#L138 Someone had me switch to what i have now.
because it wasn't working -before-.
ok. well. so.. keep trying to pass arguments into random functions, then. I'm done.
6:34 PM
@Luggage Thank you for the help :) I appreciate the time you've spent.
I don't know how I can convince you that you are not following the docs.
I started the project with that github.
It's okay though, clearly there's a disconnect. I'm sure it's me.
Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
I had that -exact same file-
that file is gulp 3, look slike.. your gulp.series is from gulp 4.
so.. probably not.
or that's why it didn't work
6:38 PM
@ndugger yes
@ndugger Don't you wish your girlfriend was dank like me? (source)
yes, cap
@Luggage have you looked into progressively loading your app?
just curious, haven't met or talked to anyone who has -done it-
Have you accepted our dear lord and saviour, angular, into your heart?
6:44 PM
Nope. I mean.. I've looked intot it, but I just load the whole thing at once.
I never put in the work to make it possible.
Nobody dealing with lots of data and map/reduce/etc. here? :'(
@Luggage fair enough ^^
@ndugger i'm not religious :3
I'll be religious, for the right price.
Angular 2.0 or the old testament?
I'm really liking angulars $state controller now with UIRouter
Makes defining routes pretty easy across controllers, and $state.go("derp", {}) is pretty intuitive
6:54 PM
7:09 PM
@Luggage Ah, I figured it out.
@Luggage It was working the entire time.
@Luggage I was being given images that I was told were new images; he accidentally got mixed up and ended sending me old versions. Kind of the reason why I wanted to test it further.
@Luggage Appreciate the attempt to help, regardless! You didn't have to spend that time with me. I'm glad you did.
@Luggage Also, a developer walked me through getting the correct version of the CLI and using it because I wanted to make sure I had the steps down right after what you had to say. We ended up downloading the very same file and everything. Gulp 3.9/~4 -is- the current version, and has been for months.
@Luggage That being said, what you've previously claimed (and reiterated multiple times for reinforcement... in assumption I wasn't listening to you) is really, really confusing now. It doesn't really agree with the docs, either, on basis of relevancy.
It's because the docs were discussing a separate developer goal in that section.
@Luggage also, I wanted to ping you
@Luggage Thought you should know! Toodles!
@ndugger Using your site to Friday people lol
7:29 PM
@Luggage I also just wanted to ping you
@loktar are you interested in an Alienware graphics amp perchance?
@Cereal I want that
@AwalGarg What's up?
@Luggage Just testing the ping functionality
7:42 PM
generally sfw
tl;dw: republicans get off on women who can't start a car
So they like women who can't flee?
@ivarni well that wasn't the implication, but if so, there are some more on that list for them
@Jhawins Serious? I might be selling mine
@KendallFrey what
@SterlingArcher hello
7:54 PM
@Cereal Well it's proprietary right?
I'm not buying an Alienware. If it worked with my Asus I'd prob buy it
I'd stick the Graphics Amp behind my TV and plug it in when I'm playing controller games from the couch
Yeah its proprietary. Would have to have an Alienware. I pinged loktar because I'm pretty sure he has a couple
@Cereal Yeah... If only :(. My 860m isn't gonna keep up
8:00 PM
What is it exactly?
I have an Alienware laptop
Not that I plan to use it
You plug a desktop gpu into it, and plug it into the back of the laptop - and use the desktop gpu instead of the dedicated. Also lets you overclocked the cpu a bit
oh that's neat
Yeah I like it
...good grief, it's like people took stupid pills today.
@AwalGarg I found a wiki scraper with a bunch of maps and stuff if you want it
I don't know exactly what it does anymore cuz I wrote it a long ass time ago
& it's in Elixir
Oh I have a bunch of number theory algorithms that you'd like
8:14 PM
This might be a case of #lazyweb but say I make an npm module that has a lib/store directory and I want to import from that using import { foo } from 'module/store'. How do I set that up in the package.json file of the module. I tried "main": "lib/" but webpack is just spitting in my face. I'm not sure what I should google and off the top of my head I can't remember any npm modules who does that so I can go look at their source.
So I guess I'd love for someone to either tell me how to do it or point me to a npm module that exposes imports from directories within node_modules/stuff
You should be just accept that it's spitting in your face. Some people have to pay for that kind of excitement.
Don't get me wrong, I love getting stuff for free but it doesn't really help me progress right now :)
OT: can I make webpack shit on my chest?
I doubt it, but I bet it can't start a car
I suppose you need gulp for that
npm install gulp-shit
8:19 PM
@ivarni Well, that escalated quickly.
Well as it turns out when I finally summoned some google-fu, it's quite simple.. `from 'module/lib/store'
I swear 70% of development skills is figuring out what to enter into google
knowing what you want
and what it is called
knowing what it is called in english is my main issue
@Luggage ahh.
8:24 PM
Either a bold i is rendered terribly or my eyesight is getting worse. Look like an uppercase I to me
or maybe rather a l
God there's a slew of shit on the main questions page
wow, this bug is a clusterfuck: bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1167575
a Firefox bug in the js console, only reproduced when the current tab is about:newtab
in the js engine
You mean Charlie Foxtrot. cc @Trasiva
@Luggage Hey now, that was pretty commonly used in places were cursing had to be kept to a minimum.
Right.. I like it.
whiskey tango foxtrot..
there went my childhood
And that kids, is how I killed my frat bro
I want to start a business wher you get to play with all the military gear, but don't have to be in the military
want a fire a mortar? come on down
8:44 PM
@Luggage They already have that.
It's called private contracting.
Drive a bradley over a hill? We got that.
Well.. less people trying to kill you at my place.
unless you WANT that.
Dude, those guys have like...zero oversight. Basically anything and everything is fair game for them.
Yea,, well, i don't actually want to kill anyone.
I love the 'ultimate game' of combat, but don't want to kill another human.
well, I think I love it.. obviously never been in combat.
Make friends with Arnold Schwarzenegger. He bought a tank.
and i bet contractors don't get the cool toys
8:46 PM
...the fuck they don't.
They're usually the first ones to buy up all the military surplus.
Uhhh, dunno about thaaaaaat, but it's a very small group of people who get to play with those anyways.
I want to fire the cannon in an ac130, fly an apache, etc, etc.
I mean, you can't let any asshole go and fly an apache.
ok, I'll take a littlebird, then.
8:48 PM
You know the AC130 normally carries about...three cannons, right?
I'm reasonable.
Oh yea, plenty of people own littlebirds.
maybe that' the wrong term.. I mean the one with the minigun and the rocketpods
Well, you can't have the toys, but you can buy them without.
8:49 PM
the toys are the point.. i want to see how hard it is to use those unguided rockets.
I bet pilots cream themselves the first time
@SterlingArcher Uh… that was
Well, maybe the kangaroo's life..
That was almost as mild as Dugger's sex life.
@SterlingArcher Wow lol. Lucky he hit it with the tire
Nothing like a little mist to start your day off right.
8:52 PM
I want to fly this:
@Luggage Just find a range that'll let you play with a 40mm launcher. Should give you a moderate idea.
Wait, that's Russian...
I changed sides just now.
KA-50 or KA-52, not sure
If it's Russian you probably can buy it, lol.
That's the 52 'gator.
It's a pretty neat bird, for being non-US made.
8:53 PM
yea.. i like some of the russian gunships
I want to fly this:
I know it's like...half the cost of an apache, with a higher ceiling, but a stupid low rate of climb.
But so damn sexy.
Gator's a one pilot system too
I think the gator has a bigger loadout, but I can't recall.
bigger than?
8:56 PM
But not bigger than Kendall's Mom's loadout
and i want to be stuck in traffic with this:
@SterlingArcher lol I kept expecting something to stop it
8:57 PM
@Luggage An APC?
IFV, i think? I'm not sure of the difference.
but yes, it has seats in the back, and a ramp
That's the Czech Pandur II, isn't it?
@Luggage The I is for infantry
right, infantry fighting vehicle
I think they are more lightly armored than an APC
@Trasiva yup.
APC = Armored Personnel Carrier, sometimes called an APV - Armored Personnel Vehicle
8:59 PM
APC doesn't have guns bigger than 20mm or something like that

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