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12:06 AM
How's it going
12:27 AM
@ircmaxell i like that one
Yeah... it's good
Q: Make an application that displays text at random that conforms to the specified regex

ircmaxellOK, so in the spirit of Code-Golf, I'm trying out something new here: Code-Bowling. In golf, you try to get the lowest score (smallest application, most elegant, etc). In Bowling, you try to get the highest score. So if you follow, the goal of a Code-Bowling challenge is to make the biggest, m...

almost 700 views, and got another answer
I thought it was only OK
I thought it could be funnier
but excellent point
Well, they've been more witty than funny lately...
@ircmaxell maybe tomorrow I'll write the "abuse jQuery" answer. I might just go nuts and write an APL version
stop upvoting that c answer... up vote mine!!11
12:36 AM
Ivo, I've already upvoted you
is it possible to write bad APL code? doesnt it all look hideous?
that sounds like a challenge... The next Code-Bowling challenge: Write clean easy to read APL... (kidding)
can I write really bad AI that somehow converges on printing Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening
Write a genetic algorithm that uses soundex as a fitness function
12:40 AM
oh god
Of course don't forget the skynet cost. Otherwise you've got an issue...
Good <insert random indian word here>
@ircmaxell And make sure it fits into the data type
12:53 AM
Well-defined languages should have a SKYNET_COST_MAX constant.
I'm debating terminating my contact early and getting an Evo (I've got a droid now)
@ircmaxell, there should be an xkcd-style flowchart for that decision somewhere...
1:14 AM
Q: use jQuery to get 'true size' of image without removing the class

jon3lazeI am using Jcrop on an image that is resized with css for uniformity. JS <script type="text/javascript"> $(window).load(function() { //invoke Jcrop API and set options var api = $.Jcrop('#image', { onSelect: storeCoords, trueSize: [w, h] }); api.disable(); //di...

is this possible or do I have to load the image on the page?
2 hours later…
3:26 AM
@Nathan We'll see... I'm strongly considering it now...
3 hours later…
8 hours later…
2:15 PM
That's how I like it, link a gist with the full code
Then you get an instant answer
Ha, first answer in the morning and a down vote with no comment or obvious reason! :D
That's how I like SO...
People are always cranky in the morning, specially programmers
It's this one
A: Contact Us JavaScript help

Ivo WetzelYou can't, there's no mail server built into any Browser. So besides the use of the mailto: link to fire up the E-Mail client, it would be really scary if you could send random E-Mails from a users computer via JavaScript, therefore basically turning every Browser into a spambox. Do a nice JavaS...

I suspect the OP
Indeed, got your neutral vote now
Thx, I already suspected it being "Gimme the c0dez or go away" question :/
2:37 PM
anyone know of a similar effect to text-shadow but on block elements?
seems silly that there isn't any css property.
is text-shadow css3?
oh ... I thought it was an old spec.
must be some js lib to make it work in ie.
2 hours later…
4:28 PM
@IvoWetzel No, it's 2.1
That's partly the reason why you don't see -moz-text-shadow and co.
@YiJiang Ah ok, guess I confused it with box-shadow then
1 hour later…
5:50 PM
can anyone tell me how to absolutely position something to the bottom of the page, rather than to the bottom of the screen?
6:02 PM
make an element after the last item on the page.
@Loktar doesn't work for me ...
Hi all, got a question; i have a container with a button and with that button you add some elements to the container. Right now the button stays above the appended items, but does anyone know how i can make the button appear beneath these elements?
@Opoe what are you using to append the elements? pure javascript or a library?
@Greg hi, i'm using jquery
@Opoe $("button").before(newElement);
6:14 PM

appendbtn.click(function () {
var elems = $('<div>' + '<input type="checkbox" id="checkbox' + (counter) + '" class="item"/>' + '<input value="some value" type="text" class="inputfield' + (counter) + '"/>' + '<input type="button" class="removebtn" value="." id="removebtn"' + (counter) + '"/>' + '</div>').appendTo(redbox.find('.togglecontainer'));
@Opoe change appendTo to before()
okay! :o
@Greg it seems to hide/remove the append button
try insertBefore() instead
@Greg Thank you! That definitly works, but now the checkboxes dont work properly anymore
the checkbox should toggle a class on the input field
can i use appendto and insertbefore both ?
6:44 PM
@Greg thank you!!! I solved it :)
7:24 PM
I can't for the life of me get a simple <img> absolutely positioned on the bottom of the page rather than the bottom of the screen
7:43 PM
@Greg: try position:absolute, bottom:0
@Lenni that places it to the bottom of the screen, not the page
and place the <img> just after the <body>
or did you mean to use a comma rather than a semi-colon, because I'm not familiar with that?
no, meant a semicolon
@Lenni well, that's what I tried first... and can't manage to get the <img> to stick to the bottom of the page at all ...
7:46 PM
why don't you place it a the very bottom of the document?
@Lenni I have also tried that
as soon as it gets position: absolute; bottom: 0; then it gets placed at the bottom of the screen ... but there is room underneath it where you can scroll :\
body probably has some margin set
@Lenni I use eric meyer's css reset
7:52 PM
just to reiterate, you want an image to be at the bottom of the page and you still have some margin below it?
I'll upload a test to show you
8:02 PM
you'll see the image "Greg woz ere 2010" ... that is absolutely positioned with bottom: 0;
resize your browser to see what problem I'm facing...
and then scroll up and down
that's not on the bottom ....
set body to position:relative
what position:absolute does is go up the parents until it finds one that isn't position:static and then orientate the element on that
in your case there isn't an element that isn't position:static (that's the implied default) and I'm not sure what the defined behaviour for that is
@Lenni thanks, that was all I needed ..... jesus!
cool, glad it worked

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