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@Don dart is a poc, erlang is too much mind blown
Only read the prequel.
@Incognito I would prefer something clean
Read it.
Just the first part.
That's all.
The people in here are trying to save you from that fate. Don't fight them.
@Incognito the first part?
5:03 PM
@user994144 Eh, nevermind. Carry on.
@Don in the question all i'm trying to get a crossed is that you are attempting to implement a bandaid instead of tracking down the root problem. If the Framework supports these magical layouts and components and they are breaking then only two possible problems: You are using it incorrectly, or the tool does not work. Either way adding in more 'patches
is not the best solution
@rlemon I agree 100% that it's not the best solution
but my efforts at implementing the best solution have failed, so now I'm looking at 2nd, 3rd, 4th best options
Still... More effort can be given to solving the root issue.
Q: Creating a web application to concatenate strings to unify naming conventions

KizMy first post on here so if this is in the wrong place, please feel free to move it. I've been tasked with creating a small web application, where users have a series of forms (I can't currently think of a better way of doing this) which will contain, either a)text input fields or b)drop down lis...

5:20 PM
the no spam link to the entire SNL skit.
@rlemon I got to have more cowbell.
5:37 PM
@rlemon given that you don't know how much effort has been put into it already, or what the time constraints are, that comment is at best useless
5:49 PM
Am I missing something about prototpye inheritance? I create an object constructor it works fine. Then i create a subclass: TabularCharts.prototype = new Charts(); And suddenly firebug reports error "Cannot read property 'labels' of undefined"
I never even instantiated TabularCharts yet. I just instantiated Charts() at that point, which was working fine until I did the prototype inheritance
heroku SUCKS
When I added this line: TabularCharts.prototype = new Charts();
thats when things broke
please, please, please use the JavaScript pane
why on earth are you assigning a variable for this?
5:56 PM
because self will hold the poiinter to the object
and just in case this gets reassined
self will hold original poiinter
But here's the thing, it was working fine, until I created prototype inheritance
self will still point to the global object if new isn't used
as soon as I creatred inheritance, I get error "Cannot read property 'labels' of undefined" That error makes no sence because clearly labels is wrapped in an object literal, not undefined
you're really just giving it a new name
5:58 PM
TabularCharts.prototype = new Charts();

what about passing the needed param ?
I think you have a point there, I dont think I did that!
>>> window.self
Personally, I try to always assign "this" object to a variable for 2 reasons:
- perfs
- minification
(it also helps for closures)
6:04 PM
yeah thats why I did it for purposes of closures
Hmm, actually perfs are not really better when using a variable :p

of course not
hmmm, still not working for me when I add this: Tables.call(self, options) in the TabularCharts constructor function after reassigning this to self.
options holds object literal which contains key/valuar pairs, one of those keys is called 'labels'. firebug thinks 'labels' is wrapped in undefined, not an object.
@MattMcDonald "of course" ? Is the behavior is so easy to understand for you ?
nothing is being "cached" in that example
6:18 PM
an object is created, and then code accesses a property of it
the "cache" example is slower because it has a variable assignment
caching is useful when you want to access something instead of recreating it repeatedly
@MattMcDonald But there is a big while loop which is supposed to make the difference I guess
...which just increments the value of a property that already exists
@JohnMerlino Can you update the code on jsfiddle and give a link ?
6:21 PM
the example is literally just pointing to an object
yes, heres a new link: jsfiddle.net/johnmerlino/YCqyG/8
actually i need to update that again
because its calling call on Table not Charts
@MattMcDonald I agree but I thought naively that JS engine would find local variable faster than "this" object.
when I write "find", I mean "solve" or something similar
@JohnMerlino ok
'Profile Invitations: 62 / 66 remaining'
@JohnMerlino options is still undefined when TabularCharts.prototype = new Charts(); is executed...
6:29 PM
you still aren't using the JavaScript pane
...which makes digesting that spaghetti much tougher
@JohnMerlino try showing them this
when I added this at the very end: TabularCharts.prototype = new Charts();
then the error went away
but im not sure why that matters
it looks like it creates a new instance of Charts and sets it to prototype property, but it was expecting arguments.
but Ive seen this done before and no artguments passed to new Object()
today's lesson from "The Pragmatic Programmer": a project glossary
6:39 PM
the tool: an html page with (a) definition list(s)
@JohnMerlino it's your script that is expecting an argument
look at this post:
Q: Javascript: prototypal inheritance

dasha saloI am new to JavaScript OOP. Can you please explain me what the difference is between the following blocks of code. I tested and both blocks work. What's the best practice and why? First block: function Car(name){ this.Name = name; } Car.prototype.Drive = function(){ document.write("My ...

look at this specific code:
the car name is not mandatory when constructing a Car
but options is mandatory when constructing a Charts
So, I think you need a setter for "options" instead of passing it when constructing Charts
setter ...
yeah sorry
just set the property
6:48 PM
i now see whats going on, thanks for responses
you're welcome
7:07 PM
@Raynos If you ever think of consulting, you should know, this is who you compete with in the fortune 100.
love definition lists
@Incognito ...
Hi! I am a newbie and I have a general question: How does google track "content" if a website is dynamically generated? (i.e using ajax)
@JohnShepard it doesnnt
7:10 PM
@Raynos I worked with him at the bank. This is super legit.
@Incognito I know retards exist
@Raynos Google's better at it these days actually. I think they use webkit + v8 and just crawl that way.
I dont need to go into that bullshit market
im going into small competent teams
@Raynos So how do other websites such as wikipedia turn out on to be the first search? I believe they use templates right?
Any word back on those companies yet?
7:12 PM
@Incognito flying to zurich for interview
going into london for interview
@JohnShepard Your question doesn't make sense. I suspect you don't have a deep understanding of HTTP.
@Raynos Excellent, well done.
both companies are in the education sector
There interesting, feedback is positive atm
@incognito yes, that is why I said I was a newbie
I should be able to land one of the two jobs
7:12 PM
I just started programming :)
@JohnShepard Right, but I don't know what specific thing you're new to.
@Incognito hows your job search?
Eh, I stopped looking after that first one, probably going to apply to this other one. My friend wants me to work with him
I just don't see anything I'm really excited by.
@incogito do you know where can i read about http basics?
@JohnShepard I don't think starting with web protocols is the best place for someone who just started.
7:14 PM
Look harder
what excites you
Im basically just looking at world wide companies where I can use something I know (javascript)
that's cazy
@incognito I have learnt jquery, php and css so far, when is it a good time?
@Raynos The algo stuff I'm not competent with (AI, etc), education, solving problems. Starting a business, consulting.
@JohnShepard You probably haven't learn't those things.
Not to be offensive, but they're bigger than you think.
jQuery isn't a programming language, fyi.
I know, it is based on javascript @incognito
no, it is javascript
7:16 PM
Yes you are right
@Incognito well if you have the money look at starting a business. If you think you can consult, just do so. And if you want education and problem solving go find the companies
well that's good, most people think it's some magic black box.
it is just a bunch of functions together to make it easier to write
"write less, do more" :)
@Raynos See, I have no pressure or pull to do any of these things. I'm content and/or complacent where I am.
@JohnShepard +1 for the name...
7:17 PM
Perhaps I should do something that gets me fired?
@rlemon thanks it really is me, John Shepard
@Incognito Interesting, I'm not content
@JohnShepard Okay well, this is something I haven't completed writing specifically for persons like yourself, one moment...
I can do better, and I should do better
It's not done, there's spelling errors (right in the TOC), etc.
7:19 PM
@JohnShepard call up mckay, he can walk you through the basics
Is it a javascript tutorial?
@Raynos I just haven't found something to kick me in the arse and get going.
@rlemon who is mckay and how do I call him up?
@JohnShepard Sort-of.
It takes you through nightmares that exist for people who learn bad stuff.
@incognito I am taking a look at that link, it is pretty nice
7:23 PM
How the wek works.
thanks a lot for this
@Incognito kick. I expect better from you. Go make meaning
It's incomplete. I'm also building a 15-something page description of how browsers render html.
I would be interested when it is finished
and I am a newbie
@Raynos I'll apply to my friend's company.
7:24 PM
If I understand your explanations it means you are a great teacher
I hope it makes sense.
I tried to keep it entertaining so you don't get bored.
I explain HTTP as if you're sending cats.
@Incognito why do you want to do that?
i saw that
i kept thinking of nyan cats all the time
@Raynos My friend wants me to work at his company. Good programmers work there. I might be designing software that gets used by more people.
they look very digital to me
7:27 PM
@JohnShepard you have never seen Stargate Atlantis???
Yes I have
@Incognito what does the company do? Why work for that company?
@JohnShepard "Indeed."
rodney mckay
7:28 PM
but when you said mckay
geeze, way to ruin a perfectly good troll.
i thought you meant some "user"
@Raynos They make stuff for video signal processing-- things like decode 10 1080p HD streams on the fly through one card and interfaces to manipulating it in real time. They're in almost every tv/film/etc station.
So like, really cool problems.
@rlemon Perfectly good troll: playbook moon landing.
That seems cool enough
I'm still looking towards this summer or later before I start searching
7:31 PM
searching for jobs?
man everyone will be looking for a job
I plan on it as well
Got to go @incognito thanks for the link, I will read it tonight. @rlemon ME3 release date March 6, 2012
I graduate in june
I started looking 2 weeks ago
@JohnShepard Cheers.
7:33 PM
there should be a job trade forum
trade jobs with professionals
@Raynos I think I'm actually just discouraged from looking after the last one. The guy's posted the job three more times and even put up a $2k "finder's reward" if you suggest someone they hire.
what did the last one say?
To my face: "We'll be in touch."
I'm just waiting until I'm confident enough in my skill-set to jump to web development
@MattMcDonald man..
if only you could see the people I work with
and it cant be much different everywhere.
7:38 PM
@MattMcDonald I hate the dunning-kruger effect, totally incompetent people do work you feel unqualified to do.
yeah exactly @Incognito
yeah, but I'm planning to do application-type work, not simple client websites
@Loktar I can give it to you in writing it's the same everywhere.
which requires a strong server-side base
...which I don't have yet
7:38 PM
I don't think Im by any means a great developer, but I know Im a lot better than most of the clowns out there.
@MattMcDonald Qualify "strong server-side" knowledge for me. I'm curious.
This is why we need an improved programmer competency matrix, combat the dunning-kruger from both sides.
@Incognito and he never got back?
@Raynos Nope. Even emailed him some code I wrote that flung boxes around on canvas with (I mentioned to him that I would during the interview).
He wanted a computer scientist to reinvent fizbuzz to program a CMS.
Not someone who can pull together technologies and make something.
7:46 PM
Dont worry about it
if hes an idiot you dont want to work with them
the people I talk to are reasonable and competent
interviews go both way
@Incognito for me, ability to make a secure OO PHP application
I'm about 40% there
@MattMcDonald What's the other 60?
7:49 PM
sanitizing data, implementing design patterns, understand of the language
I feel like im 80% of the way with node on that. the other 20% is figuring out a damn architecture I like and then doing it for real
@MattMcDonald You're probably like 75% of the way there then.
Please suggest me a best solution:

<script language='javascript'>
function fst(){
$.ajax({url:"1.php", success:function(result){
//do something

function scnd(){
$.ajax({url:"2.php", success:function(result){
//do something


<input type='button' onclick="return fst()">
<input type='button' onclick="return scnd()">


echo "hello";

Problem is that it waits 20 seconds before it executes scnd function after pressing first and second button. How do i make it completely ignore fst function when second button is pressed
I managed to get an autoloader and JSON-driven templates up this weekend
7:53 PM
next goal is sanitizing it
@user994144 people in the php room have already suggested a good solution to this.
if you are looking for something else then post a question on programmers.so
@rlemon okay when was that? some reference?
Go and look for yourself. they were talking to you
you have been pining over this for a few hours now and no questions have been posted. post a question on the main site and wait.
8:29 PM
Stackoverflow needs leagues.
Most good ladder games have leagues.
SO has tags. Good enough.
I mean I want to separate the questions like How do I herp derp from how do I do non trivial thing?
8:45 PM
More how do I herp derp
@incognito i have just read your hcml theory
it is awesome
i laughed my a** off
you should definitely write more
9:01 PM
Can we talk about node.js here? :o
go to node.js
9:20 PM
Q: is it possible to do web site authentication sans PHP

coder543I would really enjoy avoiding the use of PHP for authenticating users on a website I'm developing, and I was wondering if I could use a SQL database, Apache sans PHP, HTML, Javascript/JQuery, and CSS to accomplish this? I know it's a far-fetched idea probably... but I would be happy if I could.

Why does some random guy edit my answer to indent a single line between <script> and </script> :-|
9:38 PM
@copy your avatar looks really familiar
is that the kid?
@Loktar Yeah
I loved that game :-)
9:56 PM
@JohnShepard Thanks that means a lot :)
@copy ODC.
10:22 PM
I need help launching colorbox depending on the url i submit. I have started the JS but can't finish it. Anyone can help me?
Current JS to get things going:
I appoligize if im not using correct language or following rules for the room. Its my first time here
It's always best to just ask your question.
Also, instead of pasting code into chat, use something like jsFiddle or JSBin
10:38 PM
@Incognito it's ODCP now
DCOP durr
lol dyslexia
10:51 PM
> EventEmitter2 is 2kb. That's far too much. EE-light is a sensible 400bytes.
Do I have OCD if I wrote yet another event emitter implementation because mine is 400 bytes instead of 2kb ?
probably. do i have ocd if i started writing unit tests for decl?
i said i did write unit tests
y u no listen
you'd love my testing harness, i named it "detest"
it's kinda funny that it has unit tests though since it pretty much just does one thing
ugh github sends me a notification every time i push to gh-pages
@GGG y u write yet another test harnest
i actually had you in mind when i wrote it
i knew how much you'd hate the whole thing
so i named it "detest" :D
11:03 PM
hate you so much
@GGG whats your github?
why, i thought you said decl was useless ;)
i still need to write more tests
but this covers most of it
posted on January 03, 2012 by Vasilis

Nieuwjaarsborrel · Fronteers Good news for all Fronteers members: most people don’t celebrate New Years anymore on the 26th of January, but we do! In the Beer Factory in Amsterdam! See you there. party, fronteers Korting op Front-Trends in Warschau · Fronteers Even more good news for Fronteers members: you can get a 30% discount for the Front-Trends conference in Warsaw (which look

Whats that weird thing you have
ah can you narrow that down for me
oh the github name? that's just me screwing around
the other stuff is just hacks on top of hacks for php
I meant the gh-pages thing
11:16 PM
if you push to a branch gh-pages it will serve the html stuff up with the right content type
at a subdomain with your username
I see that
Its just detest then
well it's just a site to explain decl, but yeah it runs detest
the site is super simple so it will still work from a local copy with a file:// url
so you can still run tests
any reason you dont use node for unit tests?
i am probably not using gh-pages correctly i think. What i used to do with google code and svn was just set the mime type
i want to be able to test it in individual browsers
although i considered giving detest a console mode
Is cowbell.js out yet?
11:22 PM
@Matthew o.o
Changed my username. It still shows as matt here for some reason.
@Matthew ? ...
@raynos yes?
What do you think cowbell is?
totally awesome?
it says as much on the site
<--- is trolling. don't mind me
11:29 PM
Oh ok
I like the conversations that happen here.
I don't always have much to add but you guys are interesting.
I've been busy with work lately so I haven't been on in a while.
so what's new?
maybe, just maybe I won't get superfluous pings anymore...
seems my account on SO is disconnected from the one on chat. my rep on here is off as well
@matt maybe
no ping!
closed-reopen page did the trick
I haven't even had time for skyrim lately.
@Matthew you speak like your a regular :D
ah well
I'm not
you know I'm not
but I'm cool right?
... silence ...
I understand
Just here to learn. I'll try to troll as little as possible.
11:47 PM
Please don't take silence as a negative. Some of us are working.
I'll try. I've had a rough week or so.
Take a vacation :-)
next week
I'm working, but I'm still three timezones away from where I normally am :-D
@Matthew yeah its cool
11:51 PM
You just speak like your someone else
And as @RyanKinal mentioend we are working :D
Who exactly? Anyone I know?
@Matthew was previously known as "Matt", correct?
Or am I misunderstanding?
not misunderstanding
yes, and the problem was I'd rack up dozens of superfluous pings
11:53 PM
Then I don't know why @Raynos doesn't consider you a regular. I've seen you around pretty frequently.
well, I only joined about a month ago
a month and a bit
@RyanKinal he is a regular, he just didnt mention he was "Matt"
31 mins ago, by Matthew
Changed my username. It still shows as matt here for some reason.
that was part of my troll
@RyanKinal im slow :(
11:55 PM
I haven't been on since I changed my username
which I did at the 30 mark I'll have you know. sorry for the superflous pings @matt
30 day
@Raynos :-P
it's not your fault
I blame substrings
it's the system the devs here refuse to change
Well, it is useful sometimes. For instance, if I want to mention @Raynos's DOM-shim (just as an example)
11:58 PM
what use does partial pinging have?
Note the possessive apostrophe. If it was split on white space, that wouldn't ping
@raynos, sorry I wasn't saying kinda to your comment. it was meant as part of my previous message
I suppose, though, it could split on word boundaries.
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