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12:43 AM
is anyone here?
12:53 AM
can you help me setup a javascript?
not sure what you mean
jsfiddle.net/wve8ta7L/im trying to display content on one page there are two parts of it so first content will display in full page while the other one is hidden the first content will time out after like 2 mins and after 2 mins the other part of the content will display
1:09 AM
ohh and read this also
Q: YouTube Iframe embed auto play

472084I am trying to embed the new iframe version of a YouTube video and get it to auto play - as far as I an tell there is no way of doing this by amending flags to the URL. Is there a way to to it using javascript & the API?

@CSᵠ the video content only displays for 2 seconds
5 actually
i need 2 mins
@Sim why are you here?
im new to coding
1:17 AM
ok, using the code i gave you, can you figure out a way to change the timeout from 5 seconds to 2 minutes?
will do thanks for ur help:)
1:52 AM
@CSᵠ youtube does have option to stop the video at X time
@Sim i answered your question stackoverflow.com/a/26835441/731947 it does stop with this approach
@CSᵠ thanks for your help:) it means a lot take care :)
quick question is there any tool to calculate the time?
what do you mean?
1:57 AM
like the way the way time is shown 2000 i have no idea how many minutes it is
math is not my enemy
Can somebody help me with some basic math here? jsfiddle.net/noxabellus/qgespjbx/2 Need to get everything centered properly but I'm SOOO stumped
try using my example @Sim
is it using microseconds?
@DanieClawson what's the issue?
so 3 mins is 3000
2:01 AM
im trying to use google calc trying to figure out
@CSᵠ Something with my initial drawing offsets, I believe. The orange tile is the focal point of the camera function; It's supposed to be centered on the screen but the resizability of the screen screws up my current solution. On the linked fiddle, if you resize, you can see how it just sort of moves around the middle.
2:32 AM
Does anybody use angular?
What's your issue?
dealing with local storage
Q: Localstorage not working with array of objects

user3732216I am trying to understand why when I uncomment the lines of code below then it no longer shows my array of employees I have displaying on my index page also after I submit a form to add an employee it doesn't display it either, so yes if I keep it the way it is then it works just fine but I need ...

I had gotten an answer but it didn't help.
Any idea Meredith?
2 hours later…
4:54 AM
I need an extension for my research project because I spent all month trying to figure out whether learning Dvorak would help me type it faster.
2 hours later…
6:54 AM
i m trying to abort timer of jquery ajax i m calling ajax request after 3 seconds but on button click i want to abort jquery requests or stop request
but i m getting error Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function
Cancelling requests is hard. You may tell your browser to abort it, but your server is likely to be done sending its response long before it knows you don't care about it.
then how will i do even its not aborting as well
its giving me error that
canot call method on undefined
var timer already defined
7:14 AM
sounds like a bug in your code
ls review code
are you sending an AJAX request every three seconds no matter the status of the previous one???
Where are you trying to call method on undefined?
7:30 AM
stackoverflow.com/questions/26836946/… I mean why does that guy answer the question twice!!
I have a Angular problem with a directive
do we need replace:true ?
when we use templateUrl
app.directive('getHeader', function () {
    return {
        restrict: 'AE',
        templateUrl: 'views/header.html',
        scope: {
            g: '=gH'
        link: function (scope, element, attrs) {

	function setHeight() {
		var winheight = $(window).height();
		var headerheight = element.find('header').height();


'm not the guy, but in the examples I didn't see replace: true, but they were using only E.
no i didn't use replace true ?
do i ?
7:36 AM
replace ([DEPRECATED!], will be removed in next major release - i.e. v2.0)
well it depends if you want to replace the content or the element itself
sitepoint.com/practical-guide-angularjs-directives In this example they do use replace: true
Don't use replace
Hi all!
hi @Meredith :)
You're the svg guy right?
@Meredith yeh
@Meredith sounds pretty good "svg guy" :P
7:46 AM
@Meredith even if i'm kinda lost atm with svg^^
@jAndy hi
Hopefully you can figure that code out
@Meredith this is nice :)
Hi there, I encounter an error
I have a map ColorMode predefined
then this code produce an error
var a ={
ColorMode.AUTO: JFLib.CM.AUTO,
ColorMode.BW: JFLib.CM.BW,
7:51 AM
@Meredith i'll take a look at this :)
it shows an error at 2nd line
error: colon is expected
all the constants have value fyi
Unexpected token .
That's the error I'm getting
Because the . in the key is unexpected.
if i set var b = ColorMode.AUTO
then {b : ..., ...} it works
7:55 AM
Yes, because it doesn't have the unexpected .
thanks @Meredith for testing it
any suggestion here
There are a lot of options
You could have an array of keys and an array of values and set a[keys[i]] = values[i]
@Meredith may we talk a bit about it pls? (maybe in private room?)
tks @Mer
Maybe it is the solution for now
There are a bunch of other ways to do it
2 hours later…
10:08 AM
anybody's got some free time to help me ? :)
10:22 AM
@Zirak @Mosho please ping me when you're here (either here on in Miaou or in mail <yournickname>@madara.ninja)
3 hours later…
12:53 PM
Hi @all
I've never seen this room so dead. Who broke it?
@Psychemaster Most regulars left after the incident few days ago
Search for posts by balpha in this room
I should pay more attention, clearly
@Psychemaster think it's me... :/
2:00 PM

2:12 PM
I just want to show confirm box to the user, and i just want to return the boolean of confirm box.
I don't want to show native confirm box. So, I'm trying for alternative in jquery.
with function call back. it is working.
but I just want to return it is true or false.
you guys having any solution?
@CJRamki i use this :
@Julo0sS oh..
can you suggest me some way to solve it?
        //your id if you use it
        var id = this.id;
            text: "your text... are you sure to... !!",
            title: "box title",
            confirm: function(button){
                //what confirm should do
            cancel: function(button){
                //what cancel should do
            confirmButton: "confirm",
            cancelButton: "cancel",
            post: true
@CJRamki is this what you need?
@CJRamki or looking for something else?
2:33 PM
3:29 PM
this is just awesome
(for who followed my portal minigame thingie, it has nothing to do with actually programming)
Just play the fucking game already :P
@KendallFrey too late, watched too many walkthroughs to study the mechanics
bad move
conclusion: I don't have enough knowledge to do most of the things presented there even in 2d
at least, I'd use some hacky horrible ways, which I don't want to start using
solving puzzles isn't about knowledge
3:31 PM
@KendallFrey I mean, to implement the things in a 2d environment
let alone in a 3d one, even though it might not be too difficult to translate from 2d to 3d
I've made about 3 attempts to make a 3D game with "portals"
I know how, I just can't get around to actually spending the time to implement
good for you. I'll have to look into more maths and physics first
in 3D, it basically no math, most of it is graphics code
@KendallFrey that's why I said that the transition 2d-3d shouldn't be too hard
for me at least, the one not caring much about graphics :P (I know I should)
is at least one of the attempts online somewhere?
I usually gave up midway though inventing my own file format
3:38 PM
perfect :D
hi...does anyone here ever use kendo ui components? do you know if it is possible to add collums to the scheduler widget?
@KendallFrey lol...
@KendallFrey I'm surpried over the number of people involved in making portal 1, I thought that at max there could have been about 10 people
2 involved in sounds, maybe 3 in programming, 2 in design, 2 in graphics and 1 in marketing (steam did all of that anyway I think, or was this before steam?)
You can put as many people as you want into a project
And I think this was before Steam
(You do know the link between Portal and Steam, right?)
the credit rolls for 2min 55s, giving about 3 people a second... 175 * 3 = about 525 people involved
@KendallFrey they were both made by valve?
3:48 PM
4:18 PM
@axel this is de-advertisement duh
do you think anyone is going to try joining if you come with a sporadic rude advertisement?
actually i was trying to sponsor a bit everywhere a FREE meeting we are creating for people interested in angularjs, to maybe in the future create a AngularJs community i NL that at the moment seems a bit absent
then come saying: 'anyone interested in a angularJS event in amsterdam? <link here>'
i asked in another chat if it is possible to talk about this in the chat, and i've been answered yes, and suggested to post it even here, i didn't want to annoy you with commercial, just share the word of a AJS meeting
you can, it's not against the rules, just against common sense I guess
anyway, I'm not your mom, do what you want
@towc how is it rude?
4:23 PM
@PatsyIssa free advertising just like that? I consider it rude
It's a tech meetup
If he was pushing a product shoot em in the foot by all means
take it as it is, my salary will still be the same, i won't earn nothing on this, just it's a commercial ok, about a developer meeting
@axel you should have asked for permission like you did in the other room ^^
i thought to find maybe interested persons in stackoverflow, and ok, i used a commercial way
Need a new server provider (no recent talk about server providers)? Try this awesome thing here! It holds your files (because we obviously don't know what a server provider does)!
Ask a server now at www.serverthing.com!
4:25 PM
I m starting to doubt you even read the message
@axel probably here some are interested, just not online at this hour
4:55 PM
i'm checking a code with .post and parsejson, and there is:
if (response.is_errors)
any info about .is_errors?
5:10 PM
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This chat is for javascript questions and general talking. We can review your code, but we don't like advertisements for products/services
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6:13 PM
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7:16 PM
!!weather Denver
@Shmiddty Denver: 36.68F (2.6C, 275.75K), overcast clouds
7:54 PM
anybody wants to help with some hard oop js pls?
Not me
@copy thx copy, i knew you would help :D
codereview.se is good for those if you already have something and it doesn't feel right
8:39 PM
!!weather bainbridge island
@RalphWiggum Bainbridge Island: 48.8659F (9.37C, 282.52K), broken clouds
!!weather antartica
@RalphWiggum [](openweathermap.org/city/3426466): -42.365C (230.785K), Sky is Clear
My god what is this place?
@Jonathan Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
8:42 PM
You cannot be told what the Javascript chat channel is.
I never knew there stackoverflow had chat rooms.
@Julo0sS Ask the question or we don't know if we can help or not.
these aren't just chat rooms
it's a way of life
(not really)
a moral compass?
8:45 PM
A broken one.
Those are the best one's, you can just point it to where you want to go.
@Luggage it is about svg creation/editing, private room if you want, i already talked much about this and it's kinda hard to explain in a few lines... :/
Hm, I see. Well, I know how to emulate OOP features in JS but not much about making SVG files, so I don't even know if i can help.
@Luggage well the main problem for me is the oop...^^ x)
Well, the point of the channel is to discuss so others can jump in. If it's a long question where only a small percentage of the population can answer, then a StackOverflow question might be better.
I wouldn't mind trying, but it could be a long explanation followed by "i don't know".
therefor, i'm reluctant to go into a proivate channel
if you get my drift.
also, use a pste site for code, don't paste in channel more than a few lines
I like Gist. pastebin and jsfiddle are also good, depending on the situation and your preference.
8:55 PM
@Luggage i use jsFiddle, and work on local. I'm building a tiny svg-editor, and i need simple logic like : 1st->set base svg (map), then i have to be able to : add <text><path><rect><ellipse> elements, with mouse events after selection, select items and edit/resize/delete them, add/edit/delete layers
set base map is not useful cuz it's made manually on select option
That's a big question.
^^ x)
So.. it's no so much a single question as needing ot know how to deal with a visual editor in html/js land.
which is no something I've done.
@Luggage take a look : jsfiddle.net/bzv8bwza/71
this is first functionnality : draw rects. Then i need to "select a rect" and draw a "magic handler" with corners to resize it, and ability to delete it
once i have that, i just have to "do the same" with <path> and <ellipse> objects
(and <text>)
yea. Sorry. That would take me research and testing before I could help.
as in hours.
9:01 PM
But.. so.. what I can offer is that this isn't a question anyone will likely answer here. it's too big. The most we could do is point out articles that talk about making visual designers
but.. how I'd start is making functions to deermin what svg element you clicked on, then when you get that, make a 'decorator' that overlays drag handles.
Meredith & Mirko already helped me a lot, they seem "comfortable" with this kind of problems :)
and then handle the dragging by changing the right parts of the underlying svg (keeping a reference to the selected element)
so you have a "selected item" class that has a reference to the svg item, handles drawing the overlay and modifying the underlying object in the svg dom.
this is it
Is there a reason you are mkaing an svg editor instead of using another's?
9:05 PM
(@AwalGarg is gonna say that i always run to problems... :P )
I mean.. it's a big project to do right and comprehensively.
yes, google one is powerful
but much too complicated for the users
i only need 3-4 functionnalities
can you disble unneeded features?
google gives 40-50... and google code is hard (for me) to edit... (properly)
i just need "few" svg-edit features, with a simple user-friendly interface
well, step 1, get a renference to the clicked element.
here is a neat demo using d3.js: bl.ocks.org/mccannf/1629464
it's of questionable use to you.. I think, after reading more.
9:11 PM
@Julo0sS that is what humans do. Congratulations! You are one! :D
@Luggage yep, but i'd like to do it only without libraries :P ^^ :)
@AwalGarg :D
So an academic pursuit.
10:10 PM
Too many dam cooks
@user2512888 Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
Interview questions on javascript?
there are a couple list on github
What the heck does Uncaught TypeError: Illegal invocation mean?
10:27 PM
many things
10:37 PM
@FlorianMargaine helpful ;P
yes sir
"ça roule Florian?" ;)
you learned some french?
lol x)
(j'ai plus facile de m'exprimer en français ;) )
that.. wasn't a grammatically correct french sentence.
10:42 PM
maybe not for you ;)
well, I'm french, I know pretty well what's grammatically correct
so how would u say this then?
something like "j'ai plus de facilité à m'exprimer en français" or "c'est plus facile pour moi de m'exprimer en français"
or just "je préfère m'exprimer en français"
Sounds hot
"je préfère et j'ai plus facile/c'est plus facile, ça n'a plus vraiment le même sens..."
@copy :D
10:48 PM
@Julo0sS ça revient au même
literal translation isn't the best way to go, usually
@FlorianMargaine quoi qu'il en soit, nous ne sommes pas là pour discuter de la grammaire française... :P
why not? french grammar is fun
... under some definition of "fun"
11:30 PM
that looks like php
do we look like a php room?
Lol wrong room
worse, it looks like open to SQL injection attacks
oci binding throws all sorts of errors
11:31 PM
dunno what oci_parse is though
the best I could do is set htmlspecialchars on the variable, then run the query.
maybe something super magic
oci_parse -> oracle sql
does oracle SQL PHP API not have a prepared query API?
11:34 PM
php uses oci_ prefix when dealing with oracle.
@JanDvorak looks like it's oci_parse + oci_bind or something
OCD, OCI, OCR... who cares?
11:55 PM
Does anyone know to know how many interfaces a subnet can support?

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