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7:00 PM
main.js 864049 HOLY FUCK !
@darkyen00 - Wow, that is a lot of bytes
Heh, that is for Ruby on Rails?
@TravisJ nope javasscript
its running on dev
I meant front end for ruby
7:01 PM
@TravisJ node.js
Oh, I see
Well, that makes sense then
I dislike though, how it includes css files inside javascript :-/
exports.push([module.id, "/* Stiziles /\n\nhtml, body {\n background: #222222;\n}\n\n/ main /\n\n.main {\n width: 100%;\n height: 100%;\n background: #222222;\n color: #fff;\n}\n\n/ transitions */\n\n.fade-enter {\n opacity: 0.01;\n transition: opacity 5s ease-in;\n}\n\n.fade-enter.fade-enter-active {\n opacity: 1;\n}\n\n.fade-leave {\n opacity: 1;\n transition: opacity 5s ease-in;\n}\n\n.fade-leave.fade-leave-active {\n opacity: 0.01;\n}\n", ""]);
/* this will forever ensure that never will this css be ever reffered */
what..... why would one do that?
7:04 PM
@darkyen00 LOL
@Jhawins hmm ?
wait what
github.com/webpack/css-loader @twiz ask this person
I was like he don't care about that. So I thought I deleted the huron thing forever ago
7:06 PM
@Jhawins the message is added because
Haha I'm somewhat tempted to open an issue that just says "Why?"
the first time it loaded
webpack crashed
and i came back after dinner <30 minutes later> the cursor was still spinning xD
"Best dad moments" xD
guess whe... nope
Q: Items not reacting when put into a swipe tab layout

user3092467I'm trying to create an app where the user can select a item in a list and then click that item in the list which opens another page, i've got it to work on its own and i've managed to put it into a swipe tab layout but when the user clicks on an item it doesn't do anything as it did before in it...

7:08 PM
@darkyen00 I just can't even think of a benefit of doing that. One less http request?
Poor chap
@twiz webpack is great for other stuff
not css though.
@KendallFrey ewww.
@KendallFrey lmao wtfffff
lol, also, how fucking high does one have to be
7:09 PM
pretty fucking high
@twiz its to achieve this
there is a tag for ! wtf?
well ill be damned
var css = require('/styles/thisComponent.css');

@twiz it combines all the css files manages cyclic references etc ... but
i'd still prefer if it'd just make a god-darn css
7:12 PM
If I get what you're saying, wouldn't it be easier to just use SASS or LESS?
@twiz webpack lets you bundle your code by feature
it works out what parts are related to one another, and will send you only the relevent code as you navigate around a SPA
if (true) {...} wat! — Awal Garg 1 min ago
OH: it (jQuery?) is a hack that somebody wrote
literally right behind me
@phenomnomnominal Ohhh ok. That makes sense. Sounds like it would only be useful on really large apps though?
Current Stack :
7:14 PM
@twiz that's probably a fair assessment yep
We're using it, it's quite nice. We haven't been using it for CSS though
FlorianMargaine/Tartempion (yeah seriously i love pie)

I am up for disaster. I have a feeling :-/
@KendallFrey can you buy me a shirt plz?
We bundle and ship our CSS based on media queries
@phenomnomnominal we too :-)
what do you use ?
custom stuff
7:15 PM
afaik SCSS .next is proposed to have it out of the box.
where did you see that?
@SterlingArcher I can barely buy myself a shirt, gtfo
"get that fucker on?"
Dude, I will, once you buy it for me D:
fucker can also be replaced with fabric.
fabric condom... why brain...
brain stahp
7:19 PM
cap stap
@SterlingArcher Trust me, it won't hurt.
random reply to old message woot
var {DefaultRoute, Route, Routes} = require('react-router');
is this in any spec ?
es6,7,8 ?
spaghetti condom
@darkyen00 as in, destructuring assignment with name punning? We don't even have one without.
7:22 PM
Speaking of with, < that
Ruby does, Haskell does...
@darkyen00 CoffeeScript
7:28 PM
@phenomnomnominal :-/ also .jsx
jsx is an abomination
This gif speaks to me
It needs to be a thing
7:32 PM
semi-seriously considering REBEL v2. What would you like to see added to REBEL?
!!youtube violent bounce i see stars
good song
I've been listening to reggae all day, and it's put me to sleep. I'm dreading the drive home, soon
haha I used @Zirak 's jsh in an answer on main site
sterling is black?
technically I'm a quarter hispanic, but predominantly white
I just found a quote that describes my college career.
> Remember playing Mario Kart, thinking you were in first place but you were actually looking at the wrong screen crashing into a wall..? That's college.
@SterlingArcher Technically I'm half American, but I abandon that part of my heritage
7:44 PM
Which is what explains me trying to unlock my work doors with my car keys just now..
I once tried to swipe in to my house with my work smartcard
Well at least I'm not alone.
At a point you start realizing all the abstraction can be sometimes just crap-ware ... if the code concept of the library is crap :-(
I actually waved it at the doorjamb before I realised what was wrong
What HTTP status code would you use for validation errors?
And don't say 418
7:46 PM
!!wiki list of http status codes
The following is a list of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) response status codes. This includes codes from IETF internet standards as well as other IETF RFCs, other specifications and some additional commonly used codes. The first digit of the status code specifies one of five classes of response; the bare minimum for an HTTP client is that it recognises these five classes. The phrases used are the standard examples, but any human-readable alternative can be provided. Unless otherwise stated, the status code is part of the HTTP/1.1 standard (RFC 7231). The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority...
included bluebird (developer)
http = Math.random() * (499 - 400) + 400;
@SecondRikudo ^ pick a status code, any status code!
webpack is now sending me almost a megabyte everytime
7:47 PM
@SecondRikudo we actually use 418s
@phenomnomnominal For validation errors? XD
@SecondRikudo article's description of 422 seems to fit the best, but try finding a client that understands it
400 bad syntax
@TomW I'm writing the client.
412 precondition failed
7:48 PM
It'll understand.
implies it's just for webdav also
For all logged client-side errors :P
When there is a character or word limit to a field and it tells you you have typed too many you do not continue and paste double the amount in small bits throughout the form
What the hell
422 looks good
7:49 PM
tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4918 yeah, it's purely for WebDAV
451 unavailable for legal reasons
People don't realize how websites work. Your info goes into a database. If there is half a set description in your address it isn't gonna work out
@JanDvorak I'll just go with 400 XD
@Jhawins people like breaking stuff
@SecondRikudo our API uses 400
7:50 PM
I really like 422 though :(
What's an example of one of these that can leave the client without being validated there?
Unprocessable Entity, exactly that
> The request was well-formed but was unable to be followed due to semantic errors.
Yeah, sounds right to me
413 request entity too large
although...depends on what the validation failed on. If it's a string in a field that's meant to be an int, for example, the 'document' isn't well-formed, I suppose
I think the codes get more obscure with increasing number, so for future understandability, low-range and fairly generic codes are better
more likely that maintainer will understand what you're trying to tell them
7:54 PM
499 GTFO
Do position:fixed and position:absolute interact differently with z-index?
server is unwilling to provide more details than that the client is at fault
@TravisJ I wouldn't want position:fixed anywhere but on the top
Meet The Monster Who Decided On The Capitalization Of XMLHttpRequest
@JanDvorak - Right, or stuck to one side (top,bottom,left,right, etc)
7:55 PM
@JanDvorak why?
@AwalGarg so that it's visible
Or to stick in the very middle of the page even if you have scrolled, such as for a progress indication
Or for ajax indication... anyway, that is beside the point
If the parent of an absolutely positioned element is position fixed, will that affect how its z-index is calculated?
I'd assume the stacking context is the fixed element then
<div fixed>
 <div absolute> how is this element's z-index affected by the fixed div?</div>
I assumed that as well, but it seems that it is inheriting from the parent somehow
Here is a basic demonstration of it happening jsfiddle.net/1zcxzhu1
@JanDvorak lol I thought by top, you mean top on the y-axis :D I missed travisj's message
7:59 PM
buzzfeed is cancerous
@SterlingArcher For some reason, MS recommends CamelCase for acronyms 4 letters or longer
I mean z-top. Not y-top, not zz-top, z-top
MS = MicroSoft?
@JanDvorak lol
@SterlingArcher yes
7:59 PM
position fixed is very nice for covering the entire screen while scrolled

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