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@FlorianMargaine its not Macbook pro
might be the same issue
doesnt seem to be
it just refuses to initiate the process even worse is ... I can't even start it manually
i guess its time for me to switch back to Fedora, but F19 feels horrible
@FlorianMargaine Have you ever installed Arch on a Macbook pro?
@BadgerGirl I'm on Arch, on a Macbook pro :)
2:04 PM
@copy ^
And skype.
@BadgerGirl Skype + Linux == PITA
it even gives a pain on Ubuntu -_-
I had some issues during the installation... but some googling solved them.
plus.im @BadgerGirl
wait wrong one ... urgh
actually @BadgerGirl
@AbhishekHingnikar True story
2:08 PM
talky.io works out of the box
if you have google chrome that is ;D
code.google sucks, but there are fucking good projects there
so copy can surely make his own webrtc version of edating for you right copy :D
come guys lets try rtc
@AbhishekHingnikar is that your fan?
yes it is
@FlorianMargaine its emabarrasing but i dont have a mic
and u just saw why :P
I don't really want to talk anyway
2:11 PM
but it works :D
and the video quality was Impressive :P
yeah indeed
even at 256kbps in India :D
did i lag ?
not really
Chrome rocks !
skype is hard to install?
it works out of the box for me :|
pacman -S skype and I'm done
2:25 PM
@FlorianMargaine nay some audio cards can be problem
and the Linux UI of skype is a mis-hap
for me skype used to lock my audio card
no issue of this kind for me
@FlorianMargaine and the UI ?
I have audio problems with skype, too
what about it?
it's skype :|
And it crashes from time to time
2:30 PM
and it's qt4 so... well nothing wrong
2:43 PM
@FlorianMargaine no... microsoft has some propietary code block init
[ mostly the skype's audio streaming ... its kind of Non-QT and i guess thats what crashes :P ]
@copy crashes on wake right ?
Yeah :/
Who the heck thought of that? Why would anyone think that it's a good idea?
3:06 PM
Hi guys
elp me
Please take look into my question How do i get the region code for “Bangalore,Karnataka,India” in google Geomap?
Q: How do i get the region code for "Bangalore,Karnataka,India" in google Geomap?

NaviHi i want to show "Bangalore"(INDIA) in map using google Geomap.I got one code from developer.google.com site and i have create one for INDIA ,using option['region']="IN"; but i want "Bangalore" (A major city in India) map instead of india. Is there any way to get that . Please check the cod...

New exercise. We have ~16 coders coming tomorrow, each from a different background. Some know HTML/CSS, some are hardcode C++ coders, some know Python etc. What I need is a list of ~10 exercises to give them. The goal is for them to have fun coding together and building something practical.
3:24 PM
Invent a language
any of you know of an API
It's 2 hours, if you give someone a strict time limit and ask them to invent a language they'll just come up with JavaScript.
which allows me to play music online like GrooveSharks ?
but in Audio elemenet ?
3:41 PM
@BenjaminGruenbaum text RPG?
Anybody knows of an API ?
wtfh git is not installed but python / perl is
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.
this comes when i try to clone a repo off git -_-
what the airy fuck !
works on HTTPS ... wtfh
4:09 PM
@BenjaminGruenbaum a fizz buzz game. :D
@OctavianDamiean any clue ?
A program to which you input javascript and it has to check if it passes fizzbuzz. No eval (direct or indirect)
Rather, inputting lisp would make it easier
@AbhishekHingnikar uhm, is it a github repo?
Is it a private repository?
4:13 PM
mean.io bootstrap nodejs all fail
@Abhishek do you use git@github... or https://... ?
Give me an example link you've been using.
@FlorianMargaine i used to use git@github.com
but its failing now :-(
https:// works though
Yeah it's only for repos on which you have write access. Always been like this
o_O then why did it worked before ?
4:14 PM
I don't think it did
You're weird @AbhishekHingnikar. :D
@OctavianDamiean :-/
idk why it worked could be that i havent logged into github
so its still giving me git@github as first option
cause earlier i blindly copied :$
4:27 PM
@FlorianMargaine it still fails for a repo which is mine :-|
Did you chang your SSH key?
Q: Use JavaScript to Wrap Unique Groups of Elements with DIVs

TrishahI am using a WordPress plugin that dynamically creates the following list on the fly: <ul> <li class="proteins"></li> <li class="seafood"></li> <li class="dairy"></li> <li class="veggies"></li> <li class="fruit"></li> <li class="nuts-seeds"></li> <li class="grains"></li> <li class="pasta"></li> <...

4:47 PM
@OctavianDamiean do it
@Shmiddty You saw that whore again, didn't you!?
@Shmiddty I dean't do anything.
join my skyblock
Oh, can't right now.
I'm pushing bits and bytes.
anybody tried this ?
4:51 PM
no, vim rocks too much, sorry
Sublime all the way.
did you see Slime?
hm, no, let me find the name...
open-source sublime clone
5:26 PM
@FlorianMargaine @OctavianDamiean .. on a chromebook ?
5:41 PM
@AbhishekHingnikar what?
You have to ask a proper question?
Vim / Sublime will they work on a pure web based environment :-) [ vim does dunno abou sublime ]
I doubt it.
@AbhishekHingnikar what?
Wait what? vim works on a Chromebook?
Mhmm, actually, never mind.
5:43 PM
I don't understand what you're asking, @AbhishekHingnikar
wait wrong repo (XD)
please explain with english words
Yea, a full sentence.
Well I am switching to a chromebook
or a really underpowered netbook :P and relying on desktop at home for real shit
soo wondering if i can actually code on a ChromeBook on ChromeOS
Of course you can, install Ubuntu.
5:47 PM
@AbhishekHingnikar I'd rely on apps like chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/text/…
Looks cool !
@OctavianDamiean thats an interesting choice
@OctavianDamiean or Arch :>
I'd go with Arch this time
Florian Margaine, a javascripter in past an Arch Linux ambassador these days.
5:49 PM
Ubuntu or Arch, whatever you like more and provides proper support.
@OctavianDamiean are you still on Arch btw?
@FlorianMargaine One of my devices is.
Jo people
in PHP, 4 mins ago, by PeeHaa
Does anybody has a javascript snippet for me to smoothly scroll to a div without jqueery?
... how many devices do you have
@FlorianMargaine About six, including my desktop.
5:51 PM
@PeeHaa animations are not really made in a small snippet
Oh sorry, seven.
@OctavianDamiean wow
booooooo @FlorianMargaine :(
mind listing them?
ThinkPad T61p
5:52 PM
@PeeHaa it's not hard, it's just 20-50 lines depending on your mood
Samsung Series 9
@OctavianDamiean why so many laptops?
Self-made desktop computer.
Define humor :P
edited :)
5:52 PM
HP Workstation 7xxx (I forgot the number) as my office workstation (yes it's my own hardware).
HP Pavilion something
Dell something laptop
why so many desktops/laptops?!
Asus Eeepc 900
Oh wait!
@FlorianMargaine Does that include fancy easing?
5:54 PM
Thinkpad T60
@PeeHaa yeah
That should be 8.
1 min ago, by Florian Margaine
why so many desktops/laptops?!
I guess the 19" 2 HU HP server doesn't count?
Don't know, I rarely throw hardware away.
@OctavianDamiean skyblock
5:57 PM
@FlorianMargaine also, you never know when one of them fails.
It's good to have a backup, or two, or 8.
yeah, sure, but.... 8?
I'm a sick man, a sad sick sick man.
They're my friends, they have names and personalities.
You need to back up your backups
@henrymb67 Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
5:58 PM
Like Samuel for example, he's a little bitchy at times.
There's a small ceremony every time one of them dies.
After which I usually rip him apart and extract his innards.
@porfuse Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
Is there a way to call a function from within a function? Right now I have jQuery load a page then on success it makes anchors load another page.. at this point I want it to go back to the "anchors load another page" function from within the function. I've been googling this for a couple hours, but due to my noobness I
'm not sure what terms to search*****
Maybe it's time to get off the computer for a bit... I have an indentation on my thumb from where it rests on my mouse
here is the jQuery: pastebin.com/47PjQcdb
i tried putting play(); after alert('yay!') but no go
!!s/jQuery/js code/
6:09 PM
@ThiefMaster here is the js code: pastebin.com/47PjQcdb (source)
6:23 PM
Holy Discount Crap! @Steam
Github down again ?
nvm dns issue
Cannot retrieve the latest commit at this time
@akdev Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
what is mean by 'Website profiling' ?
thanks @CapricaSix
6:42 PM
maybe i can replace with
@henrymb67 yes. It's commonly called a "function call"
@akdev checking how fast a website loads/performs
@BenjaminGruenbaum thankyou :)
abhishek@abhishek-G55VW:~/work$ git clone github.com/linnovate/mean.git goph-sneha
Cloning into 'goph-sneha'...
fatal: unable to access 'https://github.com/linnovate/mean.git/': Failed connect to github.com:443; No route to host
@BenjaminGruenbaum Go through Project Euler
@SomeKittens Those aren't very applicable. I want something more fun if I can
6:51 PM
@AbhishekHingnikar I'm on a Chromebook (Pixel) now, have Ubuntu installed for all my coding needs
@BenjaminGruenbaum Fair enough. That gets a big difficult, as anything more fun starts getting to the point where one language is more suited than the others.
We need a bunch of different projects. If some are best in python so be it
OH. That makes more sense.
Ok, I am back from the contest
We've got 43th place
Of how many?
http://neerc.ifmo.ru/school/spb/standings-spb.html uh oh it's in russian
Basic blog framework
Re-implement your favorite shell command
Image manipulation (Lemon meme clone?)
About 150 teams
6:56 PM
Google translate to the rescue!
I actually know some people out in St. Petersburg
One of my friends in college grew up there.
We didn't find out until her second semester there because she didn't want to be seen as different (which I totally understand)
We've actually solved 3 problems
But I couldn't send third one
Time was over
We needed 5 seconds more... :(
Aw, I hate it when something like that happens
Chipotle <3
7:05 PM
!!define Chipotle
AND Halloween is on Spike? It's a good sunday.
@Ale My pocket dictionary just isn't good enough for you.
!!urban Chipotle
@Ale chipotle A heavenly food experience involving burritos, tacos, quesadillas, burrito bowls, etc... Can ease stress of bad days, and also cause extreme indigestion. But that is alright. Because Chipotle, you are worth it. Student ID = free drink.
Oh cool, it's the Rob Zombie remake <3
7:15 PM
Nobody solved the I problem
Recently, an exhibition of strange devices brought a new exhibit. Its essence lies in the fact that it can generate a random permutation of the integers from 1 to n, and then scan it and display (n - k + 1 ) numbers, `i` th of these numbers is the number of inversions in the interval from i by (i + k - 1) generated by the permutation.

This exhibit except for the screen, there are two handles - the first defines the n, so the length of the permutation, and the second determines k. Visitor Bob turned the handle and saw a number on the screen.
Sorry for gtranslate
aaaaand I borked a config somewhere on my main machine.
@aniskhan001 Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
7:44 PM
how can I make it so that when a user filling out a form on my site from their mobile device the keyboard allows them to just hit next and it moves to the next form line
@benlevywebdesign Did you try adding tab="next" as an attribute on the <form> element?
@FlorianMargaine Holy shit, I got a 9/10. I knew only 2 for sure.
let me try that
@jvannistelrooy Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
8:18 PM
Hey quick question, I'm making a game and I have a object (moved with arrow keys) and the object bounces off walls.
The problem is when the object goes towards a wall, then switches to the opposite direction, it acts as if the wall isn't there? (object goes through the wall slightly.)
// This makes the object bounce:

if (this.y <= 0) {
this.y = 1;
this.dy = this.dy * Math.sin((180 - Lastangle) * Math.PI / 180);

// Heres my up arrow key, dx is being added to x somewhere else.

if (Game.controls.up && this.x > 0 && this.y > 0) {
If I change the 'bounce' function to (360 - Lastangle) then the problem is fixed.. But if the object holds up while hitting the edge, object doesn't bounce at all(like I originally had).
8:47 PM
@user2582299 you need to take the ball's speed into account -- check if the ball will hit the edge when it moves, instead of checking if the object has already passed over the wall
maybe: if(this.y <= -this.dy)
9:05 PM
@whitehat101 Using if(this.y >= -this.dy) Still works for the collision, but brings the same issue: If the object collides while holding UP key, and switching direction, player gets stuck inside of the wall.
9:17 PM
The problem is probably in if (Game.controls.up && this.x > 0 && this.y > 0)
Your problem is, "it's still moving in a direction, at a point where you don't want it to."
9:46 PM
Q: Is my JS/Jquery methodology good?

absentxI am seeking critique on what has become my normal methodology of writing javascript. I have become heavily reliant on the Jquery library, but I think this has helped me learn the native language better also. Anyways, please critique the following style of JS coding...buried are a lot of question...

omg no ones here ?
@Shea You could be right, the && this.x > &&.. wasn't really doing anything.
However if I change Math.sin((180 - last angle to 360 - lastangle It fixes my problem. Only a new problem occurs: While holding the up key, object doesn't bounce. Although the object does bounce normally as long as the up key isn't held at time of collision
@vzhen yes they are
anyone know how to look up related master data (json) using angularjs ?
Sorry, the up key can be held, just not if the angle doesn't change
9:56 PM
@vzhen What?
@Connor 1 second. I creating a fiddler
@whitehat101 @Shea I seem to have figured it out, thank you for your help.
@Connor this is the fiddler and question inside. please have a look . thankyou
10:17 PM
@Connor thanks
How would you only do something to one element of a class that is clicked? EX and more explination: gist.github.com/Noah-Huppert/7188566#file-class-click
@NoahHuppert $(this) not this
Window Resize is Firing. But Mouse Events are not? hastebin.com/futivalete.coffee
@OliverSchöning mousedown & mousemove NOT mouseDown & mouseMove
10:25 PM
@Connor Ok, thanks alot.
@Connor So simple. My hero :)
10:46 PM
!!> 2.9 & Math.PI
@cↄ 2
!!> fib = (n) => n >1 ? fib(n-1)+fib(n-2) : n==0 ? 0 : 1; console.log(fib(20))
@cↄ "InternalError: too much recursion"
@cↄ "undefined" Logged: 6765
11:04 PM
 function mouseDown( event ){
	            	console.log( 'mouseDown' );
// EDITOR //
			this.editor = function editor(){
Editor is not Defined...
But I do call it before the mouse event
app.editor(); <-- works
this.editor() would not point to the APP object. As @FlorianMargaine told me yesterday about the renderer. But editor(); is undefined even though I make it look like the render function. Odd
@OliverSchöning Where are you calling the editor function?
change this
			var stats, scene, camera, controls, renderer, projector;
to this
11:20 PM
The working one: app = new GAME(); app.editor();
The one that is not defined from inside the mouse
			var stats, scene, camera, controls, renderer, projector, _this = this;
then in your mouse function do
@Connor Cool! That worked! And I even think it makes sense. Yaay :)
Ahh so much to learn
!!mdn bind
more elegant way
Thx :)
Y'know. I'm glad I choose to learn JS as my first language ^_^
@cↄ how do you work that out?
Dunno about it being more elegant though. Looks like a lot more code :D Gotta read it first I guess
@OliverSchöning You wont be able to use bind to call that function, unless you stored it outside the function...
I dunno what he's talking about...
11:38 PM
A: bind method of javascript

nkronBind creates a new function that will have this set to the parameter passed to bind() Here's an example that shows how to use bind to pass a member method around that has the correct this: var Button = function(content) { this.content = content; }; Button.prototype.click = function() { con...

:)) accepted answer: -3
@Connor nvm I'm not deeply in your problem, just throwing an idea
@cↄ k
Isnt it odd anyways that the THIS would not be pointing towards the object it is residing in ? Sounds like a QUIRK
11:48 PM
@OliverSchöning No, because this is the element that you attached the mouse event to
So the problem lies in me attaching the mouse to the Document and not the object ?
or window
@OliverSchöning no, this is always a DOM element inside a eventListener
Cool. Well, something new learned :)
However thinking about it, you could use bind like he said, it would be pointless though
_this = this makes more sense to me at the moment
11:51 PM
@salbeira Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
document.addEventListener( 'mousemove', mouseMove.bind(this), false )
Same outcome, different code I suppose
Hi - I want to manually inform my page that the user tried to submit an invalid form and make popups appear - how do I do this? (fireEvent / dispatchEvent) ?
@salbeira popup.style.display = 'block'; What do you mean? :)
The default html5 form popups
like "enter an email" when an invalid form wants to be submitted
11:54 PM
@salbeira prompt() ?
what does prompt do exactly
DONT HATE ME FOR LINKING W3Schools! @Every_JS_Guy_In_The_World
ok I guessed that
wasnt sure weather or not it was that or the actual popup
@salbeira http://www.raymondcamden.com/index.cfm/2012/3/19/HTML5-Form-Validation--The-Constraint-Validation-API
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