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12:02 AM
Based on anecdotes, I'd say you're lucky to have those fingers to begin with
nahh, they're not going anywhere.
doctors can do miracles now-a-days.
(Zirak: There are a lot of different acid types. It depends mostly on the molecular structure of the acid. If it only breaks metallic compounds, your skin is ok. But if it breaks carbon links or other organic matter...)
12:16 AM
Sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide
well one's not an acid
it is corrosive.
and at first I was mainly referring to the sulfuric acid. Zirak commented and I went back to see what the other corrosive substance was.
1:03 AM
(Zirak: @rlemon imo, the coolest acid is hydrofluoric acid (HF). It's incredibly corrosive, eating anything except for plastic. The H-F bond has a huge electronegativity difference, so the bond is very di-polar. Pretty awesome stuff for a simple compound)
(Zirak: IIRC, the only natural duoatomic compound with a higher electronegativity difference is the Si-H bond, which is what you get when you put hydrofluoric acid in a glass container.)
Caprica is the only one not lurking...
@Zirak I'm interested in the context of this message...
(Zirak: While Francium is the natural element with the lowest electronegativity, AFAIK it decays too fast (Francium is very radioactive))
(Zirak: I'll shut up now)
!!/fuckable 18
@Jhawinsss A person that age can shag down to 16, and is the lower limit of a person of 22 years
(Zirak: But seriously. Francium is awesome, and so is hydrofluoric acid.)
1:21 AM
@CapricaSix I agree
@rlemon @Octavian You can surf the Internet decently smooth on your Raspberry using X forwarding (another Linux host required)
1:54 AM
@ThiefMaster (if I say your name do you appear?)
anyways. i'll just flag it. sorry if the ping bothered you.
2:18 AM
@P no tab trigger on phone foo
2:49 AM
@Gacnt, you are just a lazy fuck, and a bad speller. Over.
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4:08 AM
Q: Best practices for hiding/showing of controls when dropDrownList changes in ASP.NET

JRCSo far I am hiding/showing controls after dropDownList changes index using 'DropDownList_OnSelectedIndexChanged'. And as far as I know this hiding/showing will always trip to server and I read on other tips that this is a bad practice. I know how to hide/show controls using jQuery/javaScript, b...

@phenomnomnominal I think you just want my D bro..
@Gacnt probably. Over,
4:23 AM
hello, dudes.
in my canvas i have a scrolling aspect for an image, is there ways in js to render the image in low quality during such events, then once its stop moving load it in full quality
why do you want to do that?
is it rendering slow or something?
at 60fps when they move it drops
as its lots of images
damn :(
short answer is no, js doesn't natively support that.
you'd have to write something to lower the res of the image
or just have 2 copies of the image
4:32 AM
you could swap out the sprite
Today was fun :D
yeh ill have to have two sprites of the same thing
wow huge difference with vsync off in chrome for canvas
i think they should keep vsync off allowing js devs to chose the fps limt
4:58 AM
does jquery hover event trigger before the click event if its by mouse?
no matter what?
except that there is no 'hover' event
the mouseover even will fire first
then a bunch of mouse moves
then a click
i mean $("button").hover()
which is just an alias for mouseover and mouseout
5:00 AM
yea, im just thinking jquery, not what it is an alias to lol
well that's stupid.
sorry that i dont think about how jquery works
its to hard for me to code if i do
it's* too*
*"it's *too*"*
@P so are they trying to give every screen depth or a 3d effect by moving the background slightly or what
5:13 AM
@TrevorRudolph No, you misspelt it's & too
6:33 AM
@web2students.com did you change your gravatar?
yes, someone said he don't like that green...
I don't like red.
too shining on eyes
wait gacnt,
I don't like any colors, only black and white
6:38 AM
I don't even like black and white. Over.
I'm way too fucking cool for light propagation. Over.
@m59 hahahh LOL
changed now :P
@Gacnt it will take time to update in chat and i don't know u were serious or joking but i really changed it
Q: wp_enqueue_script doesn't work!

user2177375Hello there! I am building a wordpress theme and whenever I apply the wp_enqueue_script function into my functions.php file, everything seems to go smoothly, except when I load the page. Here is the code for my including of the javascript files: function illuminate_theme_scripts() { wp_re...

This is beautiful: google.com/loon/how
@web2students.com But please no spams lol
6:44 AM
@web2students.com one should not worry about spam if he show his email in public website
@phenomnomnominal I'm jealous.
@SomeKittens, Loon is INSANE, Over.
@SomeKittens That is :) over.
Over? No, it has just begun! ..over.
6:47 AM
They are actually mental. Over.
@NullPoiиteя but there is no way, everything has positive and negative effects,i don't want spams but i want good emails...
if you want to see TV shows you have to watch ads also, it's same as spamming
Also, because we're awesome, they're trialling it in NZ! Over.
Which is why I'm jealous. Over.
I'm signed up, hopefully I get to trial it, over.
@rlemon not if i'm asleep :p
7:00 AM
while i am adding image, stackoverflow crop my image, if i make smaller then also crops
@ThiefMaster Lies, you never sleep.
Also, I keep running into your comments on stuff. You like commenting on articles don't you?
7:17 AM
i don't like spams except my own spams
Watching all the Moonshots/Solve for X/Loon/etc videos makes me want to figure out how to launch myself into space.
Any of you guys done any OCR?
I have, but I'm afraid my knowledge on the subject probably won't help you. I only did really basic stuff.
(The sort of things you let people starting with a language do to show how cool the language is)
wow i found a way to talk even in funny room :P
:( but for very short period, i will do next time
7:42 AM
does anyone know how to run web console on the bodyframe in firefox?
@dylanmaxey I already said something stupid yesterday but I'll risk it again. What's a bodyframe?
One of those things that I know what it is but I can't explain it. There are usually a topframe and a bodyframe though
Sorry, if you can't explain what a bodyframe is, I probably can't help you. I simply don't understand the terminology, then again my usage of firefox is pretty limited to testing stuff I make works, which is usually the case when developing spec-complaint.
@BenjaminGruenbaum Nvm, I'll put it like this, how do you run web console on a particalar iframe
I know how to do it in chrome if that helps :P Hmmm...
7:53 AM
me too
but in ff
That's how you do it, cd(<iframeelement>)
Q: firebug: how to cd to an iframe

KalendaeI have a facebook canvas application that runs in an iframe. I would like to debug my page in firebug but can not get the javascript to scope to the iframe that is running my app. the iframe: <iframe frameborder="0" src="[app_url_removed]" name="iframe_canvas" id="iframe_canvas" class="canva...

cd is not defined
Are you using firebug?
7:55 AM
no ff console
Any particular reason?
What if you rightclick->inspect element on the frame?
8:19 AM
Ew ew ew ew
A: Is it okay to post answers using libraries/frameworks/extensions not already mentioned?

Bill the LizardYes it's okay. If the OP wants to specifically exclude common libraries, then they need to specify that in their question. You typically get several different answers to a question, and different people reading the answers later can still benefit from the jQuery answer even if the OP chooses a ...

I think you have to add JQuery to your project and forget about any future problems... it is simple and easy solution you able to find. — t34 Mar 2 '10 at 14:48
And he's not even being facetious.
I disagree with this answer. I think our duty as a community isn't only to provide quick fixes, but also to help fellow programmers to be better. "use jQuery" answers almost never inspire understanding. I've written my opinion in depth hereBenjamin Gruenbaum 5 secs ago
Do you get rep for upvoted comments? You should
> Okay, I'm going to go out on a limb here and disagree with Bill the Lizard and Jon Skeet. So: Shields to maximum. :-) But I've answered a lot more javascript questions than they have, so...
8:25 AM
Lol, I upvoted that one too :)
I just downvoted Jon Skeet, if I die in the next 24 hours tell my wife I loved her very much
JavaScript is certainly a special case
I think PHP people would be pretty pissed if you answered a how do I do X question with codeigniter. Or the C# people, or pretty much anybody else.
Sometimes, the question asks for a library to do something, or for what's the best way, that's different
There is a huge difference between:
"How do I do X in JavaScript" and "What library would make doing X simpler to me, and how"
But there aren't too many languages where using a particularly library that is almost more popular than not using it
You can almost see why people would think that it is okay
giving both with and without is certainly the best way
jQuery appears to be so successful because it turns doing common things from dumb to not-dumb
There are a lot of scenarios where jQuery is very useful. That's not the problem with it. over.
> jQuery specific questions are usually (again, not always) the sign of a relatively new (again, not always) JavaScript developer. How we guide them really matters. The more we drive them towards better practices the better.
8:45 AM
they are web designers with no intention of learning how to program, not developers new or old
if there was no jQuery designers would just compete on design
but with jQuery plugins designer competition is tough
I wanna murder kittens when I see our web designer write js or give me js with his designs
so it's not the same with PHP, C# etc.. because those questions are asked by actual developers
@Esailija Haha :)
web designers write js like it's 1998
If you write code, you're a developer. That's how I see it. If a designer writes bad code, he's just a bad developer.
I'd still like to discourage him from writing bad code if I can help it.
nah man I refuse that
if I make duck noises I'm not just a bad duck.. I am not duck at all
In JavaScript you're a duck.
Angular just got ng-animate
8:58 AM
but then it seems hard to define developer
That's awesome
"writes code" ? lol
(well, 4 days ago)
@Esailija yes. Writes code, yes.
8:59 AM
i seriously doubt he wrote the code
If you write code you're a programmer, you might be an extremely poor one but still.
he probably copypasted snippets together until it worked
modified code
Don't care, developer :)
didn't write it
Where would you draw the line?

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