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10:26 AM
@KevinB, how did it perform cross-origin data access without cors
i remember back in the day before xmlhttprequest and i was fairly new, i used to return my data structures in an html page in an (i)frame and then parse out the data structure
1 hour later…
11:49 AM
@matt JSONP - it's obsolete now, but it was how you bypass the same-origin policy. Essentially you load the entire resource then parse it as JS. It's akin to doing GET otherdomain.com/resource.js and running the returned code. Well, "akin" as in it's basically that but slightly more in terms of ergonomics. But the idea is that. Then the code is supposed to result in JSON. You can request a resource without running into same-origin and then have to trust it works.
ah yes that was it, loaded in a script tag which is allowed to run cross-origin, then some parameter specifying the function you want to be called with the result
Now, if you are thinking "Wait, what if somebody sends you some other random code" - congrats! That's why we don't use JSONP any more. One common technique to "protect" routes is to send something like while(true); <data goes here> If somebody randomly tries to get and use the data, it won't work. But your own client would strip the evil code then consume the rest of the data.
<script src='http://attack.com/can-i-have-my-data-please?parseResult'></script>
sure here you go
200 OK
content-type: application/javascript


3 hours later…
2:41 PM
yup, no more secure than, say, including javascript from a cdn
3:19 PM
i was just going to add that lol
npm install this-seems-like-a-good-idea
3:58 PM
npm install im-not-really-sure-anymore
far better than posting to an iframe and reading it's contents to perform "ajax"
i have an old system that still uses that technique, just some old tech debt that hasn't been worth paying yet
a system we still rely on daily
it needed to support IE6
way back when
npx lets-give-this-a-go
4:17 PM
to be fair to npm, when a package is pubished it gets picked up about 50 times, presumably to check it, probably through some sort of static code analysis
4:32 PM
i was just checking back through my code, i used to dynamically create a form and an iframe, encode the string, and post it via the form, needless to say when i learned of xmlhttprequest ( or it came out or something ) i was very happy to directly receive the result text
5:06 PM
posted on June 12, 2024 by Cole Brown

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