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5:33 AM
@ParkingMaster, i would say absolutely, i never worry too much about performance, just get on with it and if it becomes a problem worry about it later, after the code has matured and you have a greater understanding about the fundamentals of whats going on
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2:21 PM
Some libraries like jquery validate a load them with CDN....but what worries me is that if these networks are down I will have to rely on them to fix the issue so my q is if you think is better to load local files instead....
posted on May 20, 2024 by Ben Mason

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@DimitrisPapageorgiou, yeah i usually go for local load anyway saves network bandwidth, its rare some security fix or new functionality will actually affect you, its unlikely these modern cdns will ever be unavailable though, just makes your 'app' relient on the internet, plus i always wonder without specifying sha's on the download, they could slip in some malware to 'steal ya code' haha ive never seen it happen though
ive not seen much in the way of documented rate limiting on them either, i just get conscientious about network bandwidth when im developing and reloading the code multiple times a minute at times, environmental factors and efficiency
2:40 PM
so w local copies the site loads faste...
yeah but depends on your network connection, in the future though i suspect it will be natural to just call network resources without thinking about it, even considered archaic to worry about it, i have libraries i store locally and then just update them a few times a year, sometimes you dont want to leak referrers and ip addresses while youre developing
whats likely to slow your program down is the max 6 http connections per browser though, if youre loading tons of network resources and can only have 6 concurrent connections that can produce a bottleneck, not sure if http 2 or 3 has plans to address this, probably though
3:11 PM
i mean... it's definitely not always better to load the script from the same server vs a cdn that is built for serving files quickly..
I do not think there are slow network connections nowadays...
one of the key benefits of using a well known cdn is that the user likely has the file cached before they even visit your site.
particularly for commonly used libraries
The reason I started this discussion is that some days ago for many minutes the CDN was not serving my library....the CDN site was not down but for some reason the library was not loading
3:15 PM
I haven't directly used a cdn for my own content yet, short of cloudflare's caching
well it jquery validate plugin that was not loading
3:37 PM
posted on May 20, 2024 by Ben Mason

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@Feeds Yeah I don't understand either. I had a cruise like this before. It was fun. People screamed.

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