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12:24 AM
I just got fired from my job at the keyboard factory.
They told me I wasn't putting in enough shifts.
Did they actually fire you? Or did they put you in more control?
1:47 AM
@mattrichards I really hate when browsers deprecate major features that will cause most applications to break. I wish everything would just remain that same and that they'd stop making excuses to ruin apps.
i think beforeunload may still work though
Yeah but it's the only one left. Let's hope they don't deprecate this one too lol.
you'd have to go with visibilitychange or pagehide
Page Lifecycle API
Doesn't visibilitychange detect switching tabs, blurring page, etc? Not really an alternative to unload or beforeunload
2:02 AM
hopefully beforeunload will stay anyway
I still use both, just in case some browsers support unload or before unload or vice-versa. There's always a chance that a browser won't support one of those.
2:38 AM
@deostroll, they could probably do with a dedicated chat room for git and all related issues
7 hours later…
9:09 AM
Hello, can you help me with this question please
@mattrichards, unfortunately, now I have another issue with deploying an app
ok i'll look 2 secs
9:23 AM
im not sure, im not big on typescript, but it almost seems like its not importing the types properly, maybe using the main module express rather than some types version of it
when i say im not big on typescript, avoided it like the plague is probably closer to the truth haha
6 hours later…
3:38 PM
I didn't avoid it like the plague, so to speak, but i didn't rush to make it a part of my process. I'm not a fan of overly complex typing, i'll often change my code structure to avoid anything complex
What i liked about typescript though is after using it for a while, now i follow those same techniques with non-typescript code fairly well
1 hour later…
4:45 PM
!!choose stendarr or "the hist"
||choose "work at a coffee shop" or "work at home"
work at home
3 hours later…
8:18 PM
@MileMijatović, i posted one of those error messages into stackoverflow ai, stackoverflow.com/ai/search/40936
then in your package-lock.json github.com/mile-mijatovic/…
are you actually importing the module @types/express
Preferences and settings for my profile ?
does it not show the result
the @types/express is being imported as a devdependency
whats that? what you get when you follow the link?
This is what I get when I open the first link
8:22 PM
search term : Module '"express"' has no exported member 'NextFunction'.
try that
We couldn't find anything for module '' has no exported member 'nextfunction'. "express"
Search options: not deleted
Try different or less specific keywords.
We couldn't find anything for module express has no exported member nextfunction
Search options: not deleted
Try different or less specific keywords.
Stack Overflow answer powered by AI

The error message "Module 'express' has no exported member 'NextFunction'" typically occurs when you are trying to import the 'NextFunction' type from the 'express' module, but it does not exist.

In Express, the 'NextFunction' type is not directly exported from the 'express' module. Instead, it is part of the type definitions provided by the '@types/express' package.

To resolve this error, you need to make sure that you have installed the '@types/express' package as a dev dependency in your project. You can install it using npm or yarn:
I already have that package in devDependency
so my guess is, its been installed as a dev dependency and in render.com you are then running in production so its not picking it up
Hmm, why not ?
8:26 PM
yeah devdependency is for packages required when running locally, but not required in production
you'd need to run a normal npm install for it not with the --save-dev flag
what's about "typeRoots": ["./src/types", "./node_modules/@types"] in tsconfig.json
maybe I should define "type": ["node"] ?
i would say the tsconfig is adhering to the node package convention of separating modules based on development and production
i think you need to go to the package root directory
and type something like
npm install @types/express
without the --save-dev flag
8:52 PM
Actually I fixed a lot 99% of warning from log with this

"types": ["node", "express", "multer"],
"typeRoots": ["./src/types", "./node_modules/@types"]
So, I added "types": ["node", "express", "multer"],
And works fine without "node"
but still getting and error

error TS2688: Cannot find type definition file for 'multer'.
  The file is in the program because:
    Entry point of type library 'multer' specified in compilerOptions
==> Build failed 😞
very strange, I added "multer" but still getting an error
i would try npm install multer without the --save-dev flag
when youre installing packages if you need them in the production version, you shouldnt install them as a dev dependency ie with the --save-dev flag at install time
By default, npm install will install all modules listed as dependencies in package.json.

With the --production flag (or when the NODE_ENV environment variable is set to production), npm will not install modules listed in devDependencies.

To install all modules listed in both dependencies and devDependencies when NODE_ENV environment variable is set to production, you can use --production=false.
9:08 PM
your node env is set to production, you use it in index.ts github.com/mile-mijatovic/…
err wrong link
9:21 PM
Yes, I know , I will try with npm install --production=false && npm run build

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