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2:13 AM
posted on February 22, 2024 by Ben Mason

Hi everyone! We've just released Chrome Beta 123 (123.0.6312.3) for Android. It's now available on Google Play. You can see a partial list of the changes in the Git log. For details on new features, check out the Chromium blog, and for details on web platform updates, check here. If you find a new issue, please let us know by filing a bug. Krishna Govind Google Chrome

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3:21 PM
Anyone looking for iOS Developer here ?
@Dhiru Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. If you have a question, just post it, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help. If you want to report an abusive user or a problem in this room, visit our meta.
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5:13 PM
After learning javascript for frontend. What shoul I learn :-
@UtkarshSharma Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. If you have a question, just post it, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help. If you want to report an abusive user or a problem in this room, visit our meta.
I want to edit my previous message
5:25 PM
@UtkarshSharma Press up. But you only have a limited window of time to edit. It has already ran out (it's 1 or 2 minutes, can't exactly remember). Just post a new message.
I am saying that after learning javascript for frontend. What should I learn next? Should I explore more frontend with React or should I learn backend from, like, Node.js, PHP, or Python ?
Dunno. What do you want to do yourself?
I'd suggest learning Git, databases, data structures and algorithms. Backend technology can also work but I can't really say "You must do it". You could if you wish.
I can't properly understand your perspective
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ There is no right or wrong answer. Learn backend technology if you wish. Or don't if you don't. I didn't mean it as anything more complex than that.
5:41 PM
Ok, thanks for answering. One last question: what backend languages should I learn after JS, which have fun learning experiences and a shorter learning curve ?
5:52 PM
Well...JS is an obvious one. You can run it on a server via Node.js or Deno or Bun. Other than that, Python is popular, I'd recommend Ruby since it seems to have its ecosystem in check. Also consider C# or Java but Java might be a bit over the top for newcomers. C# is somewhat easier to pick up.
Also maybe PHP. I've not used it for 12 years now. I've been told it's better nowadays.
@UtkarshSharma I'd begin with Node.js. Good to learn a language well. Then maybe Python if you want a similar difficulty. Depends on what you are looking for. If you'd like to get into more powerful languages I would recommend Go. Great for backend and includes some fundamental programing concepts not found as much in JS and Python, but still extremely simple.
I don't think there's any point in learning PHP at this point except maybe for WordPress things.
6:08 PM
@user7886229 Probably. Dunno. The only "new" thing I know is that it has types now. Well, it's more like TypeScript or even Python in that regard since they aren't required. I don't know what else new there is. Like, whether they fixed the fundamental issues with the design of the language and the standard library. But maybe not.
thanks to both of you for giving some time, I am learning to code as my hobby. so I think now you have got some idea about my purpose to learn coding so you can suggest it better
I would suggest trying to find practical problems to solve
For example, maybe some form of file management within your own pc. Sure, you could do it with a .bat file, but performing actions with a known purpose using a language you want to learn gives you the opportunity to solve real problems
Or a command line todo app
Actually, in the previous conversation, I was talking about which backend languages should learn
@KevinB I have made it with UI as well.
@UtkarshSharma Right. In the browser. But not with only Node.js on a server.
Learn them all, at least at a basic level
php, python, .net, whatever else looks interesting,
Knowing how to setup the infrastructure for each is also useful
7:02 PM
If this helps, I started out learning HTML, then CSS, then JavaScript, then (a little) Python, some PHP, then SQL, then I found Node.js and started learning that. Within 2 years of all of that learning, I have a general knowledge of all those languages.
Some of these aren't programming languages but they still help to give you a basic idea of code in general.
7:38 PM
I went Block Programming --> AppleScript --> PHP --> JavaScript --> Rust --> C++, Go (omitted a bunch that didn't learn, just wrote a few programs in)
i went html > css > sql > javascript > visual basic > coldfusion and havent significantly learned a new language since
but otherwise i've dabbled in c++, python, php, java, dart, livecode,
once you kinda... "get" the general building blocks of programming transitioning your knowledge from one language to another is pretty easy
i've also done perl, lua,
shell scripting,
i lump node.js/react/angular/vue/typescript as all under javascript
7:55 PM
At Uni, I did Java -> C -> C++ -> Ruby on Rails -> C#. Alongside we also had SQL. And a very short thing in Prolog but I only wrote one program with it and haven't really touched it since. JS was kind of...not really there. The web programming module we had also had JS. The lecturer said "JS is so easy, I'll teach it to you in two lectures" then went over the very basics - loops, control structures, and document.getElementById.
I used JS on my own since then when I was interested in trying to unravel some bit of programming but didn't want to boot up an entire Java project. So, I experimented with stuff like loops or logic in the browser console. Following university, I got a job where we were writing mostly equal parts JS and Java.
Oh, right and my first job (during university as a student placement) was in PHP which I hadn't used until then. And since then.
everything before "coldfusion" was at college, the perl/lua was before all of that with mIRC bots and various game mods back in highschool
and modded minecraft, with computercraft scripts
oh... and a little forth in minecraft too
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10:20 PM
posted on February 22, 2024 by Prudhvikumar Bommana

The Stable channel has been updated to 122.0.6261.69 for Mac,Linux and 122.0.6261.69/.70 to Windows which will roll out over the coming days/weeks. A full list of changes in this build is available in the Log. The Extended Stable channel has been updated to 122.0.6261.69 for Mac and 122.0.6261.70 for Windows which will roll out over the coming days/weeks. Interested

10:59 PM

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